Do you feed your cat yogurt for breakfast?


Apparently, there is a specially formulated yogurt meant for pets. I
took this photo at the local Coles pet food department. It’s yogurt.
For cats and dogs.


I went to the Asian grocery with Adrian today to get some instant
noodles, fishballs, beef balls, prawns, and crab sticks (love that
stuff). It’s an easy meal if you chuck a bit of everything into a rice
cooker and cook it. That way, you only have one thing to wash (the rice
cooker bowl) although it won’t taste as good.


Proton Satria sighted in Melbourne.

Kim Tak

Kim Tak seems to expand every time I come back. It’s a grocery store near
my place, and it has the reputation of having the cheapest prices in Sibu.
Thus, there will be heaps of people there every night, and navigating the
roads there requires a great deal of skill because of the amount of cars
parked haphazardly. Anyway, they seem to have a cold storage division now
and even carries fresh vegetables. Interesting. Well, I took a photo of a
coffee booth inside serving free samples.

It’s the Kopiko branded coffee. Kopiko used to be a brand of coffee candy
made with real coffee but now they have diversified into instant coffee
powder. The coffee powder is nothing to write home about but it tastes
more robust than Nescafe. There was a stall giving samples of Campbell
soup outside too. When I asked to take a photo of the booth, the attendant
asked me if I wanted a more beautiful girl to man the booth for my photo.
Funny girl. Anyway, she offered to take a photo of me manning the booth
instead, which I accepted. Heh.

My part time job – serving free samples of soup to hungry customers.

Anyway, I went out today to frame my girlfriend’s graduation photo. She
hasn’t actually graduated yet, but the college gives out a certificate
every year anyway. I went to the hardware shop opposite the city Standard
Chartered Bank. I didn’t notice the name of the shop, but they have some
nice frames there. I chose a finished wood frame, the color of which
matches the background of the picture. It only costs RM 10, which puzzled
me, considering the quality of the wood. Well, my pants tore today, which
I take as a sign that I need to get more exercise. I’m going to run at the
stadium first thing after waking up tomorrow. I hear that burns stored
fat, and is more efficient than running in the evening, which just uses
the energy consumed throughout the day.

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