150 mg methamphetamine, insufflated (“Where are you going in such a hurry?”)

This is another entry from my psychonaut friend, “Mr Foaf”. I’ll like to take this chance to say
once and for all that “Mr Foaf” is NOT ME. Let this set the record straight. He’s a friend of mine
who studies in the same university as I do, but does not want to be identified any further than
that. His viewpoints does not necessarily represent my viewpoints, and I will not discuss my stance
on recreational drugs here. I will however publish his articles here, because I find them

********** All lines past this line is written by “Mr Foaf” **********

Psychoactive substance – Methamphetamine, powder

Common street names – Meth, Crystal

Ingestion method – Insufflated

I have gotten a hookup for meth in a funny way. I was sitting in the bus one day and two
university students sitting beside me were talking about speed. Now, I haven’t had that stuff in
quite a while so as we alighted, I casually asked the guy if he can hook me up with speed. I gave
him my number and he called me two days later and gave me a number of another guy. I called the guy
up and ordered some methamphetamine and a bag of weed for good measure. The rendezvous point was to
be near my place at 8:30 pm and sure enough two guys pulled up slightly after that. Commerce took
place in the back seat of their car and I left with 150 mgs of methamphetamine and a baggie of

The meth was wrapped in aluminum foil and sealed in a small plastic bag. The powder itself looks
white and erm, powdery. It looks slightly off-white in the picture, but that is because of an
incandescent lamp I had on. The picture above is taken using my brother’s digicam, which is not
exactly the most high quality thing in the world. Forgive the quality, I had to sharpen it up a
bit. The meth is next to an A$2 coin for a size reference.

9:36 pm

I snorted a small bump of the meth to perk myself up. The powder did not burn much going up.

9:40 pm

The drip started. For people who has not ingested any pharmaceuticals intranasally, the drip is
what happens when the powder mixed with nasal fluid start dripping down your throat from the back
of your nose. It tasted slightly bitter, but I have a high bitterness threshold so it didn’t bother
me at all. I used to crunch methamphetamine tablets and kinda like the taste because of the Pavlov
reaction I have been conditioned with. Bitter stuff = high. Heh.

9:45 pm

Feeling slightly speedy now but not really amped yet so I decided to do a bigger bump this time.
I snorted half of the remaining powder and this time it slightly stung when I insufflated it. It
stings more if you snort more. Feeling pretty good now, and I licked my finger to get the remaining
powder that was stuck on my finger.

9:50 pm

Ah, this is a much better rush. Although the rush from insufflating is not comparable to smoking
or IV, there is still a ‘rush’ when compared to ingesting it orally, which doesn’t really provide a
rush, just euphoria. Felt absolutely wonderful for about 5 minutes. There is a constant bitter drip
from my last bump.

10:00 pm

Feeling slightly paranoid now. It’s not good to think paranoid thoughts while on meth. The only
paranoia I get while on drugs is the fear of getting busted. I though about something happier and
listened to some monster trance to keep my thoughts out of that way.

10:05 pm

I am ashamed of myself. This stuff is quite compulsive indeed. I put the remaining powder on a
an Avril Lavigne single jewel case and licked the aluminum foil clean. Yuck. Tasted like hair
cream. πŸ™

10:06 pm

I rolled up a 10 dollar bill. I couldn’t find any higher denomination currency around. Heh. Not
that it matters anyway.

10:07 pm

Arranged the meth powder on the jewel case into a line with a credit card. Here it comes! =D

10:08 pm

Put the rolled up bill into my nose, closed the other nostril, bent down to the jewel case and
snorted the line in one go. Now this one really burned going up. =D Heh.

10:09 pm

Licked Avril Lavigne. The jewel case, I mean. Wastage is not good.

10:13 pm

I’m feeling pretty fucking good now. Listening to some hard trance from Germany and really got
into a dancing mood. It will be better to do meth in a rave, that is the most awesome thing to do.
It’s one of my favourite things to do, and I call it The Oblivion. The Oblivion occurs when you
ingest speed or meth or ice at 10 pm and don’t stop dancing until 6 pm. It’s a strange state of
mind where you actually can feel the music, and sometimes your body doesn’t feel like dancing
anymore but you push it anyway coz you don’t want to stop until 6 pm. That is The Oblivion and fuck
I love that place. The best time is around 4 pm, when only the hardcore ravers and tweakers (people
who take speed) are left on the dance floor. Everyone is sweating and exhausted but they keep on
pushing their bodies to move. Once in a while people make eye contact and nods at each other and
think “I know you’re tweaking and so am I”. There is a community feeling then and then you look
away and close your eyes and your body says “I’m tired” but you don’t listen to it and you don’t
care. You haven’t had anything to drink since that bottle of mineral water you forced down at 12 pm
and you’ve probably sweated your entire day’s water intake and your muscles complain but you don’t
really “feel” it and you don’t even need to “push” yourself to dance, it just happens
automatically, on auto pilot. You know you’re tired but you don’t actually “feel” it. You just move
in the same way you’ve been moving since 12 pm and it’s the same steps and routine and you feel
good and you don’t even need to think or be aware of your body coz it’s moving on autopilot. And
the DJ runs one last hard core, million BPM gabba track for the tweakers and everyone just
explodes. The last encore and everyone is finding every extra kilojoule of energy and translating
it into wild movements. The strobe light flashes, and you close your eyes, you forget all your
worries, your body is moving on autopilot, the track is going higher and higher and the climax is
coming and the strobe light is really flashing fast now and you close your eyes and you think “This
is heaven”. That is The Oblivion and it’s the closest feeling you’re gonna get to flying unless you
sprout some wings.

********** End of Article **********

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