Church on Sunday

Church of Christ Fellowship, Clayton

I’m feeling rather lethargic now after dinner. I had 5 hours of sleep last
night coz I wanted to finish the second Artemis Fowl book before I went to
bed. Finishing a book always makes me feel strangely empty though. I’ve
been known to read through a series of books and then start with the first
one right after finishing the last one. Heh. Anyway, I remembered why I
loved Artemis Fowl so much when I read the first book. It’s very witty and
a good “cheer me up” book. The funniest line in the book goes to the part
where Artemis Fowl goes “I suspect I’ll view Captain Holly Short in a
different way once puberty hits in 8 months”. Heh. Well, I did to go
church this morning. Had to pull myself out of bed to catch the 9:30 am
bus. The church in question is of the Church of Christ denomination, which
is quite similar to Methodist. I’m sure there are differing doctrines but
it’s pretty much the same to me. It’s located behind the Coles in Clayton
and about 50% of the congregation is composed of younger people.
Interesting. They have a really rousing hymn too…goes something like
“I’m full of fire for Christ or something”. Fun. Anyway, they have “church
lunches” as well, where people stay for lunch. It’s free for visitors
(A$2.50 otherwise) and it was rice with 3 drumsticks, a fried egg, some
cabbage, 2 pieces of buttered bread and lots of sauce. Pretty good, and
their pastors were really full-on too. Reminded me of my church back in
Sibu. Oh, there was a really big spider on the wall of my stairway when I
got home today. It was absolutely huge and it’s not those thin spiders
too. This one had a large abdomen and long sturdy legs. Nasty. I had to
give it a wide berth every time I passed by. πŸ™

Size comparison: Look at the automatic door shutter. Damn, that’s a
huge spider.

I want to believe

Isn’t it interesting that Lucifer translates to Bearer of Light and
the apple in Genesis is known as the fruit of wisdom? Is too much
intelligence an impediment to child-like trust? Let’s go to the most
basic dogma of Christianity – the resurrection of Christ. I want to
believe, but there’s this small nagging voice in my head that goes “It
won’t be too hard to sneak the body out of the tomb – more impossible
heists have been pulled off before”. Or the miracles in the bible, can
they not be group hallucinations from some drug slipped into their food
and drink during their feasts? Can the small pieces of fish and bread
feed 5,000 because they were eaten together with Khat or a similar
stimulant/appetite suppressant plant? It’s common knowledge that the
Bible was compiled from a long list of written material, with only the
non-contradictory material included. Heresy, you say? Sacrilege? I want
to believe, but the skeptical part of my brain keeps on providing
counter-points. Help me believe, Lord. I’m going to church tomorrow.

Reign of Fire, Artemis Fowl, Passionfruit Yogurt, oh my…

Listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack always cheers me up for some
reason. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I went with a couple of my friends today to catch
Reign of Fire []
at the Hoyts in Chadstone. It’s a pretty good movie, but not one you
should question too much. There are things in the movie that requires some
suspension of belief. We had a long list of implausible things by the time
the movie ended. Heh. The best scene of the movie is the one where Van Zan
jumps off a building to engage the dragon with an axe. That was the money
shot. I expected more from the plot outline of the movie, but generally,
it was a pretty good film. Anyway, I also bought
The Artic Incident
[] in Borders while waiting for the movie to start. It’s
the second Artemis Fowl book, and I didn’t even know it was already out. I
bought the first book and finished it in a few hours while sipping double
shot ice blended lattes after having to fly to Kuching for a day (long
story) and found it was rather good. I heard a lot of hype about the first
book coz people were comparing it with Harry Potter. I’ll say Harry Potter
is better, but Artemis Fowl is a close second. However, the best books
I’ve ever read are the ones in
Uplift Saga
[] by David Brin. Those are divine if you’re
into science fiction. Oh, and there were people distributing free yogurt
when we were walking out so I grabbed a bag. Contents of the bag: 1 x
Vaalia Low Fat Passionfruit Yogurt, 1 x plastic spoon, 1 x A$5 gift
voucher redeemable at Coles, BI-LO, Safeway etc. Interesting.

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