My new Toshiba Pro Theatre Full HD Smart TV powered by Android

4KTV unboxing

I have been using a review unit of the Toshiba Pro Theatre L54 series with a 40” screen for more than a week!

4KTV setup

It’s very easy to set-up using the provided remote (which has a trackball in the middle).

typing 4ktv

Typing is easily done by an on-screen keyboard too (you can also purchase an external keyboard) – this is me setting up the Android system, signing into my Google account and most importantly, linking it to my high speed TIME Home Fibre 30 Mbps connection to view YouTube videos in Full HD resolution!


The set-up process for the Toshiba Pro Theatre 40L54 is so easy it can be done in less than 5 minutes – all you really need is a WiFi connection.

Smart TV Apps

Smart TVs are getting more and more prevalent in the market. No longer can the television set be accurately called an “idiot box” – it’s a lot smarter than humans nowadays!

Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba is leading the charge with its range of high end large screen Smart TVs powered by Android. The high range Pro Theatre L9450 Series ranges in size from a whopping 84” to 64” and 50” – it’s a UltraHD 4K Immersive Unlimited with more natural color and texture, richer contrast and higher brightness enhanced by Toshiba’s High-brightness panel, wide color gamut panel, revolutionary UltraHD 4K technology and CEVO 4K image processing engine.

UHD Android TV

The narrow bezel makes it perfect for maximum screen real estate – you can really get an immersive viewing experience. It also fits into a relatively thin space – whether it’s your living room or bedroom. There’s Audio Source Filtering, Intelligent Scene Optimizer and Intelligent Auto View to get the most out of anything you’re watching.


The USB Movie supports 28 different video formats too!

4KTV football

Plus, there’s a Football Mode for fans of the beautiful game out there. The FIFA World Cup 2014 was broadcast in 4K for the first time and I highly regret not having a UltraHD 4K LED TV to watch it for the best experience.

Alchemy 4K

There are people who’re still wary about the availability of 4K content. I’ll tell you right now that there’s a wealth of 4K content out there right now – you just have to know where to look. Netflix is broadcasting in 4K for some of their series like Breaking Bad and you can easily get access to that (they accept Malaysian credit cards) if you use a VPN.

4KTV viewing

I have a 30 Mbps fibre connection at home with no ridiculous restrictions, and with that kind of broadband you can comfortably watch streaming content (it just needs half the speed) on Netflix or Hulu Plus. Just hook up a Xbox One, do a little bit of configuring on your router and you’re good to go. I actually have Netflix at home right now and I’m paying less than what I’ll pay for a local satellite TV provider *and* I get Full HD content to boot!

tv google play

You can do everything you want on the Toshiba Full HD TVs powered by Android too – even run Microsoft Office documents with the popular Android app OfficeSuite 7 and do your Excel spreadsheets! Facebook, Picassa, Twitter, and all Android apps from the Google Play store are available. That means you can play games on your large screen Full HD TV too!

4k apps

Imagine playing the latest Android games like Monument Valley, The Walking Dead, Final Fantasy VI, and Angry Birds: Epic on your large screen Full HD TV! I’m an avid gamer and man, the games look *awesome* – especially Unreal Engine powered titles which can scale up.

4k gaming

Look at the awesome quality! I can’t wait to play Forza Motorsport 5 and Watch Dogs on this high resolution TV!

4k games

Besides playing games, you can also view photos which you take on your camera in the full resolution that it’s meant to be viewed. Do you have a camera that’s above 8.3 megapixels?

4KTV pictures

8.3 MP cameras shoots in 3840 x 2160 and if you’re viewing that using a Full HD 1080p TV, you won’t be able to see the photo as it’s meant to be seen.

4k google

The best part about having a smart TV is that you can multi-task and surf the net using your Android powered TV!

4k sixthseal

I also used my Toshiba Pro Theatre 40L54 to reply comments on my blog. 🙂

4k cnn

There’s really something for everyone, I found it useful to browse CNN while watching CNN! There’s often updated content on the website that didn’t make it to the broadcast and this is the future of “smart TVs” powered by Android.


There’s even the usual suspects provided in the Bookmarks centre – everything from Picasa photos to Twitter.

8MP Photo

You already have the tools necessary to shoot 4K resolution photos. The high end Toshiba Pro Theatre L54 Series Full HD with Android LED TV can support your current camera/smartphone (which is likely higher than 8.3 MP) and show your photos on the large screen in its native resolution.

4KTV YouTube

It’s an exciting time in the Smart TV market and UltraHD 4K resolution is coming – with Toshiba’s UltraHD 4K Android powered TV, you can also watch YouTube in 4K which a lot of content creators are already streaming in. It’s 4 times sharper than FullHD and with the third-generation CEVO 4K Engine you can retain stunning picture quality, regardless of screen size!

