Sup Torpedo (Bull’s Penis Soup)

long dong

Sup Torpedo has an almost mythical aura around these parts. Sup Torpedo (or Torpedo Soup) is a euphemism for bull’s penis.

torpedo soup photo

You’re not actually eating a torpedo any more than you’re eating the Friar’s olfactory senses when you order Bishop’s Nose.

torpedo penis

Do you know how long a bull’s penis is? I didn’t realize the magnitude of the size until the good people at Sup Hameed showed me.


It threatened my masculinity and I felt a peculiar urge to chomp on the appendage. It’s HUGE!


The bull’s penis is not so much about girth as it is about pure, unadulterated (hmm…interesting word to use when writing about genitalia) length.

bulls penis

It can reach a span of several meters. It’s impressive, and is likely to cause unexplained feelings of inadequacy for men if not kept in check.

sup hameed

Sup Hameed is recommended by Going Places, the in-flight magazine for MAS. It’s located conveniently beside Cititel Hotel in Penang so it’s just a hop, skip and jump to savor the delicacy known as Sup Torpedo.


Sup Hameed specialized in all things soup and it’s open from 6 pm – 3 am to cater to the clubbing district and if you ask nicely, they’ll let you choose the penile portion you want. You can even get a side order of bull’s testicles (yes, the balls).

sup torpedo

Sup Torpedo is surprisingly tasty. You just gotta love the tender bull’s penis and the burst of flavor and juices (I don’t want to dwell too much on this topic lest you get put off your food :p) is incredible!

sup torpedo photos

This is the making of Sup Torpedo. They usually slice the bull’s penis up so you’ll have to tell them you want it whole. It’s served with bread that goes very well with the rich broth.

bull penis

Check out the remarkable similarities to human anatomy. :p

torpedo soup

It costs RM 15 for a nice length of the bull’s family jewels (sans testicles).

hameed sup torpedo

Now, that’s what I call a long dong.

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