Min Yee Estuary Grouper Fish Noodles (RM 18)

Garoupa Fish Noodles

Min Yee is located at the same coffee shop which hosts Ah Po Grouper Noodles so it has some stiff competition. However, their estuary grouper fish noodles are cheaper at RM 18 compared to Ah Po’s RM 22. The portion seem to be slightly larger too, at least at first glance – this is due to them not slicing the fish too much and presenting beautifully thick slabs of fresh garoupa.

Min Yee Grouper Fish Noodles

They’re also known for their fresh handmade grouper fish ball noodles too! The Estuary Grouper Fish Ball Noodles are RM 6 per bowl and the fish balls have that prized bouncy texture:

Grouper Fishball Noodles

I ultimately found that each stall has its own charms. I’ll go for Min Yee’s Estuary Grouper Fish Noodles if I want a simple clear broth, untainted by soup stock, that allows the thick slices of estuary grouper (also known as β€œLoong Tan”/King Grouper) to shine through. The fish slices are equally fresh but this stall does it thicker so it’s more satisfying to eat.

Loong Tan Fish Noodles

I love eating fish noodles, and I don’t mind paying the higher prices, especially if it’s good fish. There’s a RM 30 fish noodle in Sibu but the fish noodles I’ve eaten here is a lot better, and more reasonably priced too.

Estuary Grouper Noodles Me

My current favorite is Ah Po Grouper Noodles but Min Yee Estuary Grouper Fish Noodles does a more than satisfactory job too, especially if you prefer a blander broth with no MSG that allows the estuary grouper fish slices to shine through.

Estuary Grouper Noodles

Min Yee Estuary Grouper Fish Ball Noodles
Restaurant Big Family
Lorong TSB 10A, Taman Industri Sungai Buloh
GPS: 3.166326, 101.569765

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20 thoughts on “Min Yee Estuary Grouper Fish Noodles (RM 18)”

    • Yeah, it’s pretty good eh? πŸ™‚

      There are two stalls here – one is Min Yee (this one) and the other is Ah Po (haven’t blogged about it). The latter is priced at RM 18 for red grouper and RM 22 for estuary grouper while this one is RM 18 for estuary grouper.

      They’re both good, but for different reasons – this one has bigger fish slices though overall portion seems to be the same, but the difference is the soup stock – this place doesn’t use artificial soup cubes so it can taste a bit bland but it tastes good if you like pure fish!

  1. Sure looks good. Went to the giant prawn noodle place, no…not Min Kong…and I had the fish noodles – tapah, RM12.00 a plate only, not RM30. You’ve been fleeced! VERY nice, watch out for the blogpost on it.

    • Yeah, the estuary grouper (what they call loong tan) here is very good! πŸ™‚

      Hmm…tapah noodles are usually around RM 12 – RM 16 in Sibu, not RM 30 unless it’s at Min Kong. That’s the only place that charges RM 30. Others would be within RM 12-16 unless you add more tapah fish.

      I’ve eaten lots of tapah fish noodles in Sibu and most places charge around RM 14 average e.g. Y2K, the Heng Hua place diagonal to Y2K. The most I’ve seen is RM 16 but never RM 30 unless you go to Min Kwong or unless you specifically ask for additional fish (which you can do at the Heng Hua place, so the price can be as high as RM 50).

      Where have you seen RM 30 tapah fish noodles besides Min Kwong? As far as I know, they’re the only one to charge that price. Haha.

    • Yeah, this is a great place for grouper fish noodles! πŸ™‚

      There’s also another stall at the same coffee shop which offers the same thing, with more fish, and RM 4 more, but that one uses artificial soup stock.

  2. I followed some (sales) guys out to lunch a few months ago for fish slice noodles too, just the 3 of us, plus fried fish cakes, 3 drinks, and the bill was RM70+ ! Lucky I did not have to pay *on company’s claim, ahem*, but still, I find it too pricey to swallow.. A bowl of horfun with 2 or 3 slices of fish, fishballs and fish cakes, that’s all.. But your one looks better, more fish.. More “hoi wai” too..

    • Yeah, fish noodles are not cheap! πŸ™‚

      The type of fish we like in Sibu (tapah – freshwater fish) usually goes for around RM 12-16 for a bowl with less slices than this. Grouper seem to be the preferred choice here and it’s also around the same price, some can be up to RM 22 and more if it’s seafood noodles!

      Haha! Yeah, good thing you can claim the lunch coz 3 pax for RM 20 average would already cost RM 60.

      Indeed, this place is very generous with their fish slices, Ah Po is too (at the same coffee shop).

    • Hello Vickie! πŸ™‚

      The noodles are a mix of rice vermicelli and the local kueh tiaw/hor fan hybrid that’s thin flat strands – it’s perfect for fish noodles since a more substantial noodle (like yellow oily noodles) would clash with the mild texture and flavors of the fish and push it away from being the highlight.

      The noodles aren’t made from fish, I think I know what you mean coz I made noodles made from pig skin before:


      It just refers to the thick fish slices in the dish.

    • Yeah me too! πŸ™‚

      It seems like not all grouper is created equal though and there are different parts of the fish, I prefer the fish slices from Ah Po which is more chewy and has a layer of collagen between the flesh and the skin.

    • They’re both good, it’s different methods of preparation though! πŸ™‚

      The famous KK sliced fish noodles are based on a tomato and milk (evaporated or fresh) broth which I don’t personally like as much as a clear tasteless broth. They are milk infused fish head noodles here too, there’s a place in Cheras where it’s very popular.

      I personally like the broth to be clear instead of being infused with milk or milk and tomato (as in KK) especially if the fish is a good quality fish, where there is no need to hide the fishy smell with a strong tasting broth.

    • Yup, they’re very generous with their fish! πŸ™‚

      There’s another stall called Ah Po at the same coffee shop (will write about that soon) which also has estuary grouper (loong tan) and other types of fishes from RM 12 – RM 22.

  3. Is this Restaurant LYF the same place as Restaurant Big Family? I went there in September last year just to eat Ah Po Grouper Noodles but the stall was not opened so I ended up eating the estuary fish balls from another stall (I think it should be Min Yee).

    I did ask about fish slices at that stall but they told me no fish slices, only fish balls. So you mean they do serve fish slices but it was just not available on that day I went?

    What time did you go? Maybe the fish slices are only available at certain times of the day.


    • Thanks Mun! πŸ™‚

      You’re right, it’s Restaurant Big Family, I already knew that and my dear keeps on telling me that but I keep on confusing it with Restaurant LYF (which is just around the corner).

      Oh, you went at lunch time! That’s too late to get fish from Min Yee, they sell out quite early, usually around 11 am.

      This place is very close to where I live so I like to eat here. There’s another stall called Ah Po which has more fish (everything from a whole white pomfret for RM 14 to estuary grouper for RM 22).

      However, they also usually sell out around lunch…it’s better to go early in the morning, I’ve always wanted to have their (Ah Po) red grouper noodles for RM 18 but it sells out around 9:30 am and there’s a few other fishes and by 11 am they’ll also be sold out. That’s the stall that carries more fish, Min Yee doesn’t carry as much and would likely sell out earlier.

      Hope that helps!


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