Bert’s Jr. Gourmet Burgers @ Kota Damansara

berts jr

Bert’s Jr. Gourmet Burgers is just a stone throw away from where I live but I’ve never eaten there, despite going to a lot of different places during the “burger craze”. We were craving burgers over the long weekend and since a lot of shops weren’t open, we decided to eat here. The different thing about Bert’s Junior is that they *don’t* serve pork – so don’t expect a nice juicy oink patty coz they’re a halal outlet.

berts jr gourmet burgers

I am wary of places like this, since some Muslims mistake myoglobin in cooked meat (the juices in a steak when it’s not rested properly) for blood, and since since blood is prohibited, a lot of halal steak houses and burger joints have very little in the way of customization – the meat is only served well-done e.g. you can’t order a blue steak or have it medium rare.

berts junior

Thus, I steered clear of the steak offerings (Bert’s Jr offers that on their menu too) and went in for the burgers. I asked for a recommendation and got Dark Vader (char-broiled mozzarella infused Australian beef patty topped with beef bologna cold cut, cheddar cheese, shiitake mushroom, green leaves, peeled tomato, caramelized onions) and Baa Baa Black Sheep.

dark vader

Bert Junior has burgers available in both small (100 gram) and regular (200 gram) patty sizes and I went for the larger one for my order. My better half went for a chicken burger since she doesn’t really like beef (Dark Vader) or lamb (Baa Baa Black Sheep). The burgers can also be made into a meal for RM 5 more – affording you a drink and a side (curly fries, French fries or croquette with coleslaw). It’s cheaper than most premium burger outlets in town.

Baa Baa Black Sheep (RM 21.90)
Char-broiled mozzarella infused Australian lamb patty topped with chicken mushroom, cold cut, cheddar cheese, Shiitake mushroom, pineapple, green leaves, onion & tomato salsa

baa baa sheep

I honestly can’t say I enjoyed my burger. I thought the combination of the lamb patty with the tomato salsa (which tasted more like a poorly executed Marinara sauce) was strange – it seems like the ultra strong tomato salsa is meant to cover the gamey taste of the lamb. I like the taste of lamb so I didn’t enjoy the overwhelming taste of tomatoes, which was ALL I could taste after a while.

lamb burger

I did like my side of croquette and coleslaw though – the latter was very refreshing. This is the most ordered item, according to the waitress.

Hot Chick (RM 19.90)
Grilled chicken thigh marinated with black pepper sauce topped with chicken mushroom, cold cut and cheddar cheese, egg, green leaves, peeled tomato, caramelized onions

hot chick

My dear went for the chicken option and she commented that the chicken thigh was rather dry. She did finish her burger though, but we couldn’t make a dent in the curly fries. I had a bite and thought it was mediocre but I do like the incorporation of a cold cut from the deli in their burgers.

berts jr us

I felt that our trip to Bert’s Jr. Gourmet Burgers was rather disappointing. The burgers we ordered were really underwhelming compared to other burger joints in town. However, the service was friendly and efficient and they also have a steamed cheeseburger on their menu, which I am keen to try next time.

black sheep

Bert’s Jr Gourmet Burgers
Jalan PJU 5/3, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara

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24 thoughts on “Bert’s Jr. Gourmet Burgers @ Kota Damansara”

  1. i’ll pass by this eatery everytime i go for the steamboat next door. but never once walk in, cos it’s always empty :/

    and after reading your review, no point to go in la haha

    • It was empty when we walked in too! 🙂

      Well, I thought that the burgers we ordered were very underwhelming compared to other burger joints. It seems like everyone and their uncle opened a “gourmet burger” place during the burger fad and not all of them are good, but a lot of people seem to be hesitant to write anything negative to avoid alienating potential clients.

      I think that’s a bad practise.

      I’m not saying their burgers are all bad, I’m keen to try the steamed cheeseburgers, but I felt the signature burger I ordered was pretty unpalatable. There are some innovative touches though – loved the slice of deli meat with each burger.

      Yeah, I know which one you went to, that steamboat place is very popular!

  2. You like pork ones? Gotta take you to try what we have in town when you come back. I would say there are at least two places with pretty awesome pork burgers here but we don’t have much around to compare. Let’s see if you like them or not.

  3. Hmm…. the burger craze seems to be over here in Penang, many burger joints are closing down one by one unfortunately; and we see more cafes are mushrooming.

    • Yeah, it’s like the doughnut craze! 🙂

      There used to be heaps of doughnut places opening up during the donut craze too, but a lot of them closed down.

