How to kill mosquitoes!!!


I remember very vividly the first night I was in Phuket a couple of weeks ago. My buddy Marco kept insisting that there were mosquitoes in the room and they were biting him. I neither heard the tell-tale buzz of a mosquito nor felt the itchiness that ensued from a bite…

….until he sprayed some anti-mosquito repellent on himself.


Everything changed! The moment he sprayed the personal anti-mosquito I felt all the horde of blood sucking, disease carrying critters all over me.

I had mosquito bites in places I didn’t think was possible!!!

Now, that highlights a problem with personal mosquito repellent. It only works for one person. Thus, when he passed the atomizer to me and I started spraying, the mosquitoes went back to him. He had to spray again and the buggers came over to bite me again. We were just a couple of feet apart!

It’s a lot like this video except we neither managed half the great music nor a quarter of the dance moves in our efforts at insect pest control. Haha! It’s a funny one, I’m sure everyone in Malaysia has that experience of mosquitoes before, whether just irritating or dengue related.

aedes killer

I have since discovered a wonderful contraption that allows everyone in the room to be free of the pestilence. It’s called the Khind Magic Aedes Buster and it’s the best thing since sliced bread in the arena of insect repellent technology.

My dear sleeps over sometimes and we need something that works for both of us (instead of the personal mosquito repellent that just moves the blood sucking insects back and forth). I unpacked it and assembly just takes a couple of minutes. The concept is easy – it works by mimicking the human body!

khind aedes

The CO2 produced by the Titanium Dioxide Coating mimics the same carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings. You can actually rub a ripe banana or it’s skin onto the exterior to enhance the scent to attract mosquitoes up to 100 feet away!
The UV light attracts mosquitoes within 30 feet away.
Heat released by the UV lamps and the dark colored body of the buster mimics body warmth and lures mosquitoes within 10 feet to the buster.

What happens then is the the mosquitoes goes into the trap windows and gets directed down to the sticky mosquito collecting area where you can get it with the glue tray!

khind aedes buster

There’s also 2 x extra ultra-violet lamps and 2 x hygienic glue tray included – you only need to change the UV lights once a year if you use it 4 hours per day. There’s a timer which allows you to use switch it off after 4 hours too!

aedes machine

I really found it quite useful in providing restful sleep. I like how there’s already an existing pair of UV tubes inside in addition to the spare ones so it’s ready to go after placing the glue tray. I reckon it’s a lot cheaper when you calculate all the smelly insect repellent you have to spray over 2 years when compared to the Khind Magic Aedes Buster IK 610 which just retails for RM 132!

2 x Khind Aedes Buster Give-away!

I’ve got two (2) units of the Khind Magic Aedes Buster IK 610 to give away! Just leave a comment with an anecdote on the worst mosquito bite experience you have and two of the most creative answers will fear mosquitoes no more!

Contest closes 7th July (Sunday) so start commenting now to win a unit!

You must be able to pick the Khind Magic Aedes Buster IK610 from KL.

khind giveaway

The winners will need to require to provide their details upon being selected. It’s just that simple! I’ve been using it and lovin’ it so far so it was nice of the folks from Khind to provide 2 additional Khind Magic Aedes Buster IK 610 to giveaway to my readers! πŸ™‚

new aedes buster

It comes in dark blue and maroon and there’s a 2 year warranty to boot. You can also go to the Khind Facebook page for their contest in addition to the two units I’m giving out on Just be sure to place it 3 feet off the ground and 10 feet away from you for best results! You want the mosquitoes to think it’s the human body, not you. πŸ™‚

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30 thoughts on “How to kill mosquitoes!!!”

  1. HAHAHA…love the part on how the mosquitoes bite on places we can never imagine or think of. Mosquitoes likes to bite in between my toes, or on my little toes or sometimes I kena near my heel. LIKE WHY YOU WANT TO BITE THERE? WORST EVER!!!! I don’t know the heel one is mosquito bite or not la since heel’s skin is so thick..but it sure itch like one.

  2. My worst mosquito bite experience is during my college years when I was staying in the hostel near my college, due to my hairy legs, mosquitoes tend to enter within the hair to have a bite and normally will get stuck, hard to escape. So one night it was getting really bad and I was scratching really bad for almost a week and it leaves about 2 inches of scar now. It used to be 5 inches long but now it’s getting better lah… hahaha.. but if something like that happens again, I’m not sure how I can handle it anymore.

  3. My daughter could surely do with something like this in her wooden teachers’ quarters in that rural school that she has been posted to in Selangau.

    Mosquitoes are a perennial problem, day and night (and all kinds of insects, in fact)…and spraying incessantly with insecticide isn’t such a great idea, we all know that and mosquito coils would be out of the question. We wouldn’t want to burn the place down and the electric ones don’t seem to be doing much good.

    Would definitely want to try this – anything that can help to keep those mosquitoes at bay.

  4. This is interesting to hear how this wonderful Khind Magic Aedes Buster IK 610 works. That will give me a peaceful sleep! I am terribly paranoid of them sucking my blood and leave me infected with Malaria or Dengue fever!

    I had a bad experience of mosquito bites in Thailand of course, the Kingdom of Mosquitoes! It was during my grandfather’s funeral in Songkhla where my family members had to sleep over at the seaside hotel’s chalet instead to be near the funeral temple’s venue. All the rooms in the big chalet were occupied and I offered to sleep on the sofa in the living room with full windows opened to enjoy the sea breeze and sounds of the waves! Next day I woke up and horrors!!! I saw my whole face and body being bitten by mosquitoes all over. I had plenty of red bite marks until it looked like chicken pox. Anyway I went to the funeral and all the wailing mourners laughed when they saw me in polka dots all over. I made their day.

