My mom’s wake

mom wake

We’ve been quite busy getting all the stuff sorted out for my late mom – we’re heading to the cemetery in a couple of hours for another ritual. My dad practically stayed up for almost two days without sleep when he flew with my mom’s body from Singapore to Sibu.

mom vigil

My better half also came back with me for the wake (which is *different* from a funeral viewing here, the latter is done just before the coffin is buried and the casket is open instead of closed) and all of my relatives came over. A bunch of my friends turned up too, while I was sleeping in the afternoon, so I was a bit groggy when I talked to them – thanks for coming.


My uncles and aunties stayed up the entire night too but mostly we took turns to keep vigil over my mom’s casket throughout the two days she was here. We’re lucky to have all the help to meet and greet people – there were a couple of tables at our car porch that a restaurant provided so lunch and dinner can be served to everyone staying over. I was surprised to find out that it’s common practice for them to read the obituaries and offer their catering services.

cross wreath

There’s still a lot of things that require sorting out, so I’ll be updating intermittently and staying here until at least the weekend.

Thank you all for all the condolence messages, funeral wreaths, food and support.

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23 thoughts on “My mom’s wake”

  1. Dropped by your house early Monday morning and headed to the church right after that – got to see your dad and sis. God bless her soul, may she rest in pace. Take care,all.

    • Thanks for dropping by buddy!

      I was up the entire night except for maybe 1 1/2 hours of sleep (we took turns) so I must have been rushing on the memorial video I was doing so I wasn’t downstairs. Cheers for taking the time to attend the memorial.

  2. You dont know me but I have seen you in Methodist High School 1994-1996 when your dad was the principal. Surprisingly when I went to NZ for studies in 97 I saw you again. Lately I just saw this blog and I’m glad that you have turn from your ways since NZ time. I just want to pay my deepest condolence to you and your family. Hope your dad is doing well. God bless your family.

    • Thanks Dora!

      Were you in Riccarton High School or Burnside (or some other place) in NZ? I can’t quite place who you are and I’m sorry you had to remember me during my time there as I was a bit of a ruffian.

      My dad is strong, and so is his faith. Cheers for taking the time to send your condolences!

      • Hi HB, my first year in Chch I was in Hornby High because I couldnt get in Riccarton High. I remembered clearly the day i saw you. I took the bus from Hornby High home and it stopped at the bus stop outside Riccarton High and when you got on i was shocked to see you have changed so much.

        I’m glad your dad is coping well and I hope you will do well too.

  3. I was a classmate of your mum at Methodist secondary school, Sibu. I am sad to learn about your Kim’s passing on ( from another former classmate actually ). I remember your mum as a very smart, friendly/cheerful and helpful classmate. My deepest condolence. Kind regards, lim Ee lock

    • Thanks for writing in!

      I have heard a lot of great stories I didn’t know about my mom from her friends and ex-classmates. Cheers for sharing a part of her that I didn’t know.


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