8 things I got for Chinese New Year

cny 2014

Chinese New Year is coming up! Here’s 8 things (a very auspicious number) I bought for Chinese New Year:

1. CNY Hamper – Majestic Spring

hamper cny

I got this hamper for my dear’s family. There are heaps of hampers at BIG in Publika and I wanted to get one that doesn’t contain a lot of cookies (coz she already makes them). This hamper is called Majestic Spring.

cny hamper

I like how the hampers nowadays are packaged with this wrap – it makes it look nicer than the old “pyramid” style hampers. Her parents have been absolutely bang on awesome to me and I thought that the least I can do is send a hamper their way as a token of my appreciation.

2. Pineapple Tarts from Maxim, Hong Kong

maxim cny cakes

This is a wonderful CNY metal gift set from the famous Maxim bakery in HK. They have two versions – one contains biscuits and cookies (sold out) and the other is pineapple tarts (there’s only a couple left and I got one). It’s mahjong themed so each pineapple tart is shaped like a mahjong tile and *individually wrapped* with the tile picture! It’s RM 88 per box though.

cny cookies

My dear also baked my family some awesome Chinese New Year cookies! Thanks for that!

3. Jeep Trainers

jeep shoes

No, I didn’t get myself a Jeep! Haha! These are their footware apparel. Jeeps were used during World War II – it played the role that Humvees are playing in theatres of war today. That’s the interesting fact of the day, if you didn’t know it already.


I got myself a pair of trainers at just RM 149. It’s 50% off from it’s original RM 300 price tag. I reckon it’s a good buy, it’s my footware for CNY!

4. Sanbanto Pork Jerky

sanbanto bakua

I nearly didn’t manage to get the coveted organic Sanbanto pork jerky made from free-range pigs with no added preservatives. It’s RM 48 for the minced ba kua and RM 49.50 for the sliced pork jerky. It sold out real quick!

sanbanto pork jerky

Luckily, I managed to secure myself six (6) packs – 3 of each type. You just can’t get it now, they sell out really fast! The individually wrapped packages you see are already booked and ready for collection. I told my dear I’ll get her these last year and I gave her some this year! 🙂

5. Arrowhead Chips

arrowroot-= chips

Yup, this is the famous ngaku chips. It’s made from arrowroot. I can never figure out why these are so popular. My dad even got some from Kuching at RM 19. Mine was cheaper at RM 11.

6. Dorothy Perkins

dorothy perkins cny

I *didn’t* suddenly decide that I’m a female trapped inside a male’s body. I’m *not* saving up for gender reassignment surgery. I just wanted to get my dear some CNY clothes! smirk

dorothy perkins

She had bought me my Chinese New Year shirts and I wanted to buy her some too! I wanted to get her shoes as well but she didn’t see anything she liked.

7. Oink Floss

oink floss

Pork floss! It’s a must for CNY! I got three flavors – pork, chilli pork and seaweed pork. It’s RM 16 per can but I got it for RM 45 for 3.

8. Empurau Fish

ikan empurau

This is the (in)famous empurau fish from Sarawak! I saw it on sale while driving my dad and aunties out for a spot of CNY shopping just now. It’s *notorious* for being expensive, the prices are driven up by consumer demand over here since rich tycoons snap them up as if they’re going out of style.

empurau fish

This empurau fish is slightly longer than 1 meter and costs thousands. It’s the most expensive fish here, much more expensive than white cod, due to the unique qualities of the flesh – it doesn’t degrade much after chucking it into the freezer.

I’m neither rich nor a tycoon so unfortunately I didn’t get it. I was sorely tempted to but we don’t even have a steamer big enough to cook it. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 😀

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32 thoughts on “8 things I got for Chinese New Year”

  1. Hi, happy CNY. where to buy fireworks in sibu. the two main stores are not open yet. police presences are tight. 2 more days left. Do u have any idea where to buy

    • Hello Emmanuel! 🙂

      Both stores are open. I think you might have missed the main one further from town as they have shifted location about 300 meters nearer to the road. They have been open all the while and there are several others branches in malls in town (same boss, literally *inside* malls, the good stuff is under the counter or off-site, they will fetch it for you, ask to see the big fireworks cakes catalog, it’s usually on an iPad with photos).

      The main one in town seems to have a policy of opening only on CNY eve past few years. It’s open now, I just came back.

      BTW, the trends are shifting to marketing via Facebook – you can view photos of the fireworks and there’s someone to contact who will deliver the stuff to you or meet you, cash on delivery (COD). Hope that helps and happy CNY!

