Nippon Ichi Sushi Sdn. Bhd. Restaurant review

nippon ichi sushi

Nippon Ichi Sushi Sdn. Bhd. Restaurant is the latest Japanese restaurant in Sibu. It also holds the dubious distinction of being the first to have “Private Limited (Sdn. Bhd.)” as part of the eating establishment’s name.

nippon ichi sushi stairs

Nippon Ichi Sushi Sdn. Bhd. Restaurant (Nippon Ichi Sushi restaurant henceforth) is located on the second floor of a row of shop houses near the Sibu Civic Center. The entire restaurant is glass paneled and the entrance is via a small staircase to the side.

nippon ichi sushi stairs ads

The staircase leading up to Nippon Ichi Sushi restaurant has a vacancy notice as well as the various Japanese fare available at the restaurant in printed, full color photos adorning the otherwise dull staircase.

nippon ichi sushi entrance

Nippon Ichi Sushi has its entrance proper at the second floor, complete with wood paneling and etched signboards as well as the traditional Japanese cloth hanging on the doorway. The business hours are also listed in a small notice to the side.

nippon ichi sushi tatami

The interior of Nippon Ichi Sushi is filled with new age tatami style dining enclaves, with each area partially cordoned off for privacy. There are approximately six tatami areas, which constitutes the main seating arrangements of the eating establishment.

nippon ichi sushi bar

Nippon Ichi Sushi also has a sushi bar located at the reception…

nippon ichi sushi vip

…as well as a VIP dining room which was occupied when I went there for dinner just now.

nippon ichi sushi tatami cell

The tatami dining concept is unique as each tatami dining unit has its own air conditioning and lighting, with a view though the glass paneled walls. There isn’t much of a view to speak of, but I like the cellular nature of the tatami units.

nippon ichi sushi tatami nu

Nippon Ichi Sushi doesn’t really have tatami mats for dining (thus the new age comment above) but rather tatami style seating arrangements with flat pillows for seats and a dug out (recessed pit) for you to put your legs in, so you don’t actually need to learn the ways of the Japanese tatami seating kung fu (which will cause leg cramps).

nippon ichi sushi green tea

The waitress will serve green tea (RM 2) as the default drink upon arrival, which is refillable (unlimited refills).

nippon ichi sushi idako

This is Idako Sashimi (RM 6) which is baby octopus with sesame seeds. We had this for the appetizer, as recommended by the waitress.

nippon ichi sushi nigiri

It is Sushi Day at Nippon Ichi Sushi so we has the Nigiri Sushi (RM 18) which is basically a sampler of sushi with tuna, salmon, swordfish, ebiko and several other sushi and maki items.

nippon ichi sushi dynamite

The waitress also recommended the Dynamite Maki (Spicy Tuna Maki) which is their specialty. Dynamite Maki (RM 19) is Spicy Tuna Maki topped off with chilli powder – it is indeed a blast, pardon the pun. The maki is spicy and goes well with wasabi (spicy x 2).

nippon ichi sushi rainbow

We also had the Rainbow Maki (RM 13) which is a sampler of maki with octopus, yellowtail, tuna and fusions of sashimi cuts.

nippon ichi sushi rainbow 1

It truly earned its name as the Rainbow Maki…

nippon ichi sushi rainbow 2

…with the colors and ingredients…

nippon ichi sushi rainbow 3

…creating fusion and experimental maki.

nippon ichi sushi macha

The dessert came in the form of Macha Ice Cream (RM 8) which is green tea ice cream. This is the best dish from the entire night and it probably came out of a small ice cream tub with “Made in Japan” stamped on it.

nippon ichi sushi macha best

Still, it’s great macha ice cream…not sweet at all, with hints of tea coming from the small granules hidden throughout the ice cream.

nippon ichi sushi bill

Nippon Ichi Sushi disappointed me with their mediocre Japanese fare and it wasn’t until I paid the bill (RM 74.48) that I realized why – the waitress told me that the sushi chef was on leave and a junior apprentice took his place!

nippon ichi sushi decor

Nippon Ichi Sushi has great macha ice cream (and amazing decor) and I like the tatami dining concept, but I cannot recommend the place with good conscience due to its mediocre sushi. I would have to check out the place again when the sushi chef is back, but allowing a junior apprentice to serve food without warning patrons in advance is simply unacceptable for a place of its stature.

It gets a rare two thumbs down from me.


Genki genki sushi sushi

Greetings Earthlings! These are the photos from Genki Sushi
yesterday, read them and weep! Yes, that doesn’t make no sense, but
neither does anything else in life. πŸ™‚ Anyway, a prelude before the
pictures, I took unpaid leave (again) today to wash my laundry since it
won’t dry if I take leave tomorrow and people who knows me in real life
can attest that my wardrobe is rather limited, to say the least. πŸ˜‰ I
don’t buy clothes, it’s not how I choose to use my expenditure. But,
sushi! That’s what we’re talking about now. Here are the photos from
Genki Sushi:


Some sushi with chicken on drop and which I dropped promptly the
moment I picked it up. We also got something like this, but didn’t take
a photo.


Some deep fried parcel like things.


Something that looks like moshi and it’s sweet.


Salmon sushi, we think, there is one with a different shade of red.


Genki Satay. Or something. Tastes like chicken. Lost the receipt so I dunno wat it’s actually called. Very aerodynamic.


Green tea that can be refilled with a tap labelled “Hot” on the table. Nifty. Quick I have to be fast.


Obscene radioactive sauce with liberal wasabi (not made by me). My
friend went “Johnson & Johnson No more tears” went and ate one
slathered with this. Indeed, no more tears. Myself, first try made me
cry. Fared better on the second endeavor. Desensitized after that. πŸ™‚


Tempura. Done!

Anyway, I shall throw down the gauntlet and ask if I can finish my
work at my company before 12 pm and then go to (client’s place) to
finish my work there and then leave to ensure that I can make it to the
airport on time. I don’t know, personally, I think that’s pushing it
quite a bit and it reflects badly on me, since I’m basically a new
employee on my first job, and the IT industry is not exactly booming
now due to outsourcing to countries with citizens who will accept lower
pay for similar results like India and China.

However, if I’m ever going to taper off my pharmacopoeia I’m going
to have to STOP worrying about everything and chant “Que sera sera”.
Come on now, do it with me!

Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be
The future’s not ours to see
What will be, will be!


Let’s go to Melbourne! They have this e-visa thing going on now. Now
where did I put my reference number? Nevermind, let’s go to Melbourne

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