Lormetazepam (Loramet) benzodiazepine review


Loramet is a benzodiazepine that contains lormetazepam (also marketed as Noctamid) made by Wyeth. It is a rather rare benzodiazepine and should not be confused with lorazepam or loprazolam which are different benzodiazepines. Loramet contains 1 mg of lormetazepam and I took 35 tablets (35 mg) this morning.


The pills are oval and scored, with the Wyeth imprint on one side. It is a nice benzodiazepine, it chills me out really quickly and it seems to have active metabolites coz I’m still feeling very relaxed. Lormetazepam is marketed as hypnotic but I’m not feeling sleepy (high benzodiazepine tolerance) at all. It is nice and sedating though…

I’m putting this in the same class as medazepam; it’s as nice as medazepam on high doses. I would guesstimate that 1 mg of lormetazepam (Loramet) is equivalent to 2 mg of lorazepam (Ativan) but it should be noted that the two benzos feel completely different. There is a mild euphoria on Loramet.


Tramadol experience report

Note: This report details experiences in the past. I am not using tramadol anymore and I do not use any drugs, legal or otherwise now.

tramadolor box

I have been using tramadol hydrochloride on a daily basis for
several months now and I feel that my experience with this substance is
sufficient for a detailed report. Tramadol requires a prescription in
most countries, but it is OTC in Malaysia. This makes it perfectly
legal to possess and use. It’s considered a weak opiate agonist but it
has strange serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor effects. In
other words, theoretically, it calms you down, makes you happy and
gives you some energy. I usually buy Tramadolor, which is manufactured
in Germany.

tramadolor price

I get five boxes for RM 300, which comes to RM 6 per blister pack.
There are 10 blister packs in a box and each blister pack contains 10
capsules of 50 mg of tramadol hydrochloride, so that makes 500 mg in
total. The standard retail price is usually around the RM 13 – RM 15
per blister pack, but a pharmacy in Sibu sells it to me for RM 6 per
blister pack when I buy a minimum of five boxes. Tramadol is fast
acting, personally, it hits in about 10 minutes or less and peaks at T+
4:00 before slowly returning to baseline.

tramadolor germany

There are a lot of people who doesn’t have a high regard for
tramadol, condemning it as a useless substance. I have a lot of
experience with both illicit substances and pharmaceuticals so I’m
speaking from my personal experience. Clinical trials seem to indicate
that a lot of people can’t “get off” on tramadol. However, there is a
small percentage of people that can get something out of tramadol. Off
the top of my head, it’s about 7% of the subjects in the clinical trial.

tramadolor poison

I use tramadol to boost my mood. It works very well, so I consider
it “recreational”. The effects I feel is a serotonin release (the
neurotransmitter that makes you “happy”, to make things simple) and
also an increase in energy. The best way to describe the psychoactive
experience is that tramadol makes me happy. It makes me very happy. πŸ™‚

tramadolor boxes

However, tolerance builds up very quickly with tramadol. I use it on
a daily basis, so this is an issue to consider. Basically, you won’t be
able to get off on tramadol unless you increase the dose if you’re
using it daily. Personally, I increase the dose every other day, so it
bring me through the whole working week.

tramadolor capsules

My personal policy is to start with 200 mg of tramadol on Monday,
and that gives me a nice boost to start off the week. The dose is
repeated on Tuesday, but with the tolerance, the effects aren’t as
strong as Monday. I take it on an empty stomach early in the morning
with lots of caffeine.

tramadolor blister pack

I escalate the dose by 50 mg increments, so on Wednesday, I take 250
mg, and the same goes for Thursdays. I go up to 300 mg on Friday and
Saturday and Sunday is a “rest day” so I can get off on 200 mg on
Monday the following week. This works well for me, it makes me happy
throughout the work week.

tramadolor insert

There’s something that should be noted here – do NOT take tramadol
after taking any pure opiate agonists like codeine, DHC, heroin etc.
The mixed opiate agonist/antagonist nature of tramadol will make you
dope sick if you don’t put at least a full 24 hour rest day in between.
If you do take tramadol earlier than that, you’ll be very sorry you
did. πŸ˜‰

tramadolor dependency

I know there are a lot of people out there who does not get the
effects of tramadol. Tough. There are some that do, and for these lucky
few, tramadol IS recreational. I find it useful to get me through the
work week and be productive in my work. πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: This post was written a long time ago,
and is not reflective of events now. It should be noted that tramadol
can be dangerous if the dose exceeds 400 mg and it also decreases the
seizure threshold. Tramadol can lead to dependency in some individuals.

Dusted by an Angel

or how I railed on Friday, rolled on Saturday and landed in a
hospital on Sunday. Mr. Foaf’s report on his interesting weekend. All
text below the line (including captions) written by Mr. Foaf. He also
apologizes for being not his eloquent self, he hasn’t slept since then
and is now feeling the debilitating crash from his remarkable weekend.
This is a true story.

********* All lines after this are written by Mr. Foaf **********

Friday (27.09.2002)

railed 1.5 points of methamphetamine powder over a one hour period.
I wanted to go to sleep at around 8 am so I smoked a new bag of weed I
got from a new dealer. The buds came in chopped halves mixed with some
kind of wood shavings (?) and dusted with white powder (?!). The dealer
assured me that they’re just a mixture of the three most potent strains
of marijuana. I smoked two bowls of finely shredded bud and found it
surprisingly strong. It floored and stoned me with just two bowls, and
I already have significant tolerance from smoking daily. The stoney
feeling felt very indica-like and I felt comfortable crumpling myself
into a ball and sitting on my seat. Surprisingly, the weed felt
“speedy” for lack of a better term. I did get the munchies after a
while, and ate a couple of corn chips while I watched a movie, which I
promptly forgot all about. I didn’t sleep much that day from the meth
and “speedy weed”, which kinda brought me up again instead of down.

