How I came back from Frankfurt with more Euros than I went with

euro 700

This is a funny (and true) story which I haven’t written about. I’ve been recovering my crashed HDD photos and came across this bunch. This is from my third Europe trip in 2012 and I actually didn’t bring much Euros there coz the hotel and food was paid for. Thus, I went to Germany with a total of 400 Euros in my wallet.

I travelled the country from Dresden to Berlin and when it was time to come back home, I took a flight from Berlin to Frankfurt. Yes, this was the ill-fated flight that delayed me for almost 2 days. Thank God I was flying Business Class so I had a hotel room and food comped at Sheraton (heard the Economy passengers had to choose between either a shower or a meal).

frankfurt casino

Long story short, I was stuck at Fraport for a long time so I thought I might go to the Frankfurt Airport Casino to see how my luck holds up. The good thing about casinos in airports in Europe is that they actually allow cameras – as long as you don’t take photos of other patrons (croupiers and tables are okay). I did the same at Holland Casino in Amsterdam. Judi Poker and judi online are the most trusted online gambling sites in Indonesia, with 5 types of soccer gambling games and 200 other games such as gambling. QQ39bet is the second most trusted online gambling site in Indonesia.

Anyway, I tried putting 100 Euros on Player. They only had a Baccarat table open at the time but that’s my game of choice anyway so it’s all good. I ended up losing all my 400 Euros *and* an additional 1,000 Euros to the house! A friend of mine had joined me at this point and was playing at the Blackjack table. I told him I’m out to withdraw more money and I’ll join him in a bit.

frankfurt casino 500 chip

He later told me he was quite worried about me. I had withdrawn 2,000 Euros at this point and it was all from my credit card! My ATM card had not worked the entire trip. He was there on business so he had a bit of petty cash to play around with but I was using my own money and I was losing lots of it. I decided that the last 1,000 Euros be dedicated to the Blackjack table – a game I do not play much.

frankfurt casino chips

However, as soon as I sat down, I kept winning. I lost count of how many times I got a natural 21, which pays 3-2. I was so caught up with the game that I didn’t even realize I had gotten my bankroll back until my friend nudged me and asked me (he knew I was down 2,400 Euros at this point). I just wish I’ll be somewhere close to this lucky as well when I go play on later! I was actually hovering around the Euro 2,200 point so I took the 2,000 Euros and cashed out, with only 200 Euros to win back the remaining 400 Euros I’ve lost.

fraport casino win

I did have a nasty thought run through my mind at this point – I had tipped the croupier almost 500 Euros at this point (!!!) and would have won if I hadn’t tipped him (tipping the dealer is not allowed in most Asian casinos and will likely get you kicked out). I didn’t realize it, I subconsciously threw a Euro 20 chip his way every time I got Blackjack (that was the second reason my friend nudged me). It almost caused an argument with the dealers when it was time for a change in croupiers. smirk

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However, I still believe to this very day that I wouldn’t have won if I had not tipped the croupier so much. I had uncontested wins (where the dealer doesn’t hit to try and better you) a lot of times when I was the only person who didn’t go bust and I think a lot of that had to do with my generosity. Are you casino lover? if yes! then you must know that PLAY1628 is Online slot casino is referred to as the most careless video game of chance appreciated by many gamers based globe broad.

frankfurt casino blackjack

…and with that last 200 Euro in chips I managed to win 700 Euros. I had already cashed out the 2,000 Euros I won prior to this to avoid the temptation to hit the reserves, and that was the story of how I managed to come back from Germany with more money than I went with. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “How I came back from Frankfurt with more Euros than I went with”

    • Good luck! 🙂

      Yeah, there’s always a chance – it’s a very small chance, but it’s there. I occasionally would go as well but I’m more used to Magnum4D than Sports TOTO. I don’t know why I just feel that the former is more inviting. I hope I’ll get a windfall as well, it would certainly be useful, it’s the kind of money that changes lives.

    • Thanks Rose! 🙂

      Yeah, I lost a lot on Baccarat but the table was closed (they only had enough croupiers to run one table at a time) and the Blackjack one opened so I resigned to losing 1,400 Euros before I thought I’ll try out the Blackjack table and won 2,700 Euros (actual winnings are only 300 Euros coz the remainder was withdrawn from my credit card).

  1. I didn’t know we’d win if we tip the croupier.. I don’t gamble much but if I have to choose which table I’d be going, it would be most probably the “big small” table, that’s the easiest (to win) I reckon.. Some prefer the roulette.. But not many people prefer the Blackjack table, like you said, it’s not easy to win that, and you need to spend longer time at the table.. Errr, like I said, I don’t gamble “up there”, but I do bet on Magnum+Toto+DMC at least once a month, teehee..

