Chinese New Year shopping @ Petaling Street

cny petaling street

I was out here the night before I was supposed to fly back to get some last minute Chinese New Year goodies for Sibu. It was a real pain-in-the-ass to lug them all back coz most of them had to be carry ons so it’s a good thing I had this huge bag from buying CNY clothes that I chucked everything in. Heh.

Petaling Street was quite festive – lights were strung out and there were heaps of people out and about.

waxed meat

Waxed meat is a popular item.

I was told that you can’t get proper ngaku (arrowhead chips) in Sibu so I bought a couple of tubs. I heard that this place has some of the best ones around. It’s RM 13 per container, I don’t eat them but my sister says that my brother-in-law can eat one tub, no problems. They were trying to get some back from Singapore too.


I also bumped into this intriguing shop selling candied vegetables. I was looking at them and the lady was kind enough to offer me lots of samples. I didn’t quite like any of the others except for carrot, peppers, lotus root and coconut so that’s the only four (4) types I got.

candied vegetables

You can mix and match – it’s RM 15 for 200 grams (I think that was the price, can’t really remember) so I bought two small tubs back.


I also went to Sanbanto to grab a few packs of ba kua (pork jerky). They have two types – sliced pork meat (RM 50) and minced pork meat (RM 48). It depends on what you prefer.

sanbanto bakua

I’ve tasted them and was quite impressed – there are no preservatives so you have to eat them within 3 days once it’s open. However, each piece of ba kua is individually wrapped and there’s 500 grams of porky goodness in there.

I don’t usually like ba kua but this was made in-house and tasted so much better than the mass produced ones that I thought it’ll make a good gift.

petaling street cny

Next up! Fireworks and firecrackers for CNY! w00t! 😀

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22 thoughts on “Chinese New Year shopping @ Petaling Street”

  1. Loved this place in the 80’s but haven’t been for a while – rather congested, traffic in the area is always heavy and not really crazy about crowded and hot places…but thanks again, Huai Bin for the goodies you went through all that trouble to get for me. You’re the best!

    • Yeah, I haven’t been there for ages too! 🙂

      Just went there for some CNY goodies to buy home. No worries buddy, thanks for getting me all the presents from NZ and the CNY foodstuff! It’s much appreciated!

      It’s all good mate, see ya soon during Chinese New Year! 😀

  2. Me and my parents are planning to go this coming weekend. Hopefully, the festive season at Chinatown is still great. Another mission is to hunt for Sanbantao Pink Porky.ehehhehe

    P/s: Thanks for your kind thoughts, but do not bring back anything for me…Don’t trouble yourself,ok. Else, I NO FREN you**evil grinz***

    Next time I go visit Arthur and if you happen to be there….belanja me makan can edy.

    Happy Launching the FIRE CRACKERS….lol

    • Nice! Yeah, it should be still quite festive this weekend…

      …I think. It might not be though if people start celebrating CNY eve.

      No worries, it’s no trouble at all, I’m bringing back stuff anyway. 😀

      Okay, let me know next time you’re here.

      Thanks Yee Ling!

    • Yeah, me neither! 🙂

      I just went there after many years to get some CNY goodies to bring home.

      I think Petaling Street is crowded most of the time. 😡

      It’s a tourist area.

    • Of course! 🙂

      Eh, wait, firecrackers or fireworks? I only got 5 strings of firecrackers this year. I got lots of fireworks though. 😀

  3. hey, nice pics. they really do capture the vivacious colors of this place. i must confess, it’s been more than a decade since i stepped into petaling street. i guess the malls are more of a magnet for me, but it’s still kinda heartwarming to see that this neighborhood is alive and thriving 😀

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve been here too! I just went to get some CNY goodies to bring home – especially ngaku chips since I heard it’s hard to get it in Sibu.

      Indeed! Good to know, it’s becoming a bit of a tourist trap nowadays though.

    • Wow! Interesting, I didn’t know they sell clothes! 🙂

      I know they sell books though, used to go there when we were visiting KL – to get books to read.

      The central lane all sells food nowadays.

      Happy CNY Charmaine! 😀

    • Me too! 🙂

      I went there just to get CNY goodies.

      I tasted the ba kua at Petaling Street, but didn’t quite like it. The pork floss is awesome though!

      Happy CNY to you and your family Andrew! 😀

    • Ah too bad!

      I got quite a lot this year, more than last year. I got the final batch just now, posted about it already. I’ll start drying them out tomorrow and letting them off.

      Chinese New Year isn’t CNY without fireworks.

      Happy CNY Sherrie! 😀

  4. HB, you found something I never heard of in San Francisco or Hawaii. It candies peppers. I wonder if I could find it in Singapore or Taipei? My cousin live in Singapore could check it out for me.

    • I’ve seen it around but only the coconut types. 🙂

      I think you can find it everywhere during CNY – it’s a common Chinese New Year thing to serve. However, I’ve only seen the long coconut strings though, not the carrots or peppers.

      Happy CNY Vickie!

    • I haven’t been there in ages too! 🙂

      Yup, I didn’t know there was arrowhead chips there too, until my friend told me about the ngaku! 😀


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