Our anniversary: Shark breakfast, Body Shop, iPad mini

vday pandora

I know, some of you might be wondering why we have so many anniversaries. Haha! It’s coz we do the monthsary (monthly anniversary) thing that I think is a great way to show love, affection and keep the relationship exciting! I love the homemade crafts that my better half usually comes up with. I like to cook something special for her too!

ipad mini

Our actual anniversary is coming up though and my dear already gave me a wonderful present – it’s an iPad mini! I had an iPad 2 and was constantly gaming and reading ebooks on it until one day it *stopped working* and my loss didn’t escape the notice of my better half.

ipad 16gb

It’s one of my greatest pleasures to read ebooks on my iPad and I have been missing that coz I don’t like reading on dedicated ebook readers like Kindle, nook etc – I own one and hardly use it – the lack of back-light just didn’t do it for me since I mostly read in low-light conditions.

engraved ipad

She even got it engraved! <3 body shop cny special

I got her something from Body Shop. I saw the Chinese New Year special gift bags, and one was called Oriental Deluxe (RM 128) and featured all sorts of Japanese themed body shampoo and lotions – the cherry blossom (sakura). I thought that it would be nicer than the RM 88 one since we’re planning a trip to Japan!

ling poh

It also comes with a red loofah and it’s more meaningful to us coz of our upcoming Japan trip so I got that for her. I do think that the stuff there is slightly overpriced though – RM 20 for a hotel sized body shampoo bottle! It’s all good though! 🙂

pandora heart locket charm

Of course, tradition dictates that I give her a Pandora charm. It has become one of our anniversary staples and I want to keep it going since every charm tells a story of our relationship. She had made me this sweet vow exchange in a Pandora box during the previous anniversary – it’s two hearts, she wrote in one, telling me that she loves me and the other is empty for me to write.

pandora ang pow

The Valentine’s Day collection for Pandora is out and there’s a charm in there that’s shaped like two hearts! It’s actually a locket – it’s magnetic and opens up to show a red interior – one says Me and the other You. I thought it was like bringing the wonderful vow she gave me to life, and on a charm!

pandora valentines bag

I also know she’s a big fan of collecting nice ang pows and Pandora has a promotion where they gave out one pack of ang pows for a purchase of RM 888 on a single receipt. I didn’t qualify since the charm I got was RM 295 so I asked the nice staff at Pandora at TCM if they could make an exception.

pandora red packet

They had to call the Pandora Marketing Manager (Mandy? Wendy?) of Malaysia to get her approval and I explained over the phone how my girlfriend was a big fan (maybe it helped that I have a consistent purchase history too – at least once a month) and it would be much appreciated if she can make an exception and release one of coveted the Pandora ang pow packs.

pandora story

She was really nice about it and so was the staff at Pandora in TCM – cheers for that! I reckon this was the best “gift” of all, although I didn’t purchase it coz I had to do so much to get it. Pandora is quite strict about giving them out since it’s tied to the RM 888 promotion so thanks for giving a regular customer one! It totally made my better half’s day!

butter poached shark

I also cooked butter poached shark for breakfast! BTW, these are not the endangered species (contrary to popular belief, 70% of shark species are non-endangered, even according to the most conservative Sea Shepard type estimates and lots of people eat them nowadays in an effort to eliminate by-catch waste). I didn’t think it would be good but the shark surprised me! The meat was surprisingly tender and delicious and it was totally different from the shark meat that I’ve eaten before (either sandy or fermented like hakarl in Iceland).

pandora me you charm

I’ll post up my recipe tomorrow! I’ve got lots to write now that CNY is nearly here, just had my first pun choi session last night too! 😀

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14 thoughts on “Our anniversary: Shark breakfast, Body Shop, iPad mini”

  1. hmmm, your actual anniversary is coming up? isn’t your anniversary on christmas?? lol. so confused. you guys do have a lotta anniversaries!! lol. must be nice to be rich. lololol.

    • Yeah, it actually is coming up! 🙂

      It depends on how you want to start counting, we both have different dates but settled on one to avoid confusion. Haha!

      Our anniversary will be on Christmas once a year – our monthly anniversary that is. The actual anniversary is coming up soon!

      Heh! I’m not rich at all! I just save up and not buy unnecessary stuff (e.g. been wanting to get a new notebook for ages to play games on, an oven, a sous vide machine etc but didn’t) so I have a bit extra to spend each month on the person I love. 😀

  2. haha no wonder la…i was wondering how come so many anniversary XD

    boyfie and i only celebrate once a year :/

    i have tried shark before.. a cafe in my uni serves thie super crispy fried shark fillet 😀

    • Yeah, it’s pretty good eh! 🙂

      I’ve never seen shark for sale before, except in Sabah. They’re usually bycatch (meaning fish they caught along with the stuff they’re really after e.g. tuna and usually end up getting thrown away instead of eaten) since there’s not a lot of demand for shark’s meat.

      People just don’t appreciate the delicate meat! It’s actually delicious if prepared properly – it needs a good scrubbing with hot water since sharks pee through their skin. I think if people know how good shark can taste, fishermen would not throw the dead fish they catch away and create wastage and sell it instead for food since there’s a large population of sustainable shark species here as opposed to some overfished species like bluefin tuna. 😀

  3. Reading your anniversary post reminded me of something comical that happened earlier today, but yeah, the word monthsary did make me chuckle for a bit there.

    Aww, that’s really sweet of Ling to have the iPad engraved.

    Any plans on the big day yet? *winks*

    • Glad you liked it! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s a concatenation of the word “monthly” and “anniversary” so the Pinoys call it monthsary. To the best of my knowledge, they’re the ones who coined the term although I’ve heard of other nationalities claiming said coinage of the word.

      It’s really awesome of her to do that! We haven’t set the date yet, but I reckon it’ll not be far off! 😀

  4. Dear, the shark was really delicious when you butter poached it. Luckily u remember to pour the hot water! hahah.

    I really love the sweet gifts you got for me, dear. My bracelet has become a real meaningful one because each charm has its own story to tell. What’s not this year came with a huge surprise…the Pandora premium red packets. So lovely. Thank you so much dear. <3 Hugs**

    • Thanks dear! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s a good thing coz shark pee though their skin so if I didn’t remove the skin using hot water, it’ll have tasted sandy.

      I’m glad you liked the charms and red packet dear. I loved the iPad mini too and I’m reading on it everyday – it’s something that I really need and you really surprised me with it. *hugs*

      Love you dear!


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