The rise of the phoenix!


I have gotten all my archives back into the database! The ETA is a bit later than scheduled but at least it’s before CNY. I figured it would take me a year to get all my posts from April 2002 integrated into the database so I decided to hire someone to do it for me. I outsourced the data entry to a friend of mine for RM 600 (including bonus for early completion).

I know I’m paying way above the market price since a lot of the categories and tags are messed up, but at least she’s very vigilant about the chronological aspects (year, date, and time) so it’s solid. This is the reason why I’m so broke this month, but I reckon it’s a good price to pay to get fully up and functional once again. =D

I can’t expect her to think like I do so I would have to redo the categories and tags but in the meantime, I would appreciate it if you can assist in beta testing the archives. It’s entirely searchable now but there are two categories that shouldn’t be in there at all. Viewer discretion is advised while I sort that out.

Thank you for staying with me, Constant Reader, and it’s been a long journey since I started blogging but now I’m back on track.

Hail to the King, baby! ;)

Outsource IT!


My pet HDS project has been neglected. :(

I work long hours and post a new update every day after work so it’s hard for me to continue HDS. I have also taken the long time involved in completing it (1 year!!!) into consideration, so I have decided to…



I’ve gotten someone to do all my data entry for full integration into the database for the posts from April 2002 – November 2006 and from her pace, I estimate she’ll be done by middle of January 2009.

Her user name has been applied with liberal layers of mosaic since I used her real name. The posts will be under “Poh Huai Bin” though, as opposed to “Huai Bin” which is my account. I promised her a huge bonus for early completion. :)

The full will be up on the 15th!

Pinky said I spoil the market and paid too much to get it done, but I think it’s worth it lor coz it’s a very tedious task. It’s been so long and I want my blog to be fully up and searchable e.g. integrated into the CMS.

The phoenix rises again 15th January 2009. =D

Guess how much I’m paying to outsource this? How much would you be willing to do it for?

…until the cows come home

until the cows come home
Until the lembus come home…

I have been withholding this post and I think that now is the right time to reveal my plans for the future. I have decided to move to KL to work and have submitted my resignation letter a while back. I feel the need to strike out on my own and gain experience and skills in a more competitive environment while I am still under 30. ;)

I will be moving there for good this weekend and have been busy arranging for my car to be shipped over (and other miscellaneous stuff). I will be working in Kelana Jaya – which is technically in PJ, but the entire Klang Valley is referred to as “KL” by Sarawakians. :p

Regular programming will resume tomorrow. Cheers all! :)

I’ll see you all in KL! =D

Let me go down on you…


…no, get your mind out of the gutter. ;) was down for nearly two days coz my previous host suspended my account without notifying me of the reason(s) or replying to any of my emails. I think it’s due to the content from the archives, but somehow, from browsing through web hosting forums, it seems that the hosting company in question has a less-than-stellar reputation, to say the least.

I know I have been overloading their server (it seems that they only have one) from the CGI pulls and I have noticed my blog getting slower and slower especially when commenting. That would probably have been the prime reason my account was suspended without any feedback from their end and thus, I have lost all the posts and comments.

However, thanks to Google cache, I can start rebuilding the blog, and I will be doing that over the days. I have paid for two years with my previous host but it was relatively cheap (about USD 120) so I guess you get what you pay for. I have switched to a VPS now, which was what was running on before I went for my enforced vacation. ;) It’s one of the best and though it’s not cheap, at least I can rely on it for good uptime and performance.

My apologies to all readers of for the downtime. I will need some time to start rebuilding the blog since I don’t have a backup (in the grand tradition of =_=!!!) so please bear with me while the process is slogging along. I will be concentrating on bringing the 2008 posts up first before resuming the Hari ini Dalam Sejarah project.

Thanks for reading, and my apologies for ranting a bit, I feel like I owe everyone an explanation. Cheers! :)

The phoenix will rise again…

It always does. ;) KFC ad on MSN Live Messenger


I finally managed to get the MSN Live Messenger Blogger gets Twister-fied KFC ad that has the inbound link to It took a lot of clicking on the close button and double clicking it from the task bar again to reload the MSN ad though…


Wah, can get OCD like that wei…


Anyway, the animated ad is at the bottom of MSN Live Messenger and it expands into a larger ad with text from my entry on the KFC Toasted Twister.


The cursor is changed to a Toasted Twister wrap and it warps the letters around the text excerpt. There are excepts from two blogs, with the top one being mine and a photo of me eating the KFC Toasted Twister.


Warp is an anagram for wrap. There’s a mini-game where you find all the words – I think it’s supposed to be “Try me now”.


