Chad is stoned…

I headed down to Chadstone today to do a bit of shopping. I wanted to cut
my hair too, but the prices at Chadstone “The Fashion Capital” ranges from
A$45 – A$75 and I couldn’t justify paying those prices. Especially not
when I pay around A$5 – A$10 for a haircut back home. =D I was going to

Contacting Aliens: An Illustrated Guide to David Brin’s Uplift Universe

[] too, but the Borders at Chadstone did not carry it.
Hmm…one of the best things to eat in the food court is the lunch plate
of Sizzling Wok. I like having honey chicken and Mongolian beef. Their
Mongolian beef is really salty and their honey chicken is really sweet and
that combination tastes good. My thoughts are kinda foggy today, I’m still
feeling the flu. More of a runny nose and mental slowness today though.
Yeah…Well, anyway, I like

The store smells really nice and I like the idea of huge block of soap
that you cut and wrap up yourself. They have
nice names
[] for their soaps too. Their

bath ballistics
[] looks fun to use, but unfortunately, I
don’t have a running bath. Oh well. I feel slow today.

Reign of Fire, Artemis Fowl, Passionfruit Yogurt, oh my…

Listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack always cheers me up for some
reason. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I went with a couple of my friends today to catch
Reign of Fire []
at the Hoyts in Chadstone. It’s a pretty good movie, but not one you
should question too much. There are things in the movie that requires some
suspension of belief. We had a long list of implausible things by the time
the movie ended. Heh. The best scene of the movie is the one where Van Zan
jumps off a building to engage the dragon with an axe. That was the money
shot. I expected more from the plot outline of the movie, but generally,
it was a pretty good film. Anyway, I also bought
The Artic Incident
[] in Borders while waiting for the movie to start. It’s
the second Artemis Fowl book, and I didn’t even know it was already out. I
bought the first book and finished it in a few hours while sipping double
shot ice blended lattes after having to fly to Kuching for a day (long
story) and found it was rather good. I heard a lot of hype about the first
book coz people were comparing it with Harry Potter. I’ll say Harry Potter
is better, but Artemis Fowl is a close second. However, the best books
I’ve ever read are the ones in
Uplift Saga
[] by David Brin. Those are divine if you’re
into science fiction. Oh, and there were people distributing free yogurt
when we were walking out so I grabbed a bag. Contents of the bag: 1 x
Vaalia Low Fat Passionfruit Yogurt, 1 x plastic spoon, 1 x A$5 gift
voucher redeemable at Coles, BI-LO, Safeway etc. Interesting.

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