The firecracker and the cat

chinese firecrackers

This is a powerful multi-layered braided string of 39,999 traditional Chinese firecrackers – it’s huge, with lots of powder and chalk, which produces tons of red paper. I strung them up around the gate like a snake yesterday for the 7th day of Chinese New Year.


It’s really, really loud. I was standing about 1 meter away and I could feel debris and chalk flying right past me.

Anyway, after my ears stopped ringing I suddenly heard a cat’s pitiful mewling.

Puzzled, I looked around.

No cat.

We searched and searched and finally isolated the mewling to a corner with our temporarily deaf ears. Me and my dad thought it was coming from *inside* the air conditioning unit.

air con

We spent a good 10 minutes trying to pry it open coz the cat sounded like it was trapped inside.

I kept looking in too but I couldn’t see the cat.

My dad went in to fetch a suitable spanner to undo the lugs while I tried to see how the cat could have gotten in but there are no openings.

…and then my dad happened to look up.

firecracker cat


We were crouched down and looking inside the air conditioning unit so we never thought it was coming from above. Besides, our hearing was shot.

stuck cat

I think it’s a stray that was walking from the backyard when the firecrackers scared her and in a burst of adrenaline, she somehow managed this amazing acrobatic feat that she couldn’t extract herself from.

I had to get her down.

petting cat

Nice cat, wish it stayed but she haughtily stretched herself and left after I petted her a little and the ordeal was over. Ungrateful. Hmph. action

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14 thoughts on “The firecracker and the cat”

    • Yeah, I thought it was damn cute too! πŸ™‚

      I wanted to keep it but she went away after having regained her composure.

      I have cans of cat food at home coz I do like cats and I feed the strays. πŸ˜€

    • Haha! Yeah, true that, I think this would work for your purposes quite well but it’s not exactly economical (usually RM 80 for this, RM 150 if you buy at shops).

      I’m not a huge fan of dogs, have always been a cat person but one dog came into my house and angered my cat when I was about 14. The dog was wagging it’s tail and I gave him some of the KFC that I got and my cat got really angry at that and wanted to fight the dog but the dog just ignored her.

      That was the only dog that caught my heart, think it’s one of the neighbors. They can be very friendly and loyal but I prefer cats. πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, I think most dogs are scared of fireworks coz their hearing is *very* sensitive.

      Gotta keep them inside if you’re letting them off.

      I don’t have dogs and I didn’t know where this cat came from. It’s a stray but it’s very tame, I like her, couldn’t get her to stay though. Cats are just independent like that until you forge a bond. πŸ™‚

    • Haha! Thanks Sue! πŸ™‚

      I thought the cat would scratch me when I got a ladder to get her down due to the stress but she didn’t, she was remarkably tame for a stray cat around these parts.

      Let me pet her and hold her too, but she left after that.

      I adopted a stray once – took lots of time to give her TLC and I hated the way she got so trusting towards humans without discrimination and then the neighborhood kids (I think some adults too) took it on themselves to use the trust she built up to people and abused her. She’ll come by mewling after that, never saw the incident or I would have shouted at them. 😑

  1. Enjoyed the firecrackers especially the final part where the big explosion happened! I like that the ground is bathed in red after that – so auspicious! Haha! Oh, the poor cat!! It jumped so high up? But it’s ungrateful right? Cats are like that – ungrateful : )

    • Yeah, these are the old ones that produces 4 interlinked pentagon shaped couplets. Huge finale, and huge crackers too.

      Too bad the video can’t capture the sound well coz the digicam’s speakers are above and not to the front and it’s somewhat directional. It’s actually VERY loud.

      Heh! Yeah, that’s cats usually, but if you spend some time with them, they’ll forge a very strong bond with you too. I have a cat back then that recognizes me and would come paddling over when she hears me coming back (but not to other people).

      It’s very strange, but that cat acts like a dog – very loyal and loving. πŸ™‚

  2. I fast forward to the final part as that is the best part of witnessing the big explosion to happen.**getting so excited like a small kiddo when it ended with a loud BANG!***

    Oh poor kitty, she was terrified.

    • Yeah, that’s nice eh? I peeked inside before, it’s very, very large salutes that’s inside the finale box. This is about as large as they come, it’s a faster burning version of Horse Brand with larger salutes scattered throughout the entire cracker.

      It should be louder but due to the location of the speaker on this digicam, it didn’t capture the sheer wall of noise that should have been recorded.

      Yeah, pity about the cat, I didn’t know she was there or I’ll have let her pass first. We thought she was *inside* the air conditioning unit and wondered how she got in. πŸ™‚


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