Saturday (28.09.2002)

After a fitful couple of hours sleep, I woke again feeling totally
untested and rather lethargic, which is common after taking stimulant
substances. I wanted to catch Lab 4 [lab4.com] at Hard Kandy
[hardkandy.com] later that night, so I called up my meth dealer and met
up with him to get 3 points of meth. 1 point = 0.1 gram, which should
keep a casual user up all night. I arrived at Hard Kandy at slightly
past 12 pm and got a ticket for A$35 (A$25 prepaid) and a free Lab 4 –
Virus CD with 9 tracks running at 58:13. I checked my coat into the
clock room and waited for one of the toilet stalls to become free.
There was a long line for the cubicles in the men’s toilet and from the
snorting sounds, they didn’t sound like they were vacating themselves.
I myself dabbed 1.5 points and swallowed it and insufflated the other
1.5 points.

Not much dancing going on.

The dance floor was pretty empty then, despite the DJ’s efforts to
get people to dance. Most people were handing out in the chill room or
on one of the many sofas around the dance floor. Perhaps they were
saving their energy for the Lab 4 set, which is on from 3-4:30 am.
Anyway, I was feeling the drip by then, so I positioned myself dance
floor and started dancing a bit, enjoying the nice coming up of meth. I
haven’t eaten anything since the couple of corn chips last night so the
oral dose kicked in right about the time the nasal dose peaked so I
felt pretty good for a while, typical “body buzz”, but not so much of a
rush, perhaps due to tolerance from last night’s dose. I noticed that I
started to gnaw on my tongue, cheeks and lips, a bad habit I have while
on stimulant drugs. My hands felt like they wanted to constantly keep
on moving too, but I felt the meth plateau at around 1 pm. That seems
disappointingly early, so I started looking around the venue for
someone who looked like they might have drugs. The first guy didn’t
have any, but I caught sight of this Chinese looking guy loaded with
tattoos who stood near the toilet. Seems like a good bet, so I asked
him if he had any “stuff”. He asked me what I wanted and I thought he
said he sells pills and sex. That seems like a funny question to pose
in a rave, but I didn’t think much of it, until I realized he sells
Durex – Safe Sex pills. Ah, now that sounds more logical. Heh. I’ve
heard mostly good stuff about the Durex Safe Sex pills and he has the
white ones, which I hear is a good batch. These pills are round and
white with tiny blue specks and has the word Durex on one side and Safe
Sex on the other. Here is a photo I took in the popular men toilet.

Durex logo on front. White pills with light blue specks.

Safe Sex written on the back.

The white w/ tiny blue specks are said to only contain MDMA
(Ecstacy) but I did not have a reagent or testing kit with me, so I
can’t really be sure. I crunched up the pill at 2 am and was assaulted
by a wave of potent bitterness that only washed away after I grabbed a
lollypop from the counter. Please note that methamphetamine use is not
recommended in conjunction with MDMA as there is research that suggest
the combination could be neurotoxic. Furthermore, it is said that meth
doesn’t add much to the MDMA experience anyway since MDMA can be
“speedy” by itself. But personally, I can’t dance the whole night
without a speedy drug, so usually speed or meth is on my itenarary for
a big night. πŸ™‚ I enjoy the speedy effects of meth too, but there is
some stigma associated with amphetamines in the rave scene. I didn’t
receive any disappovings looks though, even though my dancing style is
“speedy” as opposed to “E-style”. Don’t really know how to describe the
difference between the two though. The people at the rave today seemed
really friendly and E’d up too. I had a lot of good conversations with
other rollers, always a plus in a good rave scene. It’s good to see
that the PLUR aspects has not totally gone from the rave scene in a big
city like Melbourne. I couldn’t for the life of me remember their
names, but I was rolling hard last night as you’ll see as the report
progresses. πŸ™‚

The friendly bartender.

Anyway, the E started to kick in about T+30 (30 minutes after I
dropped). There wasn’t really a noticeable come-up, which happens to
some people when taking meth and Ecstasy together. But when I felt the
first hot flashes, it nearly floored me. Didn’t feel like dancing much
then and sat at the stairs near the Vietnamese guys (found out that
he’s a Vietnamese who happens to speak Cantonese). My Cantonese wasn’t
really good though, so we mostly conversed in English. By this time the
emphatic qualities of Ecstasy made itself apparent and I did felt us
bonding and talking a lot and basically just hanging out. I feel that
the best part of raves can be talking to other people who are rolling
as well. Anyway, after T+50 I start feeling slightly drunk, and totally
clumsy when I was walking. I’m having hot and sweaty palms too. I was
stumbling here and there, general difficulty in moving but still felt
emphatic and a sense of “one-ness” with people I talked to. I postulate
that this batch of White Durexes has some ketamine in it as well. This
is further supported by my total loss of smell as soon as the pill
started peaking. I didn’t want to move then, which is too bad because
the ketamine bits started kicking in right after Lab 4 entered. πŸ™ I
only danced in the first couple of songs, and sat at the stairs with my
new buddies near the set. I could see everyone who had dropped the
white Durexes are getting clumsy and drunken. I laid on my back for a
while and didn’t experience any of the harsher K-trip portions like
disassociation. I did felt my legs lock up and needed to stretch them
out though. I need to state that the only family of drugs that I’m
scared of are disassocaitives. It feels too much like dying at higher
doses and really isn’t fun for me. The white Durex doesn’t seem to have
a lot of K though, and I felt the ketamine portions wear off about 50
minutes after it started, and I was left in a clean E afterglow. Please
note that I did not test the pills with reagents and cannot attest to
the presence of Ketamine in the white Durexes, but it sure had all the
hallmarks of a high MDMA low Ketamine ratio pill. I should allow for
the possibility that the Durexes only contain MDMA and it just hit me
particularly hard and floored me because I had no tolerance to MDMA.
The last time I dropped Ecstasy was years ago.