  2. d’you know what? every time you leave a comment on my post, i know you have an update on your site, too! lol 😀 😀 😀 it’s kind of become like a second instinct almost. to read your comment & then come to your site & read your update!

    #2 : omg, mahjong tile pineapple tarts!!! TOO CUTE. i wonder how they’d look individually (: would be a shame to eat em all..

    #4 : never actually tried sanbanto.. but jerky is always awesome! PORK JERKY. aaahhh!!! 😀 😀

    #5 : i’m a DIEHARD arrowhead chip fan (but then again, who isn’t i think).. the other day a colleague brought a container of them and between me and another colleague, they were gone in half an hour. lol!!! i think we did try to leave some over but you know, i always say.. with arrowhead, once you pop you can’t stop. LOL!

    r/c: outdoor photos (on my blog) were taken at putrajaya!!! the bay and i decided we wanted a little “adventure” so we went park/garden-hunting. sad to report there aren’t too many around but putrajaya’s gorgeous.. and empty! lol. so it was a no-brainer. ;D

    • Haha! Yeah, that’s coz I’ll be busy for a few days, and then have time to update and surf all the blogs again! 🙂

      I opened the Maxim pineapple tarts and they look awesome! I’ll put up a photo soon!

      Sanbanto has the best pork jerky in the entire world (at least to the best of my knowledge). Haha!

      I’m not a huge fan and there’s still a lot of arrowhead chips lying around! My brother in law loves them though.

      I didn’t know that was Putrajaya! Nice! I shall visit sometime!

      Happy CNY! 😀

    • Yeah, unfortunately I booked late this year and couldn’t even get enough! 🙂

      Back in Sibu, looking forward to catching up for lunch soon!

    • Happy CNY to you and yours Andrew! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s a gift box so it’s made of metal, with beautiful Chinese characters and doubles as a coin box. It even has a lock!

  3. yay, i like how there’s plenty of good food in this entry! here’s wishing you and your loved ones a terrific holiday as you share and enjoy your bounty of pineapple tarts, home-baked cookies, pork jerky, pork floss and arrowhead chips!!! 😀

    • Haha! Thanks for the awesome wish Sean! 🙂

      Likewise! Happy CNY to you and yours and may the Year of the Horse bring you good food, cheer and fortune!

  4. Happy Chinese New Year, HB! Enjoyed reading all your posts about CNY, shopping, fireworks and your one-year anniversary!

    Just want to comment on the fish – I know it as Wang Bu Liao – and I had a fish of that size when I visited Sibu many years ago. I knew it was expensive but THOUSANDS!??!! Gulp. Luckily the friend who hosted me has a family restaurant so I’m going to assume it cost less, hahaha (my friend’s father is the owner of Golden Happiness in Sibu, I think you probably know the restaurant?)

    Also Arrowroot Chips are the best! My auntie fries them herself and I packed 5 jars back to Melbourne with me…gone within a week 🙁 (my partner took a jar to work and his colleagues finished it within an hour!!!)

    • Thanks Jyannis! 🙂

      Yup, it’s also called Wang Bu Liao, and I think it’s the beautified Chinese name for empurau (or it could be the other way round).

      Oh! Your family friend’s dad owns Golden Happiness? Well, they can certainly afford the fish then! Haha!

      Yeah, it costs thousands, although I hear the ones from Indonesia costs less. The best ones are from Kapit and rich businessmen bid on them and since they don’t have a huge steamer, brings it to restaurants for them to cook.

      Happy CNY to you and yours Jyannis! 😀

    • Happy CNY to you and yours Vincent! 🙂

      Of course! I’m uploading the videos as we speak! I can’t post it during Chap Goh Meh though since I still have 2 huge fireworks cakes that I’m planning to let off on the 15th day.

      I did let off this awesome marine distress flare though – it’s very popular here but highly illegal. It’s the red dot that takes a long time to come down, they use it as fireworks here.

  5. bro .. happy chinese new year to you…
    wow sanbantou pork jerky & maxim pineapple tart..
    how come I never know about this… hmmmm must get it …
    Hope this horsie year will bring you more prosperous & good health
    Huattt ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Sanbanto pork jerky is the best in the world! 🙂

      Well, in KL anyway. Haha! The Maxim pineapple tarts are very limited edition – we wanted to get the biscuit box but it’s all sold out and there’s only a couple of this left as well. It’s RM 88 for just 16 pieces though so it’s not cheap but the box is very nice.

      Thanks for the well wishes! Happy CNY to you and yours too mate!


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