      Food fads don’t last long, I remember the first one I was aware of as a kid – cake and bread hybrid loaf! I think this was in the early 90’s – someone came up with the idea of making a hybrid cake-bread loaf so each slice would be half cake (usually the upper part) and half white bread (lower bit).

      It was so popular that EVERYONE ate it and suddenly it went out of vogue.

      The same goes with the Portuguese egg tart craze. It swept the country and bakeries were popping up to make Portuguese egg tarts and after the fuss was over, a lot of the bakeries actually closed down! I remember that back when I was a kid.

      Food trends come and go, the burger trend has departed but the good burger joints will still be around and people will still be eating there, but the bad ones are apt to close down if they don’t have a solid menu and delicious burgers.

  4. I like the names. Pity about the burgers though – I hoped that the combinations would have worked out better, they certainly seemed interesting.

    • Yeah, the names are rather quirky and witty which is always a plus! 🙂

      I like the interior too, they have a bunch of people who came in to do the full wall mural – each painted element represents a burger! There’s the Darth Vader mask for Dark Vader, some black sheep jumping with white sheep for the Baa Baa Black Sheep and the two chicks churping for the Hot Chick burger.

      We realized that when we walked in and I thought it was a very nice touch!

      Unfortunately, the burgers we ordered didn’t quite match up. I talked to the waitress about the steamed cheeseburgers though, which I have seen in an episode of Man vs Food (of all things!) and thought it’ll be worth a return visit to check it out since the burger joint is quite near where I live. Cheers!

      • Wow, at least it’s interesting place to catch up given the decorations and atmosphere, in which case, I guess ok standard food might be sufficient.

        The steamed cheeseburgers sure sound interesting though. I think you have to return and report back to us.

        • Yeah, I am going back for the steamed cheeseburgers! 🙂

          It sounds too good not to go!

          The graffiti decor is really common in burger joints over here, not sure which one started first, but at least it’s quiet here! 🙂

  5. Never heard of, never been there, never eaten before too.. Nowadays, too many burger joints, until I cannot recall.. Call me jakun, the only “burger” place I’ve been to is The Burger Factory..

    • Yeah, I know what you mean! 🙂

      There’s so many burger joints around now, but I think the bad ones will all slowly close down as the burger craze subsides and only the few good ones will remain, which is all the market will tolerate.

    • Surprisingly, it tastes a lot like Ramly burger in execution and style! 🙂

      I was quite surprised, it’s not like the other gourmet burger joints, it tastes more like street stall burgers e.g. the lamb burger truck in SS6 circa 2008.

  6. HB, wow a black burger bun look so interesting, In my mind would think it a burn up. How the taste of it. There recipes for to making it with food coloring or char coal extract for cooking.

    • Yeah, it’s just charcoal for the coloring! 🙂

      You don’t taste the charcoal, it’s just there for presentation. It tastes like a normal, regular bun, except it’s black.

      It’s not like if you *really* went and slightly burnt a bun on a charcoal grill, which would taste slightly bitter and sweet at the same time. Now, that would really taste different!

    • It’s my dear’s photography! 🙂

      Haha! She took most of the photos (except the interior shots) – all of the food photos are taken by her since she’s really good at it.

      I just copied it from her iPhone or dSLR when she’s done coz she does a way better job than me in food photography.

    • Yeah, but they don’t have a charcoal taste to it! 🙂

      It’s not like if you burnt some toast and it comes out black and tasting of charcoal – the charcoal buns and bread out there just tastes like regular bread, it’s just psychological and for aesthetics, to make the buns look nice and different.

    • It’s our first time too! 🙂

      Haha! Yeah, the burger is big, have to squeeze it a bit before I can take a bit.

      My dear couldn’t, I have to really compress it before she can take a bite. The patties are 200 gram ones – I chose the large size, there’s also a 100 gram option.

  7. Dear I like both of the buns..haha. I thought they were fluffy and nice to eat.

    Next time should try their dessert as well. ❤️

    • Oh ya dear, I remember you said the buns are quite nice! 🙂

      Haha! Too bad the burgers itself isn’t that good. The chicken was too tough on yours and the tomato salsa was too overpowering on mine, plus the overall taste and texture is closer to street burgers than a proper gourmet burger joint.

      I guess we’re just used to eating at better burger places like Fatboy’s.

      Yup, since this is so near can try the steamed cheeseburgers and apple pie dessert next time! <3


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