Magnum 5 Kisses Limited Edition Ice Cream

Magnum 5 Kisses

I love how Magnum regularly has a series of very creative limited editions with a theme. I first wrote about it in the *first month* I started blogging – April 2002. I was in Melbourne, Australia and the 7 Deadly Sins just came out, with a flavor for every sin. There was also a wonderful 9-ice cream series called The Sixties Nine that came out the next year and I reviewed every single one!

Magnum No3 Passionate Kiss

We were in Paris, France earlier this year when we spotted the new limited edition 5 Kisses series. There are five (5) different Magnum ice creams in total and we got some to eat. The Magnum 5 Kisses is a range inspired by French Patisserie flavors and it came to Australia recently (although we ate ours in France).

Magnum 5Kisses Limited

1. First Kiss
Crème Brulee

2. Loving Kiss
Meringue Et Fruit Rouges

3. Passionate Kiss

4. Flirty Kiss
Gateau Au Chocolat

5. Stolen Kiss
Tarte Aux Pommes

5 Kisses Magnum

Magnum No. 4 Flirty Kiss Gateau Au Chocolat is the full-on chocolate flavored one. It’s a chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate brownie pieces, all coated with a layer of crackling milk chocolate. Each of the Magnum 5 Kisses retails for €4.19 at the local Monop’ which isn’t very cheap when converted – almost RM 18 per Magnum!

Magnum Passionate Kiss Tiramisu

However, some of them are very good. We liked Magnum No. 3 Passionate Kiss Tiramisu – it had a distinctively authentic taste, with mascarpone flavored ice cream (!!!), coffee sauce, chocolate chunks and sponge pieces, all coated with a layer of crackling milk chocolate.

Magnum Tiramisu

Both of us thought it was awesome! The boxes that contains the Magnum 5 Kisses are made well, with sturdy cardboard and a perfect ice cream inside. The construction of the Magnums are spot on too – every single element can be seen and tasted!

Magnum Kiss Tarte Aux Pommes

The best in the series though would be the last one – Magnum No. 5 Stolen Kiss Tarte Aux Pommes. This is made with a vanilla ice cream interior, apple sauce and pastry pieces, all coated with a layer of crackling white chocolate dusted with cinnamon.

Magnum Stolen Kiss

It’s the only one of the 5 Kisses that has a white chocolate exterior and it tastes exactly like an apple pie!

Kisses Us

Keeping with the theme, here’s a happy one of us at The Louvre, one of the most iconic places in Paris! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Magnum 5 Kisses Limited Edition Ice Cream”

  1. I love Magnum! Anytime better than those “branded” ones, and much cheaper too. I don;t think these are available here – I am sure I would love those special flavours.

    • Yeah, I don’t think Malaysia has any limited editions!

      It’s a shame since it really makes people interested in the ice cream. It would be a nice change to have collectible special flavors for limited editions – once I collected 7 different sticks and sent it in for a free t-shirt (7 Deadly Sins promo).

      Magnum used to be THE branded ice cream back in the days though, and the most expensive one to boot! 🙂

      We just have too many other imports now.

  2. Good Morning Kissing Fish HB! This is interesting but expensive ice cream! I wonder whether these series would be sold in our conservative country? I love ice cream and eat them every week.

    • Hmm…I don’t think it’s the name that will make it unavailable in Malaysia! 🙂

      (although with the politics now, you never know)

      It’s just that Magnum in Malaysia doesn’t do any limited editions that’s in Europe and Australia.

  3. I like Magnum.. I’ve tried all kinds, of course the ones available here, not the overseas one la.. I don’t really like Magnum Gold though, taste like eating sugar caramel crunch, which is too sweet and “jelak”..

    • I love Magnum Gold! 🙂

      I think it depends on whether you like salted caramel. My better half doesn’t like Magnum Gold either but I love it.

      She doesn’t like salted caramel, but I love salted caramel. Thus, I think if a person likes salted caramel, there’s a good chance they’ll like Magnum Gold.

    • Yeah, it’s the limited editions in France! 🙂

      It has gone to other European countries and Australia too but we never get limited editions here.

    • Yeah, it was delicious! 🙂

      That’s why I love Australia so much, they get a lot of limited editions and I heard Melbourne is one of the test beds for new products so something will come out as “limited edition” and later on be a full fledged product line if it does well.

    • Well, it won’t seem expensive when you’re in France! 🙂

      It’s just 4.19 Euros but I converted since I’m back. It’s never a good thing to convert when you’re on vacation in a stronger currency country, everything will seem too expensive.

      Our 2-Michelin star meal in Paris cost us over RM 1,000 but it was sooo worth it!

    • Thanks Sophie! 🙂

      Yeah, I loved the Magnum limited editions – ate my way though the 7 Deadly Sins (and got the t-shirt to prove it too!) when I was in Melbourne, and hunted down The Sixties Nine (there was one ice cream that was so difficult to find coz it was very popular – Clockwork Orange, finally found it in a gas station, of all places).

      • Gas stations always have such random food. I guess they just buy whatever’s in stock because people aren’t so pick when they’re busy getting somewhere.

        You need more than a t-shirt I reckon, achievement badges seem appropriate 🙂

        • True that! 🙂

          I’ve also noticed that about gas stations. I believe the problem with the Clockwork Orange was that EVERYONE loved that flavor, there was no Twitter or Facebook back then but we had a uni instant messaging system and BBS and there was a thread about the Sixties Nine.

          Each time someone spotted the Clockwork Orange in Coles or Bi-Lo, it was gone when another person went, that’s how fast they sold out. I think the gas station find was from no-one actually thinking it’ll be there – they had it, and quite a lot too, so I’m glad I popped in to check.

          Haha! Unfortunately, they weren’t giving out achievement badges, I had to mail in every single one of the 7 sticks and about AUD 10 and they mailed me back a 7 Deadly Sins t-shirt!


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