Him: Ramen Burger Dinner / Her: Expensive handbag

pink handmade handbag

I have often joked with my better half that I won’t be able to buy her an expensive designer label handbag for at least for a couple of years. It’s a bit of an inside joke, she doesn’t want it from me but it has become a running gag for quite a while…so I decided to give her one on our anniversary.

It cost me all of RM 5.90. smirk

I saw this pink 3M corrugated board (it’s not cardboard) at Borders and decided to make an “expensive handbag” for her. It’s in her favorite color too! Haha!

3m pink corrugated board

I wrote:


on the front and cut a 1” strip from the corrugated board to make a “handle”. I had to use multiple industrial grade staples and some 3M surgical tape to seal it too, it isn’t an easy material to work with. Inscribed on the other side is:


  • Sharp Edges Can Cut
  • Won’t Last Long
  • Very Flimsy

with arrows pointing to the top

expensive handbag



with a crudely drawn quasi-logo and our anniversary date.

bag inside bag

It’s actually a bag inside a bag inside a bag!

pandora club member

It’s like those Russian nesting dolls that goes into each other. The first bag is my handmade one, the second is a Pandora paper bag, and inside that is their latest Autumn 2013 handbag charm! 🙂

pandora handbag

I have thought about doing this since last month and hope she didn’t notice the charm in the catalog. I am a Pandora Club member, which I hear will have benefits along the lines of 30% off later next year. I was told membership is automatic upon the purchase of RM 3,000 (didn’t even know I had amassed that much) and I have a feeling that a lot of the club members are not females but their boyfriends or husbands who gets it for them. I wonder what their marketing would make of that.

ling gift

My dear on the other hand laboriously made me a menu which is also about how we tend to celebrate our anniversary. It’s like a menu from one of those gourmet burger bars that’s all around but hers has an intriguing option:

ramen burger
Ramen noodle patties!

custom menu

I chose that along with the pork patty (menu says highly recommended and asked me to think thrice about ordering the beef patty haha). I also have toppings, sauces, drinks and dessert!

anniversary menu

She gave me a yellow smiley sticker to put on the handmade burger menu that she made to indicate what I wanted and she cooked me a very delicious dinner the next day!

pandora bag charm

I love my dear coz she’s always very thoughtful and I know that I’m very lucky to have her.

loving us

It was a great anniversary as always! You’re the best dear! *hugs*

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42 thoughts on “Him: Ramen Burger Dinner / Her: Expensive handbag”

    • Yeah, it’s always the thought that counts! 🙂

      Cheers buddy! The little bag was from Pandora, it was already very nice, and there’s a charm bag inside so I took the entire bag and made a pink “handbag” out to keep everything in.

  1. Dear, the bag inside the bag is so sweet and I am very glad to be the proud owner of the expensive bag.

    I m glad you like the burger, dear. Sorry, for I got the patties burnt..hehe

    Love always…Hugs.

    • It’s all good dear! 🙂

      I like the burgers, it was delicious, I ate the spare one *one week* after and it was still very good!

      Love you always too. *hugs*

  2. Very sweet as always! Ling is really building up her Pandora charms, and each one seems to be a testament of love from you, HB 🙂

    The Ramen Burger looks awesome. I might try making that for my partner and my sisters. They are all huge noodle fans.

    Happy Anniversary, you two!

    • Thanks Jyannis! 🙂

      Yeah, that Pandora charm bracelet basically tells the story of our relationship. I like how it allows us to customize it to “our own” story.

      The ramen burger is delicious! I was amazed it stick together too!

      Good luck with making your own!

      A friendly tip: Remember to put the egg in only after the ramen noodles has cooled down or the heat will cook it.

  3. Ah the Ramen burger looks really interesting ! I’m gonna try one of these days. I’ve seen them selling in Bazar Ramadhan too. Apparently a hit this year. Hehe. Oh and the Pandora Club, I’m very sure most of the members are mostly guys. Most of the girls I know who have Pandora are bought by the guys. Including myself! I’ve never even walked in the store before! All were picked by my other half. 😀

    • Wow! I’ve never seen them in bazaar Ramadan before! 🙂

      That’s interesting! I wonder if they’ll do a deep fried Twinkie version since they do deep fried sliders too. Haha!

      Yeah, I didn’t know about Pandora until my girlfriend mentioned it to me in passing earlier this year and I got her a bracelet and charms for her birthday. The store I go to told me (not officially) that members might get discounts of up to 30% starting next year. I don’t know how true that is though.

      Glad you’re in a happy relationship Mel! 😀

  4. happy belated anniversary, and here’s to countless more to come. the ramen burger looks really tempting, from the noodles to the patty. can’t wait to see more of the thoughtful ideas and gestures that you lovebirds come up with for each other in the future 😀

    • Thanks Sean! 🙂

      Yeah, the patty was made with fresh pork and some bread crumbs (stale – she left it out for 24 hours) mixed inside a food processor. I’ll like to make a 70% pork belly and 30% beef patty next time!

      She’s the better cook, she can make all sorts of awesome stuff, while I’m more of an enthusiast.

    • Thanks Mei! 🙂

      The ramen burger won’t leak sauce if it’s a regular patty with sauce on top and not something like a sloppy Joe with lots of sauce. It has enough integrity to stay together (from the egg) so it won’t fall apart.

      On the other hand, it won’t absorb juices either. It will not leak sauces though coz of the maze of ramen noodles it needs to travel before it gets through – as long as it’s not slopping with gravy!

      I really like the final shot too! We look happy together! 😀

    • Thanksgiving is an American tradition and holiday! 🙂

      It doesn’t have anything to do with other countries – it was the pilgrims/original settlers and the Indians who gave them food out of charity and that’s a uniquely US historical moment so no other country celebrates it besides the United States.

      Yup, I’ve made pies before! I love em!

    • Thanks Hazel! 🙂

      Yup, I strongly believe in that so it’s something we do once a month. The Pinoys do it that way too, as far as I know, the concept of monsary (monthly anniversary) has its roots in the Philippines!

      It’s a great way to show how we appreciate each other.

    • Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

      Yeah, we do it every month. I got the idea from the Philippines and I think it’s a great way to remind each other of the love we have for each other.

    • Thanks Mel! 🙂

      Yup, that is really her forte! She’s great at drawing and making crafts like that and it looks good. I’m always pleased to get something like this from her.

      I saw the handbag charm in the Autumn 2013 catalog, which came out last month, and she saw it too. I wanted to distract her so she wouldn’t see it coz I already had planned out this bag-inside-a-bag gift. Haha!

    • Yeah, it’s her favorite color! 🙂

      I already saw the handbag charm, it’s the latest Autumn 2013 collection that came out last month and I hope she didn’t see it coz I already had the idea to make her a handbag out of cardboard as a joke. I found pink corrugated board instead so that works out better.

      Thanks Sherrie!

  5. Awww so sweet. What a nice boy you are. And there’s something so Malaysian about this – maybe because there’s a warmth there, mixed in with lots about food, ha ha. I am not Malaysian, but have spent some time there. I know how important it is to makan. But gifts are pretty important too.

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s a bit of both I guess. It’s our thing to cook during our anniversary and I like creating a story with the Pandora bracelet and charms that I’ve given her throughout our time together.


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