Our (potentially) free anniversary, trips and presents!

Pandora Essence Bracelet

It’s our anniversary last week and I bought a new charm for my better half to add to her new Pandora Essence bracelet. This bracelet is a new one that I bought for her last month, the previous Pandora bracelet is full to capacity!

Pandora Essence Charms 2014

I chose the Intuition charm coz I like the backstory and text – it says “The wisdom of the soul/Follow its guide” and it’s priced at RM 633. It’s a little more expensive than regular Pandora Essence charms coz it’s made with 14k gold.

Pandora Intuition

I went very early in the morning and bought it with my credit card, hoping to get RM 300 off (more about that later) but unfortunately I was too late. Not to worry though, I use my Maybank credit card quite often so it’s just a matter of time!

Pandora Essence Intuition

I actually learned of the Maybank I <3 100% Cashback Every Day promotion when I bought a LEGO Movie set for my dear. I was surprised to see the promotional banner for it just inside the store. The kids are really into Lego nowadays and we just bought another LEGO CITY box originally priced at RM 179.90 for the kids when we went back to Sibu during the weekend.

Lego Cashback

The kids love exercising their creativity with LEGO and we have happily indulged them in this mind building investment – it’s better for them to build something than to be stuck to the iPad playing games the whole day and we are collecting the LEGO CITY series for them to create their very own city!

LEGO Maybank

I bought them three sets of LEGO since they’re so into it now. Yup, we got them all in Sibu as a present for them and we plan to give them one when I come back and leave the other two for Christmas.

KitKat Oreo

It’s always fun to spend with my Maybank credit card since there’s a chance I would get the item for FREE with the 100% cashback promotion. I also bought our flight tickets back to Sibu during the weekend and the return trip to KL using my credit card.

Krave Cereal

We went to Hat Yai last weekend and I used it to purchase some candy for ourselves and the kids at the grocery stores over there. It’s cheaper in Thailand and there’s no minimum spend! I travel so much that my credit card is authorized to go around the world anyway.

Panettone Cookies

Christmas and the festive season is coming very soon and it’s always good to get presents for friends and loved ones. We bought two boxes of panettone (an Italian sweet bread loaf eaten during Christmas and New Year) and a pack of holiday cookies made in Germany as gifts for my dad and our friend Arthur before we flew back to Sibu for the weekend.

Hokey Pokey Squiggles

You might want to begin using your Maybank credit card for the festive season for everything from presents to trips to dining, depending on your inclination coz there’s a chance you’ll get a 100% cashback – making your purchase free! There’s no minimum spend required and the campaign lasts until 31st January 2015.

Sarawak Sambal Laksa Paste

I even used it to buy Sarawak sambal laksa paste from Sibu to bring back to KL. 🙂

Flight Sibu

Don’t have a Maybank credit card? No worries, just apply for one and you just might get a free trip with the I <3 25,000 Bonus Air Miles campaign! Get more details about how to apply for the premium credit cards and the promotion at the I LOVE 25,000 Bonus Air Miles site.

DQ Blizzard Thailand

You can also win yourself a Polo Sedan with the I <3 5 Polo Sedan by just applying and spending with your new Maybank credit or charge cards! You will also get complimentary gifts from spending certain amounts and this campaign period is from now till 28th February 2015.


There’s just plenty of love to go around this festive season, whether you’re an existing or new premium or regular Maybank credit card owner. I’ve been with them exclusively since 2008 and I’ll be using my Maybank credit card for *everything* daily from petrol to dining to take advantage of the I LOVE 100% Cashback Every Day campaign!

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15 thoughts on “Our (potentially) free anniversary, trips and presents!”

  1. Nice loot of goodies and chocolates I see.. I also see a very expensive (RM633) Pandora charm.. Wait, I see Squiggles, are they some kinda chocolate coated biscuits? Haha, the only Squiggles I know is from Gardenia, it’s a strawberry cream bun coated with chocolate, RM1 per piece from the convenience store..

    • Squiggles were my favorite cookies in New Zealand! 🙂

      I studied high school in Christchurch, was just 15 then and it was my first time living alone abroad. Griffin’s is a popular NZ brand, much like Arnott’s is to Australia but most of the biscuits they make are very plain (again, much like its Aussie counterpart). However, this is the Tim Tams of New Zealand, it’s even slightly better!

      You’ll love Squiggles if you have a sweet tooth. It’s not even a cookie, I’ll call it more a candy bar. Haha! It’s honeycomb biscuit (like Crunchie) covered with chocolate and the covered with honeycomb cream. It’s amazing, loved it when I first tried it and would get it if I see it since. Prices are usually around RM 12 and above here though.

      It’s very, very good, highly recommend you try it if you see it around.

    • Thanks Rose! 🙂

      Yup, it’s a bracelet I’ve been building with our stories and this is the second one. We’re into LEGO now too, lots of fun playing with the kids on this one.

    • Thanks Rose! 🙂

      I haven’t gotten any for free yet though, but I’m still hoping. I have already registered, and made a RM 350 purchase for a Christmas hamper just now, was wondering if that would be a 100% cashback – but wasn’t so lucky. Haha.

  2. Thanks so much for the goodies you brought back for me. We enjoyed the cookies, all gone now…and the panettone, we’re saving it for our Christmas dinner – something special!

    Lucky you, all that for free! You’ve got great taste – that’s a very nice bracelet!

    • Glad you enjoyed the goodies mate! 🙂

      The cookies are infused with alcohol, I tried them last time and thought it was very nice. It’s very hard to find alcohol infused cookies here lately, the alcohol infused fruitcakes are more common.

      Yeah, we love panettone too, I actually ate most of mine myself, my dad just had a taste or two. It’s a little like brioche but I’ve grown to like it a lot since last year – you can even get huge 10 kg panettone monsters for RM 1,300. It’s been getting very popular in KL lately.

      I first had it two years ago in a local Italian restaurant:


      I’ll love to replicate that recipe for this Christmas too!

      Hope you enjoy the panettone for your Christmas dinner!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a meaningful charm.

    I always say if you pay your credit card bills in full, it is better to use credit cards to buy things due to the promotions and also reward points.

    • Thanks Mun! 🙂

      Indeed! I always pay my credit card bills at the end of the month until I can’t pay anymore. I used to owe a lot to the bank via credit card debt but I have gotten rid of that bad habit now.

      I make sure that my credit card balance is RM 0 at the end of the month – I only use it for stuff I can afford, unless it’s a vacation, then I’ll use it as extra funds. Haha.

      Yup, you really can get a lot of stuff from the promos and reward points e.g. I can go in Baskin-Robbins and get scoops of ice cream free from my Maybank Treatpoints.

    • Thanks Ciana! 🙂

      Yeah, she loved it and her gift to me was a trip to Hat Yai! I thought that was awesome and I totally enjoyed the vacation too.

      It’s always the thought that count, she can just cook a nice meal for me or do something simple and I know it’s her thinking of me and that’s enough. It doesn’t need to be expensive gifts, I just had an unexpected windfall recently from a site that I didn’t realize was earning money until I checked and got the Western Union Quick Cash.

      Unfortunately I cashed out before the oil prices caused the USD to rise soooo high or else I’ll have gotten an extra RM 700+! Funny thing was, I didn’t need the money and I had 90 days to get it so I could have just waited (and I’m a bit of a procrastinator myself) but one day I just passed by the bank and got the Western Union done…if I had waited, I’ll have gotten more, but no worries, the best part about unexpected windfalls is that you don’t really think of it so it’s appreciated, no matter the amount.


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