Cadbury Egg n Spoon: The most interesting chocolate Easter Egg in 2015!

Okay, I’m a huge fan of Easter Eggs. I once sent a 1 kg chocolate Easter Egg back from Melbourne to Sibu! It was all eaten by ants by the time it arrived but it’s the thought that counts. I used to stock up on lots of Cadbury Crème Eggs when it goes on a massive sale the day after Easter but generally there’s not a lot of innovation in these things – you get the traditional Easter Eggs, chocolate hot cross buns (like this one I had while studying in Australia – blogged about it *12 years ago* almost to the day), chocolate Easter bunnies and that’s about it.

Cadbury Egg N Spoon

Until now! The past few years have seen hen-sized Easter Eggs packed in a traditional egg carton/box but they’re mostly artisanal products. Cadbury produced their Egg ‘n’ Spoon range just a couple of years back but it was different then. This *new* range is filled with white chocolate mousse inside the hen-sized chocolate egg so you can eat the inside with a spoon – which is conveniently provided!

This is a UK import, it retails for close to RM 40 here (which is a high markup from the £2 it sells for there). I’ll let you all know how it tastes like once we’ve eaten it. smirk

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5 thoughts on “Cadbury Egg n Spoon: The most interesting chocolate Easter Egg in 2015!”

  1. How nice if they have it here.. My kid loves chocolate eggs, the ones like KinderJoy surprise egg.. He watches a lot from YouTube, about kids opening the (giant) chocolate egg, with toys inside and all.. Very very different from our own KinderJoy surprise egg where we buy from petrol stations/convenience stores.. Ours is small and miserable, whereas the ones we watch from YouTube are so so very big and the chocolate looks so so yummy..

  2. That’s really a huge markup on the price but since no one is going to UK, I think it is worth it to spend the money and get the children enjoy themselves with a giant choc egg by eating out from it using a spoon.


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