Toshiba’s Smart Technology, Smart Future UltraHD 4K TV with Android convention in Genting

Toshiba Model

I was excited to attend Toshiba’s Smart Technology, Smart Future convention in Genting. It was a 1 hour bus trip to the highlands but I’ve always loved events there due to the cool weather. Their high end Pro Theatre L9540 Series UltraHD 4K with Android LED TV is something I’ve been looking forward to see with my own eyes.

Toshiba Convention Genting

Thus, I was rather impressed by the way they transformed GICC (Genting International Convention Center) into a HUGE stage featuring their best *and* an enormous side hall reserved for Toshiba’s newest products – everything from washing machines to the latest multi-door refrigerators!

Toshiba girls

The best thing about the gigantic hall with Toshiba’s new series was that it’s interactive – we could not just watch the presentations of the various electric appliances, we could actually touch and (in some cases) eat the final product. It was the best tour I’ve ever had!

toshiba smart technology smart future

The event started off with Mr. Hitoshi Katayama, the Managing Director of Toshiba Sales & Services Sdn Bhd officially launching the Toshiba Pro Theatre L9540 Series UltraHD 4K with Android LED TV.

We were seated at different tables and I got to ask a couple of questions when the Q&A session came up.

me questions

My question was about the Toshiba’s new UHD 4K TV which is also powered by Android…

Toshiba panel

…and it was answered superbly by the panel.

Mel headset

Our table was outfitted with a radio and led into the convention hall. The radios are necessary for the best experience – we could hear the presenters through the headphones while the entire hall remained silent.


Mandy was leading our group through the various stations and I’ll show you some of the more interesting ones.

latest washing machine

This is the new Magic Drum S-DD Inverter 16 kg washing machine by Toshiba. I actually went up and wrote my name and “” on the drum.

me magic drum

It shows the Magic Drum technology used by Toshiba and what regular washing machines use.

magic drum

It really makes a huge difference – the coating on the Magic Drum allows dirt and other stuff that tends to be stuck to the side of your washing machine drum to be washed off easily.

dual tornado

I was quite impressed with the new Torneo vacuum cleaner with Dual Tornado System as well!

Toshiba first vacuum cleaner

It has such a high suction power and the Futon Brush is so amazing that it can deal with hard-to-vacuum things like lentils, beans and cotton pieces with ease. It can also suck up bed bugs and mites, which causes a lot of sinus problems for a lot of people. Best of all, it only weighs 2.7 kg!

glass fridge

Toshiba also had a new and stylish premium fridge out which really impressed me. I wanted it so badly! I have no idea how much it costs – the price hasn’t been released, but I aim to save up for it!

fridge compartments

It’s their premium Multi-Door G-Series INVERTER Refrigerator – the front of the fridge is glass and it’s operated by touch!

touch fridge

The inside of the fridge is divided into several compartments, where the temperature is optimal for storing vegetables, fruits, meat, drinks etc. The G-Series Twin Cooling System and PICOION technology makes your food last longer too.

ice maker

There’s also an automatic ice-maker!

latest fridge

The freezer compartment is at the very bottom. This is definitely a fridge to lust for – I couldn’t stop imagining it in my condo. The technology is great and it looks beautiful too.

Toshiba L Series

However, the best of the show went to the Toshiba Pro Theatre L9450 Series UltraHD 4K TVs powered by Android. 4K resolution is the next step in TV evolution – the Toshiba UltraHD 4K TVs are also Android powered, which means it’s not just a TV, it’s a “smart TV”.

Android TV

In fact, there’s no difference between the Android powered Toshiba UltraHD 4K TVs and a powerful Android powered netbook/smartphone/tablet device, except that the screen is HUGE when compared to other Android devices.

Android games running on TV

You can do everything you want on the Toshiba UltraHD 4K TVs powered by Android too – Facebook, Picassa, Twitter, and all Android apps from the Google Play store are available. That means you can play games on your large screen 4K TV too!

me 4KTV

Also, if you can’t wait for future content to come out in 4K (a lot of current movies and TV shows are already filmed in 4K – it just needs to be remastered to come out in 4K native format) there’s always YouTube! YouTube has 4K videos already uploaded in the site – using Toshiba’s UltraHD 4K TV is the only way you can view it the way it’s meant to be viewed.

4KTV image quality

…and you can always make YOUR own content by taking photos or making videos by shooting in 4K resolution. 🙂

smart technology smart future

It’s an exciting new world indeed and I’ve been wanting a 4K TV since the standard was announced. I was so impressed by Toshiba’s UltraHD 4K TV powered by Android that I can’t wait to try it out. I do hope I get a chance to test out the TVs – I’m one of the lucky ones to have TIME Home Fibre and I have a stable and super fast 30 Mbps connection.

