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flaming melt

I’ve watched this grilled cheese café with great interest. I live around the corner and usually eat here at night so I’ve seen it grown from an empty lot being painted and renovated to the opening day. However, I had to go back to Sibu to finalize some stuff for my late mom so we didn’t visit until a couple of days ago.

flaming melt kota damansara

The Flaming Melt is a self-service restaurant (kinda, sorta). You order at the fast food style counter with a very familiar ordering experience for quick service restaurants aficionados and the food gets delivered to your table. The service was really good for a QSR – the Japanese-style Welcomes and Goodbyes are in full effect here (and it is a Japanese custom, you just don’t holler like that in the States, diner or deli).

flaming melt menu

The friendly lady behind the counter asked us what we wanted and we asked for recommendations. We finally went with the two best-sellers:

BBQ Pulled Chicken Melt (RM 11.90)
Homemade BBQ Pulled Chicken, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Cheddar

BBQ Pulled Chicken Melt

My better half had this (actually we each had half of each other’s order since the sandwiches are conveniently sliced in half for sharing) and I quite liked it. You can add RM 2.90 for a soda (the usual suspects) but we opted to order a la carte and get a milkshake instead. The chicken was slightly dry but I love the addition of macaroni and cheese to the sandwich!

That’s exactly how I like mine! The creamy addition of mac and cheese really made this sandwich, although I would have preferred a more generous helping. It’s still good comfort food.

Tomato Sriracha Chicken Melt (RM 11.90)
Chicken, Chopped Tomatoes, Sriracha, Cheddar

Tomato Sriracha Chicken Melt

This is as Americana as it gets. A grilled cheese sandwich with Sriracha sauce! Sriracha sauce is a hot sauce that is popular in the US. This is the green capped rooster sauce made by Huy Fong Foods, not the generic ones you actually get in Thailand (which tastes different). You can add RM 3 for your bread to be changed to wholemeal.

I was lamenting the fact that the sandwiches don’t come with some type of side starch like French fries but you can get that as a side order and the red cabbage coleslaw is delicious!

S’mores Melt (RM 10.90)
Homemade Strawberry Compote, Marshmallows, Nutella

Smores Melt

I got this one to share since I wanted a dessert sandwich to finish our lunch. They can actually serve it after you’re done with your “mains” upon request! I asked them to prepare it only when we’re done and that’s what they did, which I thought was nice in a QSR. The marshmallows goes very well with the homemade strawberry compote and it’s all dusted with sugar. I couldn’t taste the Nutella though.

Best eaten while hot, the melted marshmallows are heavenly. I just wish there were (s)more. smirk

oreo milkshake

We also ordered an Oreo Milkshake (RM 7.90) to share. Flaming Melt has a variety of shakes and sodas and this one came with a full Oreo cookie on top. It was suitably rich, while not the best milkshake I had, it did hit the spot nicely. Our lunch came up to RM 42.60 and we also got a RM 2 coupon off our next order.

flaming melt bill

Flaming Melt has a RM 8.90 breakfast special for their set of The Classic (mozzarella, cheddar) with tea or coffee on weekday mornings. It’s too bad this outlet doesn’t serve pork coz I felt that it limited the choices of their grilled cheese sandwiches. Flaming Melt is billing itself as Everything Grilled Cheese and I think they’re trying very hard to get there.

flaming melt grilled cheese

It’s the Malaysian version of Spencer Rubin’s Melt Shop – at least, the signage and color scheme reminded me of that Manhattan grilled cheese restaurant which put sinful comfort food back on the trendy food map.

