Our Heng Hua (Putien) Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner!

Poh Family

The Heng Hua (Putien) celebrate Chinese New Year on the fifth day instead of the regular Lunar New Year cycle. There is a very interesting story behind this – a rogue warlord called Tu Fei caused all the Heng Hua to hide in the bamboo jungle and they only managed to come out on the 5th day. Thus, CNY was celebrated then in remembrance of our ancestors who survived the war.

Loong Jin Restaurant

That’s our entire extended Poh family clan. My grandma is the matriarch and the rest are my aunties, uncles and cousins. We had dinner at Loong Jin Restaurant @ Tanahmas Hotel on the 5th day of Chinese New Year. It turns out that there were two tables that was “unclaimed” during Yih Wen’s wedding so we had 2 tables of credit. We always get together on the fifth day for our proper Heng Hua reunion dinner, it’s very important to my grandma.

Tanahmas Hotel Entree

Tanahmas Hotel Four Seasons Platter
This is the first dish that came out. You’ll notice that it’s almost similar to the 8-course dinner we had during Yih Wen’s wedding. That’s coz it’s the exact same menu – 2 tables were not taken so we had “credit” there (so to speak) and they decided to claim it on our Heng Hua Chinese New Year so we had (almost) the same dishes again.

Shark Fin Soup

Shark’s Fin Soup
Zero fucks will be given if any Sea Shepherd types gets butthurt from this photo. smirk

Cheese Baked Cod Fish

Baked Cod Fish with Cheese
I rather enjoyed this fish during the wedding banquet and we had it again for our CNY reunion dinner. It was good.

Duck Two Ways

Duck Two Ways
There is a difference in this dish. In the wedding banquet, it was 1/2 roasted duck and 1/2 braised duck. This time we had sliced wok-fried duck in place of the braised duck. It’s nice to have a change, the menu can differ slightly but the main components are similar.

Sea Cucumber

Braised Sea Treasure
This is a dish of sea cucumber, razor clams, Pacific clams and other assorted seafood over tofu skin (fu chuk). Very tasty stuff.

Butter Fried Prawns

Butter Fried Prawns
My niece is allergic to dairy products (among other things). She absolutely cannot eat dairy so my dad always stocks up on soy and other non-dairy goodies before she comes over. This year we found a no-dairy biscuit from London and some crisps made from soy from the US. However, she managed to eat one of this after it was de-shelled so that’s good.

Red Bean Pastries

Red Bean Pastries
This is done two ways – a classic flat pastry filled with red bean and deep fried (hot) and a modern interpretation with red bean stuffed into a mocha-like casing (cold). It was quite popular at our table.

Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter
There are also slight differences here. The previous time we had this, the middle was filled with lychee. This time it was grapes. I prefer grapes.

HB YJ Kara Josiah

I took a photo with my sister and my niece and nephew at the lobby before we went back. I only see them once a year so I made sure not to fire off my fireworks until they came back. The kids were a little afraid of the large fireworks cakes last year but this year they’ve grown bigger and they weren’t afraid at all. They were looking forward to the show each night and started calling me “Fireworks Uncle”. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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10 thoughts on “Our Heng Hua (Putien) Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner!”

  1. Lovely shot! You and your sis and the kids!!! That must be your dad’s brother in the group pic – they sure look alike.

    Never knew the name of the Chinese restaurant, always call it by the name of the hotel. I think it was called something else before they refurbished the place, not sure.

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai for the Year of he Monkey.
    Thank you for sharing your life with others. Because of age and infirmity I do not travel much now and I delight in the pleasure of vicarious travel, especially in Malaysia which I have loved visiting over many years.

  3. Crap, I’m salivating at the sight of shark fin’s soup and missing the CNY environment back home.

    Anyways, here’s to a Happy CNY to you and your family, HB! =)

  4. Big family you have, lots of members.. Your sister doesn’t look like you.. Oh I didn’t know got ppl celebrate on 5th day of CNY.. I only know chor 1 eat zhai (vegetarian), 2nd day “hoi lin”, so we eat a lot of meat, prawns, whatever, similar food like what we ate on CNY eve.. And chor8, where they “pai thnee kong”.. And ooohh, lastly, chor15, last day of CNY, eat “big meal” again, then bye bye to CNY, huhu..

  5. This is something new and interesting about the Heng Hua clans celebrating on the 5th Day! Today is the 12th day and I would like to wish you & your better half a VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

    The food was yummy of course and I always love gatherings in restaurants. I also wished I had someone to call my own “Fireworks Uncle”. You sound very happening to them to remember and cherish till adults.

  6. Bravo on the sharkfin!

    Didn’t know about the Heng Hua tradition. Hmm…so…does it mean Heng Hua gets 5 more days of CNY? 5 more days to collect angpau ☺.

    Yncle Fireworks. ..a good nickname for you. Sure the kids love you to bits.


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