Airwaves band @ Bamboo House

airwaves band

I was drinking at Bamboo House last night – it’s a very chilled out place with a live band that attracts a more subtle clientรจle. This is the Airwaves band – they sing covers of popular English, Chinese and Malay songs. They hail from the Philippines and directly above and below this column of text is the obligatory XX Chromosome shots. ๐Ÿ˜‰

airwaves camwhore

Airwaves band in action

Anyway, at about 12 AM, there was a large entourage of people entering the lounge. These people didn’t look like the sort that tends to hang out around drinking establishments – it’s a mixed group of people ranging from probably their late 30’s to 60’s.

airwaves band band

It seems like they’re from Selangor and they’re in the hotel for a function of some sort and the entire group adjourned to the lounge to have a couple of drinks. Most were dressed rather formally and I honestly didn’t expect this group to raise the rafters…

airwaves raising

…but they did. ๐Ÿ™‚

Blast from the past! The Twist is back. Old man dancing…vibrantly.

The dance floor was quite empty before they arrived and this posse of fun loving mature people took to the floor quite liberally, doing the Twist and Cha-Cha, which were probably all the rage during their time.

Susu Niang Niang – classic song for a classic crowd.

I love these people, most of them didn’t look like supermodels (understatement of the year) and yet they didn’t care and just lived life. I learned something from them.

Forever young!

airwaves twist

They were chronologically advanced, and yet they still know how to kick off their shoes and just let their hair down.

airwaves shoes

Them dancing shoes…

I wanted to do a See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil pose but one of the singers apparently thought I enjoyed having my boobs grabbed from behind.

airwaves evil boobs

Eh, don’t pok mong me, can? ๐Ÿ˜‰

airwaves evil

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil.

File under: Lazy Sunday morning posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Graduation in the papers and my Kuching plans (accomodation?)

newspaper grad

Sin Chew Jit Poh and See Hua (local Chinese dailies) had graduation
photos of me and my sister today. Anyway, about my future plans that
I’ve meant to post about – I’ll be based in Kuching starting February.
I’ll be pulling in a 2k salary, which was part of the reason behind the
decision to move. There’s also an EPF (KWSP) contribution and Kuching
living expenses are much cheaper than KL which means I’ll have more
money to pay for the unholy excess bandwidth charges that
racks up. :p

My field is somewhat similar to what I was doing in KL, except I’ll
also spearhead their networking solution in addition to being a
programmer. I’ll be working a six day week (well, five and half days to
be exact) – 8 am till 5 pm weekdays and 8 am till 12:30 pm Saturday.
I’ll be driving in Kuching so the earlier start time wouldn’t be an
issue. There you have it, I’ll be flying back to KL on the 27th to pack
up the remainder of my stuff and flying back to Sibu on the 30th and
it’s off to Kuching I go on the 31st of January.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of any rooms to rent in Kuching?
I’ve heard of several, which are either too expensive or not suitable.
I’ll like a room in a house with a washing machine and air conditioning
(optional), the ability to get a phone line installed and privacy (that
means no barging into my room and I have the only set of keys to my
room). I am not noisy (I always use headphones) and do not mind noisy
environments (I have benzos ;)). Open minded and discreet fellow
residents would be appreciated.

Naval gazing

What has this picture got to do with introspection you say?!? What has this picture got to do
with introspection you say?!??!?! Erm…well, it looks introspective.

I did not sleep at all last night in an effort to finish my ITPM and IE
deliverables, which was due today. I nearly went into a coma when I had a plate of char kueh tiaw
for lunch. I was loaded with coffee and by the end of the day I was tired and edgy. I kept nodding
off in the shuttle bus and had to keep re-reading a sentence from Darwin’s Radio, the book I’m
reading on my commute now. I just could not focus and promptly forgot the sentence as soon as I
read it. Heh. Well, sleep deprivation is probably not a good time for introspection, but I’ve
learnt two things about myself today. Actually, I’ve known it ages ago, but I’m going to ADDRESS
the problem starting from today. These are two things I would like to change:

I. A variation of the God complex

I tend to feel that I can meet unrealistic deadlines. I actually believe that
I can make impossible deadlines, because I usually do. Unfortunately, that does not happen all the
time. I need to think about whether it is possible before saying I can do it.

II. Pride

I do not like asking for help. I find myself trying to find solutions to every
problem by myself, and perhaps that is not the best way to do everything. I also tend to turn down
help even when I need it, preferring to go about doing my own things myself. Another “personal risk
list” that needs to be addressed.

Small steps, but it will help me in the long run. Hmm…but then I’ll probably
forget about it the next day. Heh. Oh well, writing about it is half the battle…or something. You
learn something new everyday. =D I don’t even know what I’m talking about, I am going to sleep now.
Well, damn, I was drafting out an insightful post in my mind when I was taking a shower and now
I’ve forgotten half of it. Huh?

It’s actually a prayer mat on a mattress wrapped with construction paper.
It has rice, some twigs, some leaves and I don’t know what the third bowl holds. Saw this on the
5th floor of B block when I had my client meeting just now. One of them public art

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