4ktv with android

Toshiba’s UltraHD 4K TV powered by Android is something you need to see to believe. The pixel density and colors are so amazing that you’ll never look at a Full HD (1080p) TV in the same way again. You’ll want a 4K TV for the crisp image, bright vivid colors, true blacks and ultra high definition – you can’t even spot individual pixels!


I’ll be back with a review of Toshiba’s UltraHD 4K TVs powered by Android, but in the meantime, go and check out their offerings at your nearest store! It has to be seen to be believed and it’s really a smart TV for the entire family – you can use a keyboard to Facebook with someone studying in another country, upload your own 4K videos to YouTube and watch the best 4K movies and TV series in Netflix!

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14 thoughts on “Toshiba’s Smart Technology, Smart Future UltraHD 4K TV with Android convention in Genting”

    • Yeah, Toshiba has really popular air conditioners! 🙂

      I’m glad they’re making an effort to break into the Malaysian market too – this is the first time they’re selling their awesome vacuum cleaners here.

      It’s really good, tried my hand in vacuuming hard to deal with stuff like spilled beans and cotton pieces. Their 4K LED TV with Android is awesome!

    • It was a lot of fun! 🙂

      It’s a media event though – met a lot of people, including a guy from Borneo Post (a Sarawak based paper) who knows a lot about Sibu, ended up talking about stuff back home with him.

  1. Toshiba and Android? Interesting.. You look cool and formal in black *pheewitt*
    I don’t have any Toshiba at home, mostly Panasonic.. I like the part where you mentioned the entire hall remained silent and everything was through the earphones. Nice.

    • Yeah, it’s really amazing! 🙂

      The “smart TV” is really becoming more popular and it’s a good thing too. Imagine what an Android powered TV can do – everything that a netbook can, with a larger screen!

      You can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse with the Android 4K LED TVs.

      Thanks! Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool too – using the headsets with earplugs so ALL the different consumer electronics presentations can go on at once without making the hall noisy.

  2. Toshiba have been a trusted brand from days of my grandparents. Glad to see that they are still very competitive and keep improving

    • Yeah, I have their washing machine too! 🙂

      That was before I moved to a studio where I can’t install one, it’s very good, their new Magic Drum technology – you know how stuff like dirt and lint gets stuck outside of the washing machine drum and you need to cycle it to wash the tub properly? With this, you don’t need to do that as often (wastes water to do so) since dirt comes off the Magic Drum easily!

    • Yeah, it’s really cool! 🙂

      I like the idea of a “smart TV” – having Android running on your TV can let you do a lot of things from Facebook to games to videos – basically everything a netbook can do, but on a larger screen. You can use a wireless keyboard and mouse too!

      Yup, that’s Mel at the event! 4K (or UltraHD) is really amazing when you look at it up close – the images are so clear and it’s a huge difference from regular Full HD.

    • There’s actually lots of content on 4K now! 🙂

      It’s just not on physical media e.g. discs coz that’s not the way technology is trending. Most people have a Netflix account (you can get one despite it not being officially supported, they accept Malaysian credit cards and you just need a good VPN) and they’re broadcasting TV shows in 4K.

      4K is now available on streaming media – it’s the future, and the quality difference is amazing! I just watched Breaking Bad on 4K (actually most movies and TV shows filmed in the past was done in native 4K/UltraHD and just needs remastering to go 4K) and the picture quality is amazing. Too bad I don’t have a UltraHD (4K) capable device now so I can’t watch more than an episode.

      …but yeah, there’s a lot of movies and TV shows already streaming in 4K via Netflix and other streaming services, you just need a UltraHD TV to watch it, which is why I am so interested in getting this.

      You’re right though, in that not many people have the capability to VIEW in 4K native since they don’t own a UltraHD/4K capable LED TV. This will slowly change when people buy new TVs though, and I hope it moves faster so we can move towards cable/satellite broadcast in 4K sooner.

      I remember the largest 4K broadcast to date is the FIFA World Cup 2014 – wish I had a 4K/UltraHD device back then, so I can see it in the best quality and frame rate possible. Haha.

      I’m hoping to get a review unit of this UltraHD 4K LED TV with Android since I have TIME Fibre at home so I can run 30Mbps and that’s more than enough to stream 4K content. I’ll post more when I have the chance. Cheers mate!


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