Anyone NOT going home for CNY?

cny ppl

I just woke up, having repaid my sleep debt for the week. I’m still feeling a little groggy though, slept for more than 18 hours (!). I was looking out my window while having a smoke, and saw two groups of people packing their bags into their cars to head home for CNY.

I’m not going home this Chinese New Year. πŸ™ I’m sure going to miss my friends back home and the traditional grand fireworks display by the good citizens of Sibu. The tickets are too expensive and I didn’t think it was worth it to be going back for just four days.

(Un)fortunately my workplace decided to implement a one week compulsory holiday since too many people are taking long leaves for CNY. I checked AirAsia when I heard the news but the tickets are sold out to be in time for the reunion dinner (tomorrow night). The return tickets are also too expensive so I think I’m just going to chill here in KL.

train man

I’ll be reading a lot, catching up on my sleep and all that. I just started on this book – Train Man, literally a translation of Japan’s 2-Channel forum about a nerdy young guy who hooks up with this girl Hermes (which was dubbed so due to the teacups of the label she gave him when he “saves” her from a drunk on a train).

train man book

Engrossing read, I love the forum format of the book. Its funny and endearing at the same time.

Anyway, more updates later tonight. I haven’t properly woken up yet, I shall go in search for food.

Since this is a random post, I shall embed a viral video that’s been going around the office like crazy December 2008. I heard it just hit a friend’s workplace:

Anyone else not going home for CNY? Come, email me and we’ll work out something. Trip to Genting perhaps? Uncle Lim’s son owes me money from a disastrous trip there last year (lost on the fourth day after a winning streak on the first three days – arrgghhh) and thus I have decided to go back this year and get it back…with interest. πŸ˜‰

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