Flap Hops: Emu and kangaroo jerky buttermilk pancakes with homemade dark chocolate sauce and wildberry jelly

flap hops kangaroo emu pancakes

I have had this idea knocking (hopping?) in my head for a while. I’ll stop with the bad puns and say that this is a take on flap jacks – instead of the usual pancakes, it’s made using emu and kangaroo meat, thus it’s a flap hop. Geddit? smirk

buttermilk pancakes mix

I bought this gluten-free buttermilk pancake mix during my last trip to Sydney and haven’t used it. I could have made our own pancakes from scratch but since it was a Sunday morning, I thought I’ll just shake this bottle instead. Plus, I wanted to see how gluten-free pancakes made from rice/tapioca flour and potato starch stacks up with the real deal.

buttermilk pancakes kangaroo

You will need:

  • Buttermilk pancake mix
  • Emu jerky
  • Kangaroo jerky
  • Dark chocolate buttons for baking
  • Butter
  • Wildberry jam

buttermilk pancakes emu

I got the wildberry jam (or jelly, as Mel would call it) from an import grocery shop here a while ago – it’s a mixture of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries made by Hank’s Jam (also of Australian origin) and thought it’ll go well as an acidic counter-balance to the dark chocolate sauce.

emu kangaroo jerky

I did a few test batches of the buttermilk pancakes before finally settling on a size I wanted. Just before one side is done I inserted pieces of the emu and kangaroo jerky into the still-bubbling pancake mix.

melting chocolate

My better half also set up a bain-marie for melting the chocolate buttons. Keep in mind that when melting chocolate, the boiling water should never touch the bottom of the receptacle you put the chocolate buttons in. These are high quality dark chocolate buttons meant for baking – you can find them in any bakery provisions store. I also put in a dab of butter.

kangaroo emu jerky

After my buttermilk pancakes have set with the emu and kangaroo jerky inside, I flipped them over to brown the other side and added a smear of dark chocolate sauce on it.

chocolate smear

My dear also cut up some kiwifruits, which I added into the “crater” where I started the chocolate smear from.

emu kangaroo pancake

It was a very delicious breakfast that we made yesterday morning – I would have liked some sunny-side up eggs with it too but the kangaroo and emu jerky added that savory taste and the sweetness of the dark chocolate is balanced by the wildberry jam. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Flap Hops: Emu and kangaroo jerky buttermilk pancakes with homemade dark chocolate sauce and wildberry jelly”

  1. Your pancake looks good, with those meat jerky, interesting.. I usually just make my own pancakes, it takes less than 5 seconds, really! 2 cups flour, half cup sugar, 2 eggs, water, that’s it.. No salt, no baking powder, no vanilla essence, no milk, nothing.. Whatever I have in the fridge, and it still turns out good.. I eat my pancakes with butter, honey and strawberry jam for my boy.. Sometimes, I add in a handful of chocolate chips, but don’t think I’ll do it often, it makes the pancake looks burnt..

  2. The pancake looks really lovely, and the best part is that there’s no added baking powder or salt into the mixture. =)

    I’ll keep an eye on this pancake mix in Woolworths or Coles then. It’s something that I can cook if I’m in the mood for something light and nutritious. =D

  3. HB, i like this type of pancake, it is as thin and big like “roti canai”. I don’t quite like those fluffy type one. It is a good breakfast idea, I guess the children will like this too. By the way, I thank you for the comment that you drop in my post of the Wimpy Kid diary.

  4. I love to eat pancakes and the ones you made look really delicious but I don’t think my teeth are strong enough to chew the jerky in the pancakes so no jerky for me.

    You two make a good team, you making the pancakes and she decorating it with healthy fruits. 🙂


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