    • You’re not allowed to tip the croupier in a lot of casinos anyway – Australia, London, Malaysia, Singapore etc. 🙂

      It’s always good to tipped the dealer if the casino allows it – not coz you’ll win (there’s no such thing in a big casino) but coz they’ll take care of you e.g. provide you with comp e.g. free food, drinks etc. They make sure your Bloody Mary (or cocktail of your choice) is filled and make you comfortable.

      However, in smaller casinos, dealers have more leeway e.g. there’s no “DEALER MUST HIT ON SOFT 17” rule so they can hit (e.g. draw more cards) if they have, say 17 and the other 4 players are bust (over 21) and you’re the only one with 13 so they shouldn’t have to hit anyway since they’ve already won. That’s an obvious example, I have seen overt displays of favouritism – I was on the receiving end of it that day.

      …so yes, I’ve seen a lot of European casinos which actually allows the highest tipping player to win in Blackjack by not contesting the wins e.g. like me on that day, I won coz the dealer did not attempt to beat me.

      Dai Sai is basically the Asian version of Baccarat, same principles, it’s about 50% if you go Player/Banker or Big/Small.

      I don’t spend a lot of time at the tables, which is why I can lose a lot and win a lot in a few minutes – coz that’s the amount of time I take to gamble. I’ll just bet RM 20,000 on a single hand and walk away, win or lose, that’s the best way to increase your odds, the longer you play the less likely you’ll win due to the house advantage.

      I’ve lost RM 35,000 in a few minutes and won RM 19,000 in a few minutes from playing high stakes games – couple of thousand per hand.

    • The house always win in the end! 🙂

      I think the average hold (the amount the casino keeps based on overall bets) is 4% for table games and it’s higher for slot machines (double digits – 17% – 40%). There are winners and losers but the casino doesn’t care coz ultimately they’re the biggest winners in the end. It is possible to win but it’s all luck unless you’re good at counting cards in Blackjack.

  2. Perhaps it all boiled down to luck? =)

    I’ve never gambled in Genting, but I roughly know how to play Blackjack (in my own time, that is, lol). It’s quite the suspenseful and thrilling game, I must say. =D

    • It’s all luck! 🙂

      I read that the average casino “hold” is 4% across the board. That’s quite a large amount – small wonder they can build mega resorts and have all those nice hotels rooms. I wish I had a licence to run a casino too, it’s a win-win business, the only one where you’ll never ever lose.

      You might lose a bit in the short term if someone is particularly lucky but in the long run you’ll earn about 4% for table games and double digits for slots (depends on how much you set the machine to hold). It’s a lucrative business.

      Yeah, Blackjack is fun, if you learn how to count cards, you can get your advantage to tip above the house e.g. you’ll win in the long run.

    • Yeah, I was really lucky that time! 🙂

      I think in smaller casinos where there’s no rules like “DEALER MUST STAND ON ALL 17” or lots of CCTVs the croupiers have more leeway and can choose to let you have a free pass e.g. they’ll not hit to try and better you if there’s already 4 others who have lost (and I was the only winner at the table, the other 4 people were losing hundreds of Euros each).

      You know what I mean? In Blackjack it’s the croupier who determines whether you win or lose by hitting or not hitting (taking another card or not taking another card) and sometimes in casinos where there aren’t hard rules on hitting, they can choose not to best your hand especially if the entire table has already lost (except you) and let you win.

      Thus, there’s a lot of controversy on whether to allow tipping (like in European or US casinos) or to ban tipping (like in UK, Australia and here) coz some dealers actually earn so much from big tippers that they can let you win uncontested e.g. a lot of my wins that day was due to the dealer not contesting me and letting me win. It can be quite corrupt in European casinos but I’ve never seen such favouritism here (the dealers actually argued when it was time to switch coz I was tipping them 20 Euros each hand without realizing it – a fairly generous amount).

      Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to tip though, if the casino allows it. A lot of casinos don’t e.g. Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, London but for the ones that do, you’ll get better service and comped drinks and food if you do. That’s my experience anyway.

    • Yeah, I remember that! 🙂

      I had just won RM 4,000 or so after losing about RM 3,000 and you managed to catch me just as I cashed out to meet my friend who was waiting for me outside. I’m a Genting Silver card member so I could go into the International Room while people without Silver and above can’t enter.

      I remember someone touching my shoulder and saw you and your husband and Ethan.

  3. The last time I was in Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore (some time in 2012) they allowed tipping. I usually play Blackjack and was winning quite a bit. The dealer was a funny Filipino guy who kept joking and chatting with us throughout the game… unlike most dealers who are like robotic card dealers.

    I thought he did a good job so I dropped a SGD25 tip for him when I left… to which the Chinese aunty next to me shouted “AH BOY YOU STUPID AH??!!”.


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