One of the first DJs.

Anyway, I was still feeling slightly uncoordinated when I moved but
I wanted another pill so I went with one of the guys to withdraw money
from the ATM a block away from the venue. We were stumbling to cross
the road, helping each other out a bit. Must have been quite a sight,
since our balance wasn’t back to normal. After I got back, I heard that
there’s a new batch of Durexes in, but these ones are selling for A$40
instead of A$35. I dropped one of the new batches at around 3:30 am.
Instead of prolonging the previous E’s roll, it instead started a new
rushing sensations and a new peak. I’m inclined to believe that these
new ones really do have only MDMA inside, but it won’t be too helpful,
since I didn’t even bother to check the color or take photographs, I
just popped it and crunched it up. πŸ™‚ Tasted bitter like the first one,
with the first rushes felt at T+30. I was told afterwards that these
pills are also white Durex/Safe Sexes, just a different batch. By T+60
I was peaking pretty good, with frequent hot flushes, but the second
tablet kinda floored me too, in an E way. I guess it was slightly too
much after stopping from indulging in disco biscuits for years. It felt
good though, but too be honest, I feel that rolling after meth only
provides emphatic qualities with much of the euphoric rushes kinda
overshadowed by meth’s significantly speedier rushes. I feel that
Ecstasy is a more happy feeling while meth is more euphoric. I was
kinda stoned too, and didn’t move much, but that’s probably because
I’ve not had E’s fro quite a while. I was hit with blurry/wobbly vision
for the rest of the night too. But that is one of the good effects of E
so I didn’t mind.

Lab 4 in da house.

While still rolling hard, this guy started up a conversation with me
and I found that he has one of the beige Durex/Safe Sex and is willing
to part with it for A$35. These pills were reputed to contain MDA but
again I don’t have a reagent kit and didn’t really care at this point.
I was more than a little farked, generally being happy and just sitting
on my ass talking to people. I crunched this one up and it tasted
bitter with a sourish aftertaste. I did felt the Ecstasy roll longer
and occasional heavy “floor your ass” hot rushes that left me slightly
confused and very blurry vision. At one point I stumbled across the
hallway, fully meaning to go to the toilet, since I hadn’t pissed the
whole night. I tried to earlier in the night but couldn’t even squeeze
a drop out of my poor, shrunk to a third of it’s former glory, penis.
Happens a lot on meth. Anyway, this girl suddenly popped up in front of
me, asking if I’m alright because I didn’t look too well. I felt pretty
good though, just slightly confused by the hot rushes and probably
dehydrated. Didn’t get much to drink the whole night at all. She led me
to the chill room, and I forgot about going to the toilet again.
Finally remembered after she seated me down and asked if I’m alright
again, and went off to the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror and
could see that my pupils has dilated to a prodigious size, almost
filling my iris. Found myself not blinking much too, just staring wide
eyed. Heh. I looked pretty out of it, I’ll admit.

More Lab 4 shots.

Getting ready…

Close up.

Another close up.

I decided to get some air and took a short walk around the block.
More time must have passed since then but I don’t remember much of last
night after my third pill anyway. I knew the bouncer commented that I
looked really out of it as he let me in though. Decided to be careful
and stay inside the club from now one. It was already 8 am at that
point and I decided to go for one last pill to cap up the night. I
asked around and this girl says she has several pills and asked me
which kind I wanted. I couldn’t concentrate well enough to think so I
just said I’ll like the strongest one. After A$35 was exchanged for a
pill (totally forgot the name), I swallowed in whole and chased it down
with some Red Bull. Still feeling very out of it and it was getting
worse. Major stumbling and several people asked me if I was alright.
Decided to go to the cloak room upstairs to get my cost. This is where
the night turned strange. As I walked up the stairs, I felt a
distinctive “going into a K-hole” feeling. Felt myself kinda separating
from my body, and was watching myself talk from behind my right
shoulder, but still very near myself. I lost my ticket stub so the
cloak room attendants had to show me each of the coats which are black.
There were a lot, but I was starting to have really screwy vision. It’s
like there is a black fog over my eyes and I couldn’t even focus on the
coats. Had a get them to show me coats for 30 minutes before I finally
recognized mine. Cheers to those two girls who were patient with a hard
rolling raver.

The dance floor later at night.

I decided that I needed to chill out a bit so I sat near the stairs
and closed my eyes. I was puzzled to find very bright light shining
through my eyelids even when closed so I opened my eyes but the venue
was still dark. This is rather puzzling since most drugs do have nice
closed eyed visuals, but by this point, it looked like I was looking at
the bright sun whenever I closed my eyes. I never experienced this
“very bright closed eyed experience” before. I decided to stretch my
legs a bit and stumbled over to a table by the dance floor. Now, it was
getting pretty apparent that I was tripping balls at this point. Colors
start to become vivid and flowy and I could see trails of everything.
Felt pretty weird so I looked down at the table and saw that it was
starting to become smaller as I leaned on it. Looked to the right as
saw this girl dressed in a checkered box shirt turn into a sofa! She
was dancing and leaned down and instantly turned into a checkered box
patterned sofa and then leaned up again and become a girl again.
Whoa…I was pretty sure that what I had was not Ecstasy so I decided
to get a water and sit down near the steps to chill out a little. I
have some problem in getting myself understood at this point. Making
coherent sentences became harder so I just sat near the edge and
watched the people dance. I closed my eyes again and saw the bright
sunlight so I decided to keep them open. Major visual trails starting
hitting and by T+30 I was seeing full blown open eyed visual
hallucinations. I see everyone with a fluid face, but it didn’t really
scare me, because I’m still aware that I had taken some drugs just now
and it’s just that affecting me. It was fun to look at people because
their faces looked like a clean pink slate with shadows forming and
swirling on their faces. Liquid shadows, no resemblance to eyes or
noses at all, just flowing liquid faces. I could see the darkness
“breaking down” into the primary colors too. I don’t really know how to
explain it, but it seems like darkness is made up of red, blue and
green blobs and they move around, kinda floating like an amoeba. It was
not a K-hole feeling at all, I still felt clear headed and could move
but I couldn’t focus on people. It seems that my eyes automatically
switched to another person whenever I focused on someone’s face. There
was major, colorful and true visual hallucinations, which prompts me to
believe that either:

