The Joy of Sharing, Kota Damansara

pulau ketam set

I wanted to bring my better half out to a new fish head place last night that I’ve been meaning to try for a while but it was raining heavily so there were no tables outside. It was also the Deepavali public holidays so a lot of people were out eating that night.

the joy of sharing

Unable to get a table, we went for a steamboat dinner instead at The Joy of Sharing. This is a very popular hotpot place that’s constantly packed but we managed to get seated. I always say that I’m not particularly fond of soup dishes or tofu (and steamboat has both in spades) but truth to be told, my palate has changed a lot as I’ve grown up.

joy of sharing

I’ll eat anything and enjoy it nowadays. We decided to go for a mixed Seafood Superior Soup and Tomyam Soup combination in our hotpot. The Seafood Superior Soup is the flagship of The Joy of Sharing and it’s actually quite nice. I also upgraded our order from the Pulau Ketam Set (RM 33.60 for 2 pax) to the Special Mix Set (RM 37.60 / 2 pax).

joy of sharing hotpot

The latter has everything the former seafood heavy option has, plus some pork offerings which you can cook shabu-shabu style in the hotpot:

  • Thick cut bacon
  • Pork balls
  • Pork slices
  • Scallops
  • Prawns
  • Fish balls
  • Fish noodles
  • Tofu
  • Eggs (quail and chicken)
  • Enoki mushrooms
  • Vegetables
  • Homemade dumplings
  • Rice vermicelli
  • Noodles

…and that’s just the ones I can remember. smirk

homemade dumplings

It’s actually a pretty good deal and I can see why the place is packed all the time. The service is good and refills for soup comes pretty fast too.

thick cut bacon

I found that I actually rather enjoy eating hotpot/steamboat during a rainy night and having to build up the flavors of the soup in the pot by gradually adding in ingredients is fun! The Joy of Sharing also has a new “soup” called Silky Porridge which is an innovative congee based soup for steamboat!

hotpot noodles

Parking can be a bit of a pain in that area, especially if it’s raining but as per custom with steamboat places over here, the staff actually helps you with parking. You can double park and block someone else’s car and if they finish before you, one of the waiters will come and get you to shift your car.

joy of sharing us

Our car was also blocked when we were done but the diner came out in less than a minute so I thought the system works really well. It’s a good dinner and we enjoyed the 2 hour respite from the rain, eating hearty and warm hotpot – the Seafood Superior Soup is really good.

scallops prawns

We’ll be back to try the new Silky Porridge “soup” when we feel like eating something more substantial. The bill came up to RM 48.40 for two, inclusive of drinks, which is quite cheap considering the items bundled into the set.

The Joy of Sharing
(also known as Ba Sheng Zai Huo Guo)
15, Jalan PJU 5/3
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara

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18 thoughts on “The Joy of Sharing, Kota Damansara”

    • Yeah, it’s an easy to remember name too! 🙂

      The Chinese name of the hotpot place is Ba Sheng Zai Huo Guo but they switched to a better sounding English name. The place offers great food at great prices too. We spent 2 hours there cooking our own food.

    • Yeah, I’ve been there before! 🙂

      Pulau Ketam is a very rustic place – though I’ve never had steamboat/hotpot there. I did have their awesome crabs and other seafood though.

      Oh ya, I know the one, have been there before, but Puchong is a bit out of the way for me, especially on a rainy night when you just want to get something warm to eat.

  1. Steamboat post! Yeshhh, I like! I like steamboat, especially porridge steamboat.. But it makes me sweat during and after the meal – a lot.. Even the seat would be covered in sweat from my buttocks and thigh *blush*
    This place looks like a high class place, with aircond somemore.. Your second picture looks like some wedding banquet place.. RM50 for two is considered very cheap, you have bacon, pork and scallops..
    I usually patronize Hoho and Hometown over here..

    • I’ve never had porridge steamboat! 🙂

      This place also offers Silky Porridge steamboat but we thought it would be too heavy since there’s already noodles and rice vermicelli. I’ll love to try when we’re hungry though. I wonder how congee steamboat tastes like…

      Yeah, it’s probably coz of the hot soup – it makes me feel sweaty too, probably the reason why steamboat places are so popular when it rains.

      Yup, The Joy of Sharing is a very nice place – clean too, with very reasonable prices, which explains why it’s ALWAYS packed – inside and outside. There’s a Home Town Steamboat in Kota Damansara too, it’s before this one, but it was full and this place looks more inviting. Haha.

  2. I seldom go K.D nowadays due to lack of parking. Good that this restaurant will help customer on parking matters. At least can eat without much worry.

    Price quite cheap for this amount.

    • I know what you mean! 🙂

      It’s hard to even take away stuff coz there’s no parking. God forbid you find a parking space and then someone else double parks behind you, blocking your way out. It always happens there, double parking is very common especially since there are so many food places around there.

      Yup, it’s very reasonable, I thought adding RM 5 for pork was a great deal!

    • Yeah, it’s quite warm here too! 🙂

      However, it was raining on that day and our plans to have a fish head dinner was foiled by that so we went for steamboat instead.

      The Joy of Sharing is a nice place, we’ll be back to try the congee based Silky Porridge steamboat.

  3. The pork slices were good, dear. I think I had too much chilies and the spicy tom yam soup until I ve gotten sore throat. Somehow is good to have hot pot during the cooling day.

    • Yup, they’re good when cooked shabu-shabu style! 🙂

      It’s sliced so thin that the pork just needs a few swishes in the hot soup to cook. It was a nice dinner eh?

      Oh no, too bad dear, need to drink some cooling stuff now. <3

    • Sounds like a plan! 🙂

      There’s a good shabu-shabu place in Sibu too, the secret is always fresh ingredients, get that right and the soup base right and it’ll be a winner.

      I’ve never been to the one in Kuching, let me know what you think.

  4. This kind of meal is actually healthy and on rainy days it is nice to eat but then I am too impatient to wait for my food to cool down for me to eat it and I often scald my mouth eating food straight out of the hot soup so I seldom eat steamboat now. The price at this steamboat place is attractive too, not expensive at all.

    • I get what you mean! 🙂

      I’m like that too. Haha! I’ll be hungry and eat the food without waiting for it to cool down especially the noodles and then scald my tongue on the hot soup.

      It’s a good thing The Joy of Sharing is air-conditioned so food cools down quicker. I love their signature Seafood Superior Soup – there’s gotta be lots of prawn heads and other crustaceans in there to make the soup so nice.

      Yup, the price is very reasonable, would love to try their porridge steamboat next time. Cheers Mun!

  5. Very reasonable price indeed. I’ve never been a big fan of steamboat because of the warm Malaysian weather. But I’ve found a new appreciate of hot soupy dishes now in Japan especially during the cold and harsh winter nights.

    • Yeah, me neither! 🙂

      I’m quite open to any new food I have previously disavowed though. I found out that my taste buds have become quite promiscuous. Haha!

      Nice! I’ll love to go to Japan, am planning for that with my better half actually. We’ll come visit if you’re there when we go.

      I know what you mean about soupy dishes, I quite liked them in Korea too, despite not liking them the first time I went.


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