4k video

Look, now I can watch all my Youtube videos in Full HD! I wish I can keep this, it’s so amazing you have to see it to believe it!

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15 thoughts on “My new Toshiba Pro Theatre Full HD Smart TV powered by Android”

    • Yeah, I thought these new Android powered TVs are great! 🙂

      It’s a review unit though and I have returned it but my next TV will have to be a smart TV, it’s just so convenient to be able to have the equivalent of a large screen netbook – so many possible applications like games and watching YouTube videos natively.

  1. Wah, so canggih and high-tech your Toshiba TV.. Mine is a Panasonic.. Nothing fancy about it.. We have Astro, in the meantime, I guess it’s sufficient la.. We leave the house at 6.30am, back at 7pm, watch some Astro, then sleep by 9.30pm (coz we need to put the kids to bed, hence, we need to pretend to sleep with them too, and most of the time, we sleep before they do! Heh!).. Not much TV during the weekends, hubby’s working on Saturday, and we go out to in law’s place and my mum’s place on Sunday.. Errr, why am I yacking on nonsense? Haha.. Your post is about this canggih TV la, teehee..

    • I use Netflix and I’m thinking of getting a Hulu Plus subscription too! 🙂

      It’s cheaper and you get A LOT more TV and movies *and* it’s on demand too – you can watch it whenever you like and no need for DVRs and stuff like that – everything is on the “cloud” for you to watch as you please. They broadcast in 4K too, so if you have a 4K tv or a notebook/computer that supports 4K resolution, you can watch it in 4K.

      You need a high speed broadband line though – I’m lucky that the condo I live in has TIME Home Fibre so I get 30 Mbps.

      I like Netflix coz you can watch whatever you want e.g. at 7 pm you can choose what you want to watch, not what is being broadcasted. I think this is the future – content that’s online and waiting for you and Netflix and Hulu Plus are the two best ones now.

    • Nope, it’s a review unit! 🙂

      I’m not sure about the price of this particular model – let me check and get back to you. This is the FullHD model with Android. They also have a 4K TV with Android.

    • Mine is too! 🙂

      I don’t have an Android powered TV, this is just a review unit but my next one will be an Android TV. It’s just so useful, coz I watch a lot of YouTube content – stuff like Starcraft 2 tournaments, and it’s so convenient to be able to watch it natively on the TV instead of having to plug a computer output into the TV.

    • Haha! Yeah, I’ve already returned it. 🙂

      It is rather awesome eh? I hear Japan is doing 4K broadcasts now – we don’t have that here so the 4K content I’m getting is from Netflix. I was thinking of getting a 4K TV but even the higher resolutions of current computer monitors already exceed Full HD so you can watch in higher resolution.

  2. wow… didn’t know there are so much contents available for 4K. I thought it’s not mature yet where you cant find any 4K disks out there and still very much the blu-ray market. Yeah, even my note 3 phone can shoot 4K videos.
    Enjoy your TV! Really envy!! 🙂

    • Yeah, there’s actually quite a lot of 4K content out there! 🙂

      It’s not in disc form though. I’m not an industry expert but I believe that would die out soon except for Collector’s Editions and such. Sales of Blu Ray discs are slowing so badly now while cloud based TV and movie providers like Netflix and Hulu Plus are growing so I believe the future would be in cloud based Internet TV.

      I think broadcast/cable/satellite TV is in their death throes too, as broadband connections gets faster and faster, everyone would want high quality 4K content on-demand e.g. you choose what to view, when to view, instead of current broadcast/satellite/cable *telling* you what to watch and forcing you to record.

      It’s the future of entertainment, I believe. Nowadays I don’t want to wait to see a TV show, nor do I want to record it on DVRs. I just want to be able to click and view the episode I want (including the current episode) whenever I want to watch it and that’s what providers like Netflix and Hulu Plus gives and why it’s taking off so much.

      I would buy stock in these companies and sell my shares in traditional cable and satellite companies if I had any. People have so many options nowadays they just don’t want to be told what to watch and when to watch it and with fast Internet connections now you can watch whatever you want whenever you want online with a lower subscription price too!

      I bet you have a fast connection in Singapore too, my sister has 50 Mbps for less than SGD 30 per month! I on the other hand have to pay RM 279 per month for 30 Mbps but it’s worth it, the speed is enough for 4K streaming. It’s still (a lot) cheaper in Singapore though.

  3. i just wanted to ask you if they allow you to keep it after you did your review.. but i read in the comment that you’ve returned it..

    really canggih lo this tv.. i haven’t had time to watch tv… since…. looooooooooong time ago.. can’t even recall when was the last time i watch tv.. O.o


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