Pill No. 3 is MDA and it only kicked in after T+90

Pill No. 4 is MDMA


Pill No 3. is MDMA

Pill No. 4 is 2C-B

I’m inclined to think it was the latter because the visual
hallucinations was really, really clear, not just distortions like acid
visuals. I’ve never seen such vivid open eyed hallucinations before,
but it was good because I was still clear headed and know I’m tripping.
2C-B is not very common in Melbourne, but I’ve heard of people who were
able to get it. MDA in the third pill is slightly unlikely because from
what I’ve heard, an MDA trip lasts longer. The total time of hardcore
open eyed visuals was around 2 hours and I could see people looking at
me all the time. I wondered if I was having paranoid delusions or I
really looked absolutely fucked. Soon 11 am rolled by and I moved my
ass for one last song before the club closed. We filled out slowly and
I could feel people looking at me as I walked past. I decided to keep a
low profile and looked at the street to hide my dilated pupils. I
walked to the Mid Valley Arcade and called for a taxi. I kept on
hearing auditory hallucinations of police cars pulling up and that kept
me paranoid. It didn’t help several times, whitish cars passed by,
making me literally jump. I was feeling uncomfortable at this point
because there were people walking around and it’s already 11 am.
Decided to look at the window instead so I could see the reflection of
the taxi as it pulled in. That really stressed me out. Anyway, the taxi
van pulled up after about 30 minutes and I sat facing opposite the
driver to avoid giving myself away. All the while we were on the road,
I kept seeing a reflection of a police car right in front of us. I
thought the taxi driver must have called the police or something, but
when I looked at the suspected police car, it always turned out to be a
van or another truck. When I looked back again, a police car started
appearing at the corner of my field of vision again. I heard from radio
chatter too. πŸ™ Finally reached my apartment slightly past 12 pm and
tipped the driver a good A$15 on top of the fare.

After getting back, I immediately jumped into the shower to sober
up. When I closed my eyes, the bright lights were back and when I
opened them again, the walls (which were white) looked very yellowish
and depressing. I could see minor trails and a mesh wire pattern when I
open my eyes.

Sunday (29/09/2002)

I still haven’t had any sleep at this point. I tried to sleep at 1
pm after I got back but couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me. Must
be all that meth I ingested. By 12 am I was still wide awake, so I
grabbed a hot coffee and decided to wait till the crash. By 6 am I was
STILL wide fucking awake and closing my eyes only produced bizzare red,
green and blue blobs, so I thought it was time to smoke some weed and
chill out a little. I broke off a large bud from the strong weed I got
before and was puzzled to find it somehow intertwined with wood
shavings. It didn’t look like the normal bud fibers at all, and smelled
like chemicals. I didn’t think much of it at that point though, and
slipped the Lab 4 CD into my CD player and chilled out while hitting 4
large cones and holding them in for nearly 2 minutes each. After I put
down my pipe, I felt kinda weird, as if the meth effects were coming
back. I was feeling speedy and my hands started becoming nervous and
moving really quickly again. At some point I started to trip again.
This is what I wrote while that happened.

The PCP laced cannabis buds.

Trip report:

I can see really promising color distortions and dissection into red
green blue RGP and furthermore can create vistas! Can make myself bleed
camn make myself hairy, can frighthen myself and create realistic RGB
persistant eye trailer detailed movie that a mind can belive and
control, they are too powerfull. Shooting at me with their missles and
their laser weapons. Can feel the speedy effects take over me too. This
is strong weed. I hurt myself. I make myself bleed and comfort myselfs.
White flashes and loud hairs. Rewarads. Stike is called, the swarm
swarm forth and the defenders defended.Close battle, this will be a
close one won by the battle ships under the stress emmiters and

ATTACK THEM@!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sounts of warships battling.)





You win!

Attack them!\


Battle of heaven and earth!

The battle is being decided as we speak.

True realistic open eyed visuals! Detailed, though only in RGB! But it can now
display more colors as we speak. I evolve…

I upgrade.

True trails when got hand movements now!@

Realistic OEVS! I CAN”T BELIEVE THIS!Q!!!!!!!

More colors now as dawn break! I EVOLVE AGAIN!!!

Wow … indeed he did

Nearly true color now and my left hand is bleeding, now both of them are bleeding….

One last fight to determine who wins

And it said “It’s now the time to terminated your services”




Persistant worls and I don’t even need to wave my hands for them to stay!


End Trip Report

A closer look reveals a powder sprinkled on the weed.

