Ah Po Estuary Grouper, Ma Yau and White Pomfret Fish Noodles @ Kota Damansara

Ma Yau Fish

This is my favorite place to eat fish noodles! It’s really fresh as they source the fish directly from fishermen and slice it on-site. That’s a whole Ma Yau (Threadfin fish) above. You have to go really early in the morning before they run out of fish so the long weekend was a great time for me to eat all the types of fish noodles they have. Haha!

Estuary Grouper Loong Tan

Ah Po Fish Noodles carries a lot of different types of fish with prices ranging from RM 14 – RM 22. You can ask to have a peek inside their cooler to see what they have. Yes, one of those plates equals one portion of fish! This stall is actually at the *same* coffee shop as Min Yee Estuary Grouper. However, you get more options here and (arguably) better quality fish.

Estuary Garoupa Fish Noodles

Their flagship dish would be the Estuary Garoupa Fish Noodles (RM 22). This is RM 4 more expensive than Min Yee but the cuts of fish are better. Ah Po uses the prime cuts with lots of fatty collagen and it’s really good while Min Kee seem to use offcuts. I prefer the fish from this stall but the cleaner broth from Min Kee.

White Pomfret Fish Noodle

The cheapest fish noodle you can get here is the White Pomfret Fish Noodles (RM 14). This is a whole fish and since it’s a white pomfret, it can be really bony so watch out for bones! If you love eating fish noodles though, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Ma Yau Fish Noodles

The mid-range offering is Threadfin Fish Noodles (RM 18). This is better known as Ma Yau (馬鮫) or Senangin locally. This is pretty decent and the fish is pretty fresh but for that price, I’ll rather eat the Estuary Grouper Fish Noodles at Min Yee or fork out an additional RM 4 for Ah Po’s top of the line Estuary Garoupa.

Estuary Grouper Collagen

They also have Red Grouper Fish Noodles at RM 18 but it seems to be permanently sold out and the owner and owner’s daughter has confirmed this on numerous occasions (something to do with Chinese New Year and demand for the fish). I would personally suggest coming here for their awesome RM 22 Estuary Grouper (Malabar Grouper/Greasy Grouper/龙趸) as they have the best cuts in town!

Just look at the sheer amount of collagen in the picture! 🙂

Ah Po Estuary Grouper

Ah Po Fish Noodles
Restaurant Big Family
Lorong TSB 10A, Taman Industri Sungai Buloh
GPS: 3.166326, 101.569765

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14 thoughts on “Ah Po Estuary Grouper, Ma Yau and White Pomfret Fish Noodles @ Kota Damansara”

    • Me too! 🙂

      I love these type of fish noodles but the milky ones aren’t for me. My better half would eat them (she’s not so keen on these clear broth ones) but I reckon the clear ones are better. The milky taste masks the taste of the fish and the fish that comes in that are mostly fried here.

  1. Yep, I’ve heard of this place before.. I don’t mind paying more for a bowl of really good fish noodles, with lots of fish slices.. And I remembered you blogged about your prawn noodles when you were in Sibu, I don’t mind paying for that too.. I would love love love to try the (giant) prawn noodles, ooooo and the soup too..

    • Yup, I don’t mind paying for good seafood too! 🙂

      I’m quite keen on fish and prawns so I wouldn’t mind shelling out (no pun intended) extra for those. Yeah, you’re like me too, good seafood is worth paying for.

      Oh, you must try a fish we call empurau in Sarawak, it’s actually quite nice, if you like fish, like the best of cod fish. If you’re ever in Sibu, I’ll bring you to eat it.

  2. Ah, your post reminded me that I still have not returned here to try this stall after my previous trip there where I found the stall closed at about 11am. Do you know whether they have a fixed day where they are closed or not? I would love to eat the estuary grouper, looks so good in your photos.

  3. i think this would be my dad’s favourite place if there’s one in Kuching..

    your post reminds me of KL fresh fish head noodles with milk and must order together with the fu chuk barley drink… argghhh.. so heavenly niceeeeee…


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