Rhu is the flagship fine dining eating establishment in Tanjung Rhu resort. There’s a dress code and I can’t pronounce most of the items on the menu. It is one of three restaurants in the resort and offers a great view of the sunset in Langkawi.

rhu sunset

The ambiance is unbeatable…imagine dining al fresco, sipping wine as the sea breeze whets your appetite while you listen to the haunting refrains of a great string quartet playing in the background.

I was amazed by their talent – they had me at cello. πŸ˜‰ I was walking around the first day when the wind carried the violinist’s soulful rendition of Phantom of the Opera over. I could not help but be mesmerized.

dinner at rhu

Okay, back to the food at Rhu, they have a set gourmet menu priced at RM 195. I had the pleasure of dining with the manager of Tanjung Rhu – Melvin, and his daughter Isabell. I was there with Douglas and Alice (their daughter Louise was with the babysitter coz the Rhu does not allow children).

banana flambe

I opted for the a la carte menu instead of the gourmet meal. I wanted to eat seafood since that’s what you do in Langkawi! Hell, I had seafood for every single meal while I was staying at Tanjung Rhu.

Crab Kerabu Ketam

This is the Crab Kerabu Ketam. It’s served on a bed of fresh mango and avocado salad with ketta caviar and sweet spicy dressing. This cold appetizer weighs in at RM 58 and it’s well worth the price tag. The shredded crab meat goes very well with the mango, a contrast that dances across your taste buds.

Fresh Canadian Lobster Cream soup

I also had the chef’s specialty – Fresh Canadian Lobster Cream Soup (RM 49). It’s flavored with fennel and served with baked sesame seed puff pastry. I love the thick and creamy texture of the soup – it’s heartwarming, a broth for the soul as well as the stomach.

Grilled Lemongrass Lobster Tail

For the mains, I went for the Grilled Lemongrass Lobster Tail (RM 147) which is served on a seafood dumpling and a side of sauteed kai lan and mild curry sauce. I like the cuisine fusion but found the curry sauce to be a bit overwhelming for the lobster tail. I prefer the natural taste of the grilled crustacean – slightly charred on the outside, but juicy when you bite into it.

Chocolate Mille-Feuille

The dessert rounded up the meal nicely – this is the Chocolate Mille-Feuille, a concoction served with mini apple, nougat ice cream and raspberry coulis (RM 39). I would highly recommend the banana flambe, which is prepared with gusto right beside your table. True to all gourmet restaurant, the portions are small at Rhu and you won’t be hard pressed to find space for after dinner drinks.


It was a night of good food and great conversations, ranging from psychology to literature, a delicious end to the trip to Langkawi.

Jesus walks on water…YOU CAN TOO!

walking on water

Ye of little faith! Can one! I did the 1.6 km trek to Turtle Island, starting out from the beach and literally walking on water out into the sea. Now back in Jesus’ time, his diciples were quite amazed by this apparent miracle. It’s understandable…they didn’t have Wikipedia back then and they couldn’t very well Google “sandbar” or “shoal” while casting a dubious eye on the Son as he waltzed across the sea.

sandbar original

This is what Turtle Island looks like from Tanjung Rhu resort during high tide.

sandbar pilgrims

Compare the above to this photo – the very same spot during low tide. The sandbar or shoal is exposed and you can walk across the sea to the island yonder.

You know how Moses parted the Red Sea right? I’m sure there’s a sandbar in there somewhere, the good man probably knew about high and low tides and timed it just right. You can’t wonder 40 years in the wilderness without picking up a thing or two.

sandbar beach

Behold my fellow pilgrims!

sandbar me

Hell, if Matthew saw me doing this, he’ll probably follow me instead.

Or not, since there’s quite a few of us and you can’t very well have that many Gods.

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