I was basically seeing opened eyed visuals again at dawn. The red
sunlight shining in caused my low lighted bedroom to swirl with red,
green and blue colors. Red was the predominant color though and I
looked like I was bleeding. I could see a whole forest sprout out in my
room and there was a girl in a blue jumper just in the corner of my eye
and she was there all the time, except when I looked. She scared me and
made me jump a few times, before I realized that she’s not real. But I
couldn’t be sure though coz the opened eyed visuals are starting to
become really creepy now and really realistic. I started to become
really dizzy and confused too and started becoming rather worried. I
decided it’s time to sleep and tried lying down in bed. Now, this is
where things take a turn for the worse. My CD player was off but I
could still hear The Creator by Lab 4 playing from the speakers. Not
just some refrain too, a full song that I’ve only heard for the first
time a couple of minutes ago. Suddenly, I was hit with a severe wave of
nausea and a scary sound started reverberating around my eyes. If
you’re seen The Exorcist, that sound was the loud metallic scary clanks
when Linda Blair was about to be put into the CAT scan machine. πŸ™ It
really scared me and I could feel myself kinda slip away. I was really
worried at this point, so I tried to close my eyes but that scared me
again for some reason. I put my hand to my heart and felt it become
slower and slower and I felt myself breathing shallower and taking
fewer breaths too. I won’t kid you, I was really scared at this point
and just wanted to sleep. But another wave of a nausea hit me and I
turned myself into the coma position so I won’t choke on my own vomit.
Felt something come out and threw up in my sink. I think I threw up
about 2 liters of pure water. I haven’t had anything to eat for days
and not much to drink too. I couldn’t piss as well and this was all
starting to scare me. I tried lying down again but only felt myself
disassociating from my body. I did not like this feeling at all and
felt as if I was dying. I was scared and kept monitoring my pulse rate.
I could hear it slow down again and I quickly sat up when it did and
moved my hands a bit to make my heart speed up. I somehow “knew” I had
to keep doing that or else my heart will just stop and I’ll die. I
wasn’t thinking rationally at this point and was getting really fucking
scared. I could hear the banging noises again and promised that I will
not do any drugs again should I get out of this experience unscathed. I
felt myself disassociating again and willfully pushed my soul back into
my body coz someone was telling me that if I either let my soul leave
of let my heart stop bleeding I would die. I could hear the voice
talking to me, but I don’t know where it came from. I was having a
panic attack because I’ve never experienced this effect before. I felt
my legs shrink and my arms elongate as if my soul was stretching me to
escape. I was frantic at this point coz no amount of movement will make
my heart beat faster so I opened my window and looked down at the car
park. I know the car park is a good few floors below my apartment but
at this point my depth perception was absolutely shot. My large room
felt like a small coffin and I was starting to shrink and shrink and my
cupboard looked very large and mountain-like and I know that if I let
myself shrink I’ll never come out alive. I don’t know why I thought
that, I was absolutefuckingly freaking out in a bad, bad way. I opened
my window and looked down at the car park and it looked like I could
touch the ground if I just reached out with my hand. I live fairly high
up, so that wasn’t possible, but I couldn’t think rationally at that
point. I just know I could touch the car park floor if only I reached
out with my hand, so I did. I leaned out through the window too, and
felt the wind on my skin, which sobered me up only a little. Just then,
the speakers told me “Please don’t do that”. I heard it clearly and I
was totally scared and freaked out and wanted to cry. I closed the
window again and went to throw up. I couldn’t throw up anymore so I
lied down on the floor and immediately felt myself shrinking again.
This time it came faster, if I didn’t pay full attention I will
immediately shrink to the size of an ant. The speakers told me this is
not good, because you’ll need to travel a long distance to reach the
door because you’re shrunk an you’re an ant. I was seriously not
rational at this point and wanted to run away from my apartment. My
thought processes were fucked and scaring me and I was delirious and
paranoid. I did know I took quite a few different drugs over the
weekend and that combined with days without sleep and food and water
was probably causing me to freak out. But disassociation and auditory
hallucinations and frame choppiness and wild thoughts on cannabis? I
don’t think it was possible and looked at the bag again. I suddenly
remembered that there was people selling PCP (Angel Dust) dusted weed
and I did remember the dealer telling me it was “killer weed”. My
definition of killer weed is a strong, indica-like stoney high but
apparently the common lingo here is that killer weed = weed laced with
PCP dipped wood shavings. I’ve never done PCP before and I’ve only
heard bad things about it, so I was getting more and more agitated. I
couldn’t remember much after that, but I know the voice told me to grab
my cell phone and dial 000. If you still don’t feel sober after 30
minutes, press the Call button. I sat that way for a couple of minutes,
not wanting to call at all coz it will lead to a lot of complications.
But I could really feel my heart stopping now, it sounds silly now when
I think about it, but it was really scary last night. I even got the
chills from hearing the Lab 4 track – The Creator today. πŸ™ After about
10 minutes where I was in near total disassociation, I finally told
myself to get up. I couldn’t move at all and felt like I was going to
void my bowels right there and then. The speaker told me to press the
Call button NOW and I said fuck it and called. Except I didn’t call…I
stumbled outside to get a drink of water and knocked on one of my
neighbors door. Didn’t know why I did that, but soon the paramedics
were called. I was still feeling disassociated by then and felt like I
was looking at the scene from a weird angle. I couldn’t feel my heart
beating and was sure I had died and I cannot control my vomiting, which
has become dry heaves that I couldn’t stop. I was totally dehydrated
and my skin didn’t settle back down when I pinched it. I realize now
that I just had a bad PCP trip because I was not expecting it and after
all that major drug use the night before, it made me paranoid and
totally freak out. But let me tell you, while on PCP you feel like
you’re actually dying and start thinking really strange and irrational
thoughts. I can’t remember half of the PCP trip, but I know I was
constantly scared and I felt like my heart stopped beating. Now, I’ve
been a daily smoker of weed for a long time and I know what cannabis
can and cannot do. This batch is either salvia divinorum + cannabis or
more likely, PCP + cannabis. I called a friend up today and he said
that PCP laced weed does come intertwined with wood shavings and dusted
with white powder so that explains it.