  5. My family and I went for a short vacation in PD. We’re expecting lots of fun by the sea…. Unexpectedly, the blood-suckers ruin our fun :~( I did bring mosquito repellent along, though I dislike the smell but still I apply it on my kids and me. But, the mosquitoes there is really one-of-a-kind: Mosquito repellent didn’t really actually works on them. Our fun-filled trip had transform into such a nightmare; instead of gateway, we’re thinking to runaway from our trip. With the itchiness all over our faces and bodies, we ended our vacation earlier. Sigh!~

  6. Wow, awesome! Well my worst experience was i caught myself into a big trouble…. denggi. It’s pretty common in Penang especially my housing area where many cases of denggi happened here… i reckon the most awkward moment is where you got yourself stung at some awkward parts of your body where you can’t scratch it in front of the public! LOL

  7. Wow, a 2 in 1, it can be a side lamp in my girls room and a mosquito buster as well!!!

    My worst encounter with these pest was on my anniversary when the mozzies decided to party in my room and feast on my me.
    I woke up looking like a panda which just had lunch on a bee’s hive, I had to postpone our dinner date out and just dined at home.

    Would be great to win this as it is also safe for the kids.

  8. LOL….your blood was not sweet enough lah hence the mozzie didn’t bite you till your pal put mozzie repellent on himself.

    Glad it works for you Yeah its a good brand.

    My friend bought a China mali brand and it was spoilt within 3-4 months. Contacted the agent but no reponse.

  9. My worst bite was from a two legged warm blooded mosquito that wont go away even with the toughest repellent. Wonder if this Khind Magic Buster can help me? ^_^

  10. Man,

    Im starting to itch just thinking about it again…. luckily i kept that bottle…

    it must be the season for it though, as its onyl recently that im getting bitten so much, earlier this week at a hawker centre that same thing… they just look for me i think )-:

  11. My worst mosquitoes bite experience, the night sleeping soundly next day morning listen mosquitoes sound and guess what?! My thigh on right all over with mosquitoes bites, yes pain and itchy feel hot on them too!!

  12. the worst for me is when, i turned off the lights, tuck myself in bed comfortably and start to fall into deep sleep when the buzzing sound of the damn mozzie circling my ear irritate to make me get out of bed, turn on the lights and wait for it to land on any part of my body to kill it!!!
    the stupidest thing is, sometimes when the buzzing sound irritate me … i would give me a big slap to my ear thinking i’m able to kill the damn mozzie. i ended up slapping myself awake and a ring in my ear for hours. -_-

  13. HB. neat gaget for it. In states we use a yellow light bulb at night to keep mosquitoes away. It work fine too.

  14. Not to mention, the repellents are unhealthy to the lungs. (Learned that from my Biology textbook).

    My mosquito experience? Hmmm, being pounced on at 3 am for two days in a row, and being woken up by the itch on the arms and legs. I’d usually slather the red ointment on the limbs before heading back to bed; it’ll permeate the whole bedroom and my bed sheet with the strong smell, but there wasn’t much of a choice.

  15. hahha… I got this months ago but not under the brand khind. Not sure it works or not as my wife still on the electrical mosquito repellent but it do functioned as a sleeping light.

  16. My brother used to leave the windows open as the mosquitoes never bothered him.

    Being a bunch of young prepubescent pricks, any complains from me to him fell on deaf ears. It was only until one particular day when the mosquitoes were so bad that I didn’t sleep at all (I think I skipped school) when my mom decided to take action.

    I wish I could say she gave him a big sackful of whoopass, but she only told him to keep the windows closed from then on πŸ™

  17. hey HB this is really a good product as i will need this very much. I am always the mosquito magnet and it caused me to lose so much sleep! The worst experience for me was I was asleep and I thought i was in a dream and scratching myself crazy because of the mosquito bites. The next morning when I woke up, I realised it was not a dream. My legs were full of scratch marks. damn mosquitoes!

  18. Wow! Your post is so timely! I am being attacked by mosquitoes every night from left, right, up, down and centre! Even my Anti-mosquitoes app on my iPhone is surrendering! LOL! Must get this Khind Aedes Buster!! : )

  19. It is generally believed that Mosquitoes only bite intelligent people. If you are always bitten by mosquitoes more than your friends, count your blessings and tell them that it is because you are more intelligent than they are.

    That’s what I always tell my wife anyway.

  20. I used to have this electric mosquito racket where I can whack the mosquito hell out of it. There is one night where I woke up in the middle due to this one dam annoying mosquito. Then I went into berserk mode non-stop keep swinging the racket all over the place in my room but suddenly and unintentionally I just swing towards the other bed (which I thought there is no one sleeping on it since there is a thick blanket covering the bed fully and it was a really a very strong and tight swing due to berserk/stimpack mode) then I heard a loud yell; OUCH!!!! shit, then I realize my bro was sleeping on it with the blanket fully covering his whole body. I was like Oooopssss and LOL..

    Is not the worst bite I have from a mosquito but definitely is one of the most unforgettable “experience” I have due to a stupid annoying mosquito πŸ˜€

  21. I just got denggi on 4th march and till now its 5 months. i heard that ppl that got denggi before will suffer bones,tendon and nerve pain for at least 5 months, so i have 1 more month to go.

    i will never wished for anyone even my enemy lol to get denggi becos i was totally tired becos i didnt go for any blood transfusion, it seemed ur immune system will be at its lowest as well.

    i really hope i can win this, thank u in advance dear, muah.

  22. There’s a lot of awesome submissions! I’m sorting through the entries now and will notify the two (2) winners before 5 pm on Friday! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for participating!

  23. The final winners are:

    1. cre8tone
    2. Twilight Man

    There are some awesome entries here but unfortunately the collection must be done personally.

    Congratulations and thanks for participating everyone! πŸ˜€


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