Flaming Melt
17-1, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
03-6150 4248

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16 thoughts on “Flaming Melt @ Kota Damansara”

  1. Looks like a nice place, I like everything and anything grilled cheese too.. In fact anything fish & chips, anything burgers, anything grilled cheese, anything quesadillas, OMG, the list goes on.. But I don’t really like milkshakes or fries.. I like potato wedges, or cold potato (and egg) salad, those sorts.. Oh, your BBQ Pulled Chicken Melt looks interesting – with the addition of mac & cheese in it.. I love mac & cheese, and would usually ask for more sauce, I love “messy” sandwich, I don’t mind eating a “messy” sandwich with overflowing cheese sauce, haha.. Oohh first time I hear about sriracha, was about to ask what is it, and then I read your description already, thanks..

    • Yeah, me too! 🙂

      I love mac and cheese in sandwiches, I always thought it made for a better eating experience than say, French fries in a sandwich. You know how the New York deli style places have HUGE sandwiches with corned beef that’s several inches thick? I wish we had that over here too.

      Sriracha is actually a type of sauce from that part of Thailand, but Huy Fung Foods has created an iconic version with a rooster on the bottle and a green cap that most US people refers to. We can also get that version here, it’s available at certain grocery shops.

  2. I will love to go back to try the banana and nutella melt, dear. Haha, I didn’t know it was strawberry compote and keep thinking it was blueberry.

    Since it is quite difficult to find a parking space, next time we just opt to take-away.<3

    • Yeah that’ll be nice dear! <3

      Haha! Sorry dear, I think it was me who said it was blueberry in the first place. Hmm...maybe the mixture of strawberry compote and Nutella becomes a little blueberry tasting?

      I couldn't taste the Nutella in the sandwich but it's listed on the ingredients.

      Hmm...yeah, you're right, I think they should be able to accommodate food to go, it's so hard to find parking there.

    • Haha! No dude, it’s based on Spencer Rubin’s Melt Shop. 🙂

      That is the original grilled cheese sandwich place in Manhattan that brought the grilled cheese back to cool foodie status. There are numerous shops having similar names that came out after that.

    • You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

      We quite liked the food, Flaming Melt is relatively new, but they’re trying very hard, the service is good and they have great return deals (RM 2 off, discounts at off-peak hours etc).

      I quite like the idea of being able to get a grilled cheese whenever too, there isn’t enough sandwich shops around here, so it’s a good addition.

  3. Real comfort food – an alternative to McDs. Too bad I live so far away but I will drop by for a try if I am ever in this area. Hope they open more outlets, and around my area too.

    • Yeah, it’s a great alternative to traditional QSRs! 🙂

      I thought it was quite nice too, I love *huge* sandwiches – will go back and ask if it’s possible to have a triple or quad portion of mac and cheese to go with the sandwich!

      Hope they’ll open an outlet closer to you Mun! It’s a great alternative for the days you don’t want to sit down and have a long lunch or you just want to grab something quick you can eat on the go.

    • Haha! Yeah, I thought it’s strange in a place like this. 🙂

      I’m used to people doing that in Japanese F&B places but to have everyone shout “Welcome” and “Goodbye” in English is a little strange.

  4. You mean irashaimasen? It’s pretty common in Japanese stores nowadays – or at least the ones I’ve been frequently patronizing. ^^

    I like anything that comes with cheese. =D

    As of now, I guess I’m stuck to Big Hug during my infrequent visits to CPU. Hopefully the restaurant will consider opening a branch in SS15. ^^

    • No, I meant they said it in English! 🙂

      The staff literally all said “Welcome” and “Goodbye” in unison, much like the irashaimasen you mention when you go to a Japanese restaurant. I’ve never heard of this happening in a non-Japanese setting so I thought it was a little strange.

      Yup, I’ll not have blinked an eye if it happened in a Japanese F&B, but even the most enthusiastic Chilli’s/TGIF type QSR doesn’t have the cook staff and the wait staff piping up to welcome diners.

      I guess maybe they were particularly friendly that day. *shrugs*

      Me too! I’m a huge fan of cheese, but I’m mostly an unprocessed cheese person (hard to find real cheese nowadays, and most cheese needs to be pasteurized upon importation, which is a shame).

      Hopefully they’ll open one in your area too Ciana! Cheers!


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