Close up showing more powder (they do not look like THC crystals and tasted chemical when inhaled)

Anyway, the ambulance came about 20 minutes later. I don’t want to
talk about this part because it’s kinda embarrassing. I trooped through
my apartment unit with my pants half on (had a pair of boxers inside)
and a tatty shirt. I grabbed my cell phone in my right hand because the
speaker said not to let go of it, it’s a lifeline. In my other hand I
had a number of random bits of paper but I didn’t think to bring out my
wallet nor my keys. I have quite a lot of experience with drugs and can
talk myself out of a bad acid trip, but somehow everything seems
bizarre and frightening on PCP and I could not convince myself of
anything at all. I really wanted to tough the trip out, but I felt my
heart stopping and it was real, I couldn’t feel my heartbeat and nearly
cried because I was scared, confused and just wanting to sleep. That’s
PCP for ya…don’t know why some people can enjoy this fucked up drug,
it made me feel like I had a near death experience and totally freaked
me out. Anyway, I couldn’t walk well and stumbled with the paramedics
to their ambulance and lied down in a stretcher. I felt that the
paramedic was an angel, because she monitored my heart beat and blood
pressure and told me they were low, but still okay. I couldn’t remember
much of the journey in the ambulance except that I’m safe now with the
angel with me. Usually when you think of stuff or hallucinate stuff
while on drugs, you kinda know it’s not real and can ignore it if you
want. On PCP, it can’t be ignored. The stuff you think is really
happening and you have to follow it, you don’t have any volition or
free will or control, that’s the best I can come out with of the PCP
experience. I have no doubt that if the speakers told me to do
something stupid, I won’t even think it was stupid and just do it.

It even had bits of a purple tablet mixed into it. Or maybe it was a remnant
from the previous bag’s contents.

Anyway, I arrived at the ER room of a hospital some time later and
was shot with a sedative. I looked around the ward and saw two Indian
guys opposite my bed and an old Aussie lady with a black eye beside my
bed. I was knocked out in les than a minute and got treated for
dehydration and nausea. I woke up two hours later feeling better and
saw another angel, one of the ward keepers telling me not to move too
much coz I’m on an IV drip for dehydration. She also asked me if I
wanted anything to eat (angel) but I said I’m not feeling much like
eating now and slept for another hour. I was awakened by a doctor who
asked me how I was feeling. He also mentioned that they have drug
counselors if I want to meet up with one. I politely declined and said
that I was only doing drugs recreationally and just had a wild
combination last night that left me with a panic attack. After that, he
said I was free to go whenever I want, so I started undressing my
hospital gown (I didn’t even remember putting it on). The angel nurse
came over again and showed me the way out. I thanked her and she told
me not to worry because the hospital does not have an obligation to
share information regarding admission with the police. She offered to
call me a taxi back but I declined politely and thanked the angel and
gave her a smile and walked around a bit to clear my head. After a
while, I called my friend to meet me near the hospital because I just
realized I didn’t have my wallet with me. Good thing Mr Speaker Man
told me not to let go of my cell phone no matter what. What an
experience. This is surely a weekend that ends all other weekends. Fuck
yeah. Still a promise is a promise and I flushed all my drugs down the
toilet. A promise to God is one you have to keep since he was kind
enough to send two of his angels down and nothing bad came out of the
experience except I probably fried half my brain cells. I’m typing this
about 6 hours after being discharged from the hospital. I did crash
heavily and slept for a while a couple of hours ago. Still feel very
out of it though, and I’ll probably feel depressed for the next week,
but I survived a very wild weekend and had some absolutely wicked
experiences. =D It was an interesting ride indeed, from the arms of the
death angel into the arms of the life angel. Heh.

Things I learnt today

PCP is a strong disassociative and should not be used without a trusted and experienced trip sitter.

Disassociatives can cause bad reactions with some personalities.

Meth makes you paranoid.

Poly-drug use can result in strange interactions.

Get drugs from a trusted dealer and party safe.

The crash from a drug binge is pretty horrible and depressing.

Remember to drink water while on E.

If you feel that you’ve taken a dangerous drug and/or OD’ed, don’t
hesitate to call the paramedics. They have no obligation to report you
to the police.

********* End of Report **********

150 mg methamphetamine, insufflated (“Where are you going in such a hurry?”)

This is another entry from my psychonaut friend, “Mr Foaf”. I’ll like to take this chance to say
once and for all that “Mr Foaf” is NOT ME. Let this set the record straight. He’s a friend of mine
who studies in the same university as I do, but does not want to be identified any further than
that. His viewpoints does not necessarily represent my viewpoints, and I will not discuss my stance
on recreational drugs here. I will however publish his articles here, because I find them

********** All lines past this line is written by “Mr Foaf” **********

Psychoactive substance – Methamphetamine, powder

Common street names – Meth, Crystal

Ingestion method – Insufflated

I have gotten a hookup for meth in a funny way. I was sitting in the bus one day and two
university students sitting beside me were talking about speed. Now, I haven’t had that stuff in
quite a while so as we alighted, I casually asked the guy if he can hook me up with speed. I gave
him my number and he called me two days later and gave me a number of another guy. I called the guy
up and ordered some methamphetamine and a bag of weed for good measure. The rendezvous point was to
be near my place at 8:30 pm and sure enough two guys pulled up slightly after that. Commerce took
place in the back seat of their car and I left with 150 mgs of methamphetamine and a baggie of

The meth was wrapped in aluminum foil and sealed in a small plastic bag. The powder itself looks
white and erm, powdery. It looks slightly off-white in the picture, but that is because of an
incandescent lamp I had on. The picture above is taken using my brother’s digicam, which is not
exactly the most high quality thing in the world. Forgive the quality, I had to sharpen it up a
bit. The meth is next to an A$2 coin for a size reference.

9:36 pm

I snorted a small bump of the meth to perk myself up. The powder did not burn much going up.

9:40 pm

The drip started. For people who has not ingested any pharmaceuticals intranasally, the drip is
what happens when the powder mixed with nasal fluid start dripping down your throat from the back
of your nose. It tasted slightly bitter, but I have a high bitterness threshold so it didn’t bother
me at all. I used to crunch methamphetamine tablets and kinda like the taste because of the Pavlov
reaction I have been conditioned with. Bitter stuff = high. Heh.

9:45 pm

Feeling slightly speedy now but not really amped yet so I decided to do a bigger bump this time.
I snorted half of the remaining powder and this time it slightly stung when I insufflated it. It
stings more if you snort more. Feeling pretty good now, and I licked my finger to get the remaining
powder that was stuck on my finger.