I clicked on the link in the advertisement and it really links back to the KFC Toasted Twister entry that I did. Nifty. ;)

Toasted Twister = KFC toasted chicken wrap
Twisted Toaster = Home appliance that enjoys toasting your fingers


2002: Some mundane post about university life in Australia.
2003: Some mundane post about working life in KL and site news.
2004: Some mundane post about working life in Kuching.
2005: Writer’s block (blogger’s block?). There’s no post for today in this year. It seems seasonal around this time, I can feel it now. ;)
2006: Lunch Box Cafe review with Joanne in Kuching.

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah


The annals of are kinda messed up since I don’t actually have a backup copy of my own blog – the archives you see on the sidebar is a monthly HTML manual save, and it’s not searchable since it’s not in the main blog database. Clicking on it is probably going to rape your bandwidth since one month’s worth of posts will likely choke even the most robust broadband connection.

I’ve been meaning to do something about it but I’m a natural at procrastination. It just reminds me of this saying “Procrastination is like masturbation – It may sound like a good idea at the time, but in the end you’re only fucking yourself”. Thus, I have decided to do a Hari ini Dalam Sejarah (Today in History) feature where I upload the posts of the day starting from 2002 until 2006 so it can be fully integrated into the blog.

This would be easier for me to do since I’ll only have to do 4-5 posts per day. It basically requires cleaning up the HTML code, and uploading the photos. This will appear at the end of every post starting from today until 365 days later (The Day Before Today, which would be best summarized as YESTERDAY in 2009). It’s a long, tedious task since I’ve been blogging daily since 2002 but in small doses, it just might be manageable. :)

This is the debut post, the posts after this will just have the links at the bottom.

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah Singa Laut Nombor Enam (

25th of August 2002

I was studying in Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and had just come back from a trip to the Grampians. The trip report was done on the next day since I was bushed (no pun intended) when I got back.

25th of August 2003

I was in KL and apparently had a lot of time on my hands since there were several posts. I had just gotten my job in XM Malaysia and also made a trip report of another sort which shall not be linked directly from this post. ;)


I made one final post about the The Tallest Book Tower + The Biggest Pushpins Jalur Gemilang @ Sunway Pyramid.

25th of August 2004

I was in Kuching working and wrote about this drinking establishment (of the non-ethanol variety) in town.

25th of August 2005

There isn’t an entry for this date on this year. Phew, I thought the previous day’s one was 25th. I’m glad it’s not. ;)

25th of August 2006

siam paragon

I was writing about the Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand. I went there with one of my ex-girlfriends. She had a pharmacist convention going on there and had a room all to herself so I booked a ticket and went with her since I was on leave at that time.

iberry sorbet

It’s very interesting to see how my writing style changes throughout the years. My belief system and experiences have gradually shifted as well, and it always makes me nostalgic to go through the archives.

Hope you enjoyed the journey back in time as well. Cheers!

Blogger gets Twister-fied

kfc the star

I was approached by a media company for permission to use my photos in an online ad campaign for KFC a few weeks back. It was meant to be non-monetary (e.g. free) but with an inbound link to the post in question about the KFC Toasted Twister entry I did a few weeks ago. It came out in The Star (pictured above), MSN Malaysia and MSN Live Messenger this week.

kfc msn ad

I’ve seen it also on the Today screen of MSN Live Messenger. There seem to be two (2) versions of the ads:

kfc SS

Skyscraper unit

kfc LR

Large rectangle unit

The two versions above does not have the inbound link but I’ve heard from a friend that there’s another splash page version that comes out occasionally with an inbound link if you click on the headline (other parts of the ad will direct you to the KFC website).

Has anyone seen that version around? Cheers! :)

Speak no evil


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the direction this blog is going. The recent two controversial posts – the thinly disguised “human advertising” post and the profanity laced Dear Aries confession has received a lot of negative feedback from people I care about. I talked to one of my friends about this issue – he’s about the only one detached from the blogging scene to be able to give impartial comments and thought really hard about what I should do.


This is what I tend to doodle when I’m thinking about the direction I should be taking. I ponder the pros and cons while drawing opposite arrows.

house witch hat

I also found myself drawing this house/witch’s hat thing when I was particularly stressed out. I’m sure psychiatrists can make sense of my feelings from analyzing that, but I usually just draw this when I’m worried or stressed:

zipper doodle

It looks like a zipper, a friend of mine told me. I’ve never thought of it like that. I am always thinking of teeth when I sketch that. It’s supposed to be the upper and lower set of teeth.

Anyway, astute readers would notice that several posts have been discreetly unpublished during the last week and I’m going to do the same to the two “controversial” posts as well. It’s not an easy decision to make but one thing my friend shared with me really hit me hard.

How long are you going to be the bad boy? Beh sian meh? (Hokkien for “It’s getting old”).

I must admit that a lot of my early inspiration was CKY and Jackass and I noticed one particular thing while watching Jackass 2.5. Johnny Knoxville looks really old. It was revolutionary when it came out, but the Jackass franchise is a little like flogging a dead horse. It’s fun to watch once in a while, but only in small doses. I can’t keep on doing this stuff all my life, even with the self-destructive tendencies that gets out sometimes and I shouldn’t burden unwilling readers with them.

