Martin Yan’s Longevity Noodles

Chef Yan Longevity Noodles

This is a special Chinese New Year menu item on all AirAsia flights. They’re made specially by Martin Yan for the Lunar New Year and features longevity noodles in an inventive recipe that includes a delicious thick sauce Chef Yan created himself, along with fresh minced chicken and a variety of vegetables like pickled carrots and radish, as well as green zucchini and red chilies.

Martin Yan AirAsia

Martin Yan’s Longevity Noodles by AirAsia goes for RM 15 a la carte or RM 16 as a combo with a 350 ml bottle of mineral water. The spicy chicken meat sauce goes very well with the crunchy texture of the julienned vegetables and the cooked-just-right longevity noodles with the perfect amount of soft-firm bite.

AirAsia Martin Yan

The hot sauce whets your appetite and the amount of sodium can probably kill a small horse but yet I was looking forward to eating this when I boarded. I forgot the pre-book the meal coz of the 24 hour minimum requirements and made sure to remind the cabin attendants (two of them, in fact) to let them know I wanted it so please hold one Martin Yan meal for me if possible.

AirAsia CNY

I finished eating it with satisfaction and asked the lady next to me to take a photo. Let it be known that I strongly approve of this particular meal! I’ve eaten food cooked by Chef Martin Yan before and I don’t usually go crazy over airline food (not even 1 Michelin star ones) but the Martin Yan’s Longevity Noodles had me licking the microwave foil container clean while not being too obvious about it. smirk

Martin Yan Longevity Noodles

I pondered ordering another one but I thought having a second 241 gram meal right after the first wouldn’t taste as good. It would be overkill and my taste buds are saturated anyway but it was an awesome festive lunch 30,000 feet in the air before I came back for Chinese New Year! πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Martin Yan’s Longevity Noodles”

  1. ooo i usually don’t order any meals on airasia flights, but i might definitely have contemplated this one too, for various reasons. it’s seasonal, so this would have been the only chance to try it … and it’s a recipe by a chef that i admire too … and it’s pretty reasonably priced … and it sounds delicious (can’t resist noodles drenched in thick, meaty gravy) πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, me neither! πŸ™‚

      I usually don’t eat unless it’s a long flight but this one caught my attention last time I flew AirAsia (about a month ago). They also had the MasterChef Asia meal then, another limited time promo – it’s a great idea to have collaborations like this, it makes people (at least me) want to try the items.

    • Yup, it was shockingly good! πŸ™‚

      I expected a simple collaboration, more for the name than anything, but the dish took me by surprise. It was really delicious and the fresh crunchy vegetables were a real delight in an airline meal. The texture goes really well with the firm-but-chewy noodles too.

    • It tasted a little like Korean bean paste noodles! πŸ™‚

      It’s made with a spicy chicken mince meat sauce instead of bean sauce though, and the thick sauce just clings to every strand of noodle – very nice. I love the generous amount of vegetables too, and they made it crunchy despite reheating it in a plane, which is no small feat.

  2. That thick and chunky sauce looks good paired with the thick noodles! In-flight meals have come such a long way in terms of taste and quality. But yet it still gets a lot of flak and people are always skeptical without even trying it.

  3. Haha the lady next to you take good picture! If I am her, I’ll deliberately take a picture of the noodles without your head or just your head without the noodles πŸ˜› Yes, I am THAT bad! LoL!

    I don’t usually take meals in AA flight but I think I will have given in on this one too. Looks so good!


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