9:50 pm

Ah, this is a much better rush. Although the rush from insufflating is not comparable to smoking
or IV, there is still a ‘rush’ when compared to ingesting it orally, which doesn’t really provide a
rush, just euphoria. Felt absolutely wonderful for about 5 minutes. There is a constant bitter drip
from my last bump.

10:00 pm

Feeling slightly paranoid now. It’s not good to think paranoid thoughts while on meth. The only
paranoia I get while on drugs is the fear of getting busted. I though about something happier and
listened to some monster trance to keep my thoughts out of that way.

10:05 pm

I am ashamed of myself. This stuff is quite compulsive indeed. I put the remaining powder on a
an Avril Lavigne single jewel case and licked the aluminum foil clean. Yuck. Tasted like hair
cream. πŸ™

10:06 pm

I rolled up a 10 dollar bill. I couldn’t find any higher denomination currency around. Heh. Not
that it matters anyway.

10:07 pm

Arranged the meth powder on the jewel case into a line with a credit card. Here it comes! =D

10:08 pm

Put the rolled up bill into my nose, closed the other nostril, bent down to the jewel case and
snorted the line in one go. Now this one really burned going up. =D Heh.

10:09 pm

Licked Avril Lavigne. The jewel case, I mean. Wastage is not good.

10:13 pm

I’m feeling pretty fucking good now. Listening to some hard trance from Germany and really got
into a dancing mood. It will be better to do meth in a rave, that is the most awesome thing to do.
It’s one of my favourite things to do, and I call it The Oblivion. The Oblivion occurs when you
ingest speed or meth or ice at 10 pm and don’t stop dancing until 6 pm. It’s a strange state of
mind where you actually can feel the music, and sometimes your body doesn’t feel like dancing
anymore but you push it anyway coz you don’t want to stop until 6 pm. That is The Oblivion and fuck
I love that place. The best time is around 4 pm, when only the hardcore ravers and tweakers (people
who take speed) are left on the dance floor. Everyone is sweating and exhausted but they keep on
pushing their bodies to move. Once in a while people make eye contact and nods at each other and
think “I know you’re tweaking and so am I”. There is a community feeling then and then you look
away and close your eyes and your body says “I’m tired” but you don’t listen to it and you don’t
care. You haven’t had anything to drink since that bottle of mineral water you forced down at 12 pm
and you’ve probably sweated your entire day’s water intake and your muscles complain but you don’t
really “feel” it and you don’t even need to “push” yourself to dance, it just happens
automatically, on auto pilot. You know you’re tired but you don’t actually “feel” it. You just move
in the same way you’ve been moving since 12 pm and it’s the same steps and routine and you feel
good and you don’t even need to think or be aware of your body coz it’s moving on autopilot. And
the DJ runs one last hard core, million BPM gabba track for the tweakers and everyone just
explodes. The last encore and everyone is finding every extra kilojoule of energy and translating
it into wild movements. The strobe light flashes, and you close your eyes, you forget all your
worries, your body is moving on autopilot, the track is going higher and higher and the climax is
coming and the strobe light is really flashing fast now and you close your eyes and you think “This
is heaven”. That is The Oblivion and it’s the closest feeling you’re gonna get to flying unless you
sprout some wings.

********** End of Article **********


A friend of mine wrote a trip report on DXM and wanted me to post it here.
It’s pretty entertaining and I don’t have anything to post today, so here
goes. It should be said that DXM is a dissociative anaesthetic like
ketamine and PCP and can cause false positives in tests for PCP. If you’re
interested in trying this, read the

[erowid.org] and this article about

NMDA Antagonist Neurotoxicity
[erowid.org]. The following trip report
has been posted in its entirety and without any editing. The author does
not want to be named.

Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide 30 mg per 10 ml.

I have finished a normal sized
dinner at 7 pm. At 9:30 pm I took a 200 ml bottle of Robitussin DX (3mg
per 10 ml), which gives me 600 mg. With my body weight of 70 kg, that
amount of DXM will push me into the 3rd plateau. This is my
first time taking DXM and I did not have a trip sitter with me. As per
custom in such cases, I wrote the drug name, amount taken and body weight
on my left hand. DXM is not illegal in Australia and most other countries.
I have had previous experience with hallucinogens, so I know what to
expect. I took copious amounts of LSD when I was 16 and I’ve also taken
speed, ecstasy, marijuana recreationally. Contrary to the reports I’ve
read, Robitussin DX is not hard to swallow or disgusting in taste. I found
it quite sweet and pleasantly acceptable when I chugged the whole bottle
down. The texture is surprisingly not cloying and st, but rather
smooth and went down without much trouble. The opening of the Robitussin
DX bottle was small and not conducive to chugging but I managed to get it
down within 5 seconds. I did not have nausea and only had to chase the
mixture with a swig of water to clear my mouth of the taste. To provide a
safe and comfortable setting, I’ve locked the door to my room and switched
off all the lights.

10:30 pm

Felt a slight intoxication with
periphery numbness consistent with alcohol. Interestingly, my lips feel
slightly numb as well. I feel somewhat sleepy as well, so I’m going to get
a diet coke. Caffeine and disassociates do not go well together. It’s a
bit hard to go to the toilet when you can’t move now innit? πŸ™‚  I’m having
slight trouble recalling events too, I wonder if that’s because I’m
sleepy? Slight tingling around the scalp area too, not entirely
unpleasant, but it feels a bit weird. Slight nausea and dizziness when I

10:52 pm

Feeling rather intoxicated now.
Slight tunnel vision and a general ‘feeling’ of intoxication. Shit, my
whole scalp itches and it didn’t go away when I scratched it. Trip coming
on now. I keep on scratching my whole scalp but it’s STILL so damn itchy.
Is this is dreaded Robo Itch? Nevermind. Nevermind. Don’t let that spoil
your trip. It’s damn itchy though. Needs two hands to scratch to fulfill
the itch. Best to leave it alone? My head is damn itchy and painful. Calm
down. I’ve been scratching my head for several minutes now and it’s still
itchy and painful. I promise to leave it alone now. I’m listening to
Cradle of Filth now and it sounds good. Mellow and peaceful, but my head
itches so much. Damn. The itchy scalp itch has now spread to my forehead.