Thus, I’ve came to a decision: is going to branch off – there will be a new domain for personal and “controversial” posts, made available to friends only. This blog ( will be maintained as the main(stream) site while the other domain will be limited to sporadic and occasional posts, much like the arrangement back then.

No worries though, the main content will always still be at since I don’t do much controversial posts anymore anyway. I *heart* and I can never let it be anything less, so the other domain will always be on a lower priority and will only be updated very rarely.

It will be password protected and when updates are available, it will still be announced on – it would be just like the good old days with ;)

forgot name

My very first Nuffnang cheque!

nuffnang envelope

This is the obligatory “first cheque” posting that seems to be all the rage amongst Nuffnang bloggers (or at least a portion of them). ;) The concept of monetizing blogs have been around for ages but none has seen the success of Nuffnang in our part of the world.

nuffnang letter

I started out with Nuffnang a couple of months ago and found them to be a great and visionary team, and nice guys to boot. I was familiar with the concept of ads but advertorials was a new word to add to my vocabulary (hey, it didn’t exist before I went to rehab okay? :p).

nuffnang cheque

Cheers to the team at Nuffnang! :)

P/S – I shall post again and reply the comments tomorrow. It’s 9:44 PM and I already have a massive hangover. Jesus Christ. I’m tired and I’m cranky to boot coz of relationship issues – It’s Complicated (TM). I wonder sometimes if the problem lies with me or with my partner(s). If so many of them say similar things about me, the law of averages says it’s probably gotta be true right? Food for a headachey thought. I can feel my brain cells dying. I shouldn’t have started drinking this much this early.

Unexpected Windfall: Google AdSense cheque

google adsense

I woke up this morning, grabbed my morning coffee and was sitting down to let the caffeine wake up my sleeping brain neurons when my dad told me he had accidentally opened an envelope meant for me and passed me the mail. I thought it was just another bank statement when I noticed the distinctive green cheque like printing on the back.

google adsense 1

My sleepy brain neurons started to reactivate gradually without the aid of the hot steaming cup of java. I looked at the figure and was immediately jolted awake. Jesus Christ, Buddha and (cannot say the other deity in Malaysia)!

google adsense 2

Yahweh eh, er…I mean wahlau eh, I didn’t know I had Google AdSense running!

Well, I did for a while back in the good old days of before a group of “concerned bloggers” launched a concerted campaign of hell raising in Mountain View, CA for allegedly “endorsing” a drug site. I think they were just jealous coz my traffic back then was very high and I got a cheque just after 14 days of putting AdSense on. ;)

Anyway, I took the ads down from and…put it elsewhere. Little did that group of bloggers know that the empire was like The Roman Empire back then. All roads leads to and all that. ;) Okay, let limpeh tell you a story from the good old days of blogging:

Well, back in early 2003, when most of you weren’t born yet, if you think of a Malaysian blog, you think It’s the brand recognition factor (like Nescafe, Panadol etc) – it was really popular back then and was on a very aggressive conquest, er…I mean expansion program. I had a forum, a website for helping people write assignments, a dedicated drug blog (the now defunct and many other development projects.

I didn’t even know how many sites I had! Honestly, I had so many domains that I couldn’t keep track of the various development projects I was involved in. I helped a couple of bloggers start up their careers and was one of the PPS core founding members. I had other sites which were “cleaner” than and thus more acceptable for AdSense. was always meant to be my outlet of expression.

Thus, I put the AdSense code into my other websites and it did what it does best (making money). However, just like the Roman Empire, the rise and fall of civilizations is a constant in every single endeavor. My readership declined in direct correlation with my escalating drug use and my posts were getting more and more erratic (not in frequency, I always post at least once a day, but in content – it was more and more about drugs).

Thus, the Persians invaded, the Mongols took over, etc etc and fast forward to a year later, I was sent to drug rehab and was completely taken down (since I can’t renew my hosting from rehab, with them not having Internet access and all). However, the other sites remained online and was actually making money for me while I was in rehab.

My mom told me that there were several other cheques like this that came in during my time in rehab but they threw it away coz it was only about USD 100 or USD 200. WTF! Their justification is that our bank charges for foreign cheques makes it quite useless anyway, but oi, RM 300 or 600 is still quite a lot of money okay?

This cheque had much more and I am still trying to identify which one of my sites is generating this kind of income. Back to the Roman Empire analogy, I will only offer this quote from The Sopranos:

Jewish guy: You ever heard of the Masada? For two years, 900 Jews held their own against 15,000 Roman soldiers. They chose death before enslavement. The Romans? Where are they now? (spits)
Tony Soprano: You’re looking at them, asshole.

google trainers 

I was so excited by this unexpected windfall that I accidentally wore my trainers to work instead of my dress shoes. ;)

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