11:02 pm

I’m STILL scratching my scalp and
forehead and some parts are starting to hurt. And now the itch has spread
to my eyelids. Damn. I’ve found its nicer and not so tough on the skin to
put my hands under my shirt and use my shirt to rub my forehead. I’m
starting to sweat a lot too. Naughty. I’m getting a lot of the side
effects of the trip. Urm…my neck itches now.

11:18 pm

The itch has spread to my chest.
Calling it an itch is too subtle as it hurts now. Going to the mirror to
see if I’ve scratched myself raw. It doesn’t look red at all but it hurts.
After washing my face, even the underside of my eyes itch. It didn’t
before. πŸ™ Feeling slightly intoxicated now, but still coherent and able
to communicate. I hate the itch.

11:31 pm

Still can’t stop scratching
myself. Scratch scratch scratch. It’s a compulsion. My whole body

11:41 pm

Scratch scratch scratch

11.45 pm

The itch has spread to my lower
belly and upper thighs. Good thing it bypassed my crotch. I wouldn’t want
to scratch that raw. Heh. I’m feeling a heaviness in my brain, as if all
my blood has concentrated there.

11:58 pm

Still itchy but it’s subsiding.
Feels good to scratch anyway. If it’s not on the head that is. Scratching
the head hurts. Whoa…swinging my head from left to right a couple of times
made me dizzy. πŸ™‚ I remember once when I had a slightly bad trip on LSD. I
went to a rave with a couple of friends and got home at around 6 am after
getting some McDonald’s. I haven’t eaten it yet, it was still with me, and
I looked in the mirror and my eyes scared me. Heh. But then I ate my stuff
while still tripping took a shower and tried to go to sleep. While looking
at my ribcage, I realized that one side is much higher than the other
side. I totally freaked out for no good reason and tried pressing one side
down. I was frantic when it wouldn’t go down and kept punching it to make
it go down and make both sides symmetrical. I was almost starting a panic
attack when I calmed myself down and told myself it was probably just the
acid that made one side look higher than the other. After telling myself
that a couple of times, I calmed down somewhat, but it still looked
disturbing to me. I don’t know why I was so freaked out by that, it’s
actually no big deal but while on acid, it seemed a pretty big deal for
some reason. Ah…the wonders of psychedelics.

12:07 am

I looked in the mirror just now
and saw the stuff I wrote on my hand and laughed. I don’t like the way I
laugh. Fucking annoying. I don’t think I laugh like this normally. The way
my mouth contorts when I laugh just now is really very annoying and makes
me want to punch myself. I think it’s because I don’t like someone with
the same smile and it irks me that I’m smiling that same smile now. Shit.
That sucks. I have an ugly smile. I don’t like the way I look in the
mirror when I smile. But that could be because I’m forcing myself to smile
in a shitty way.

12:27 am

I realize that I’ve been
inadvertently gritting my teeth like I usually do when I’m on speed. Oh
well, at least I’m not grinding it. Hey, I can correct my own grammar. J

12:40 am

It’s 12:40 now and still no
hallucinations. L There is a pretty heavy stoning effect but that wasn’t
what I was after. I prefer intellectual highs. The itch still hasn’t gone
away but it’s pleasant now. Nice to scratch the itch.

1:03 am

I’ve been to the mirror in the
toilet and checked out my body. A lot of marks from scratching but nothing
permanent. Slight visual artifacts but nothing much more than that.
Feeling a bit drunk though, as if I’ve consumed alcohol. Is this all to
DXM? I’m very disappointed if it is. Perhaps I should have taken it on an
empty stomach.

1:15 am

Was amusing myself by taking
photos of myself. I found out that I can take numerous photos of myself
with the same facial expression and pose. Heh.

1:18 am

Feeling rather euphoric now. All
is good, but I wanted to have a psychedelic experience as opposed to a
euphoric one. Does DXM and caffeiene bind to non-competitive receptors in
the brain? Or, *gasp* are they competitive receptor binders and so that’s
why I’m not feeling the typical 3rd plateau experience?

1:28 am

Okay, my trip is ending. I knew I
should not have eaten just now.

3:02 am

I’m pretty much sober now. The
trip wasn’t very exciting and I had expected much more. There was very
mild closed eye visuals and hallucinations but not full blown ones typical
with acid trips. DXM definitely is psychoactive and I felt rather stoned
in the early and middle parts of the trip but there wasn’t much
psychedelic activity.  I also felt mentally euphoric but without the
‘energy’ of speed towards the end of the trip. Was that from the caffeine
or DXM? Also, I’m feeling slightly queasy from the Robitussin and rather
hungry as well. Perhaps I’ve expected too much from this trip or I just
ate too much, because my experience wasn’t really interesting at all. I
got the dreaded Robo Itch really bad though. By my body weight, the
dosage I gave myself should put me into the 3rd plateau but it
did not. I was rather out of it during the trip but could still move
about. My experience did not fit into any of the plateaus documented in
the FAQ. I might try DXM again but I’ll double the dosage and do it on an
empty stomach to see if I can get into the 4th plateau or I’m
one of those people who just doesn’t get much from DXM. I’m rather bummed
though…I killed all those brain cells and risked Olney’s Lesions for
nothing. I could have gotten the same buzz from alcohol. Tsk tsk…and I was
looking forward to an intellectual psychedelic experience.

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