The Hong Kong Jockey Club

hong kong jockey club

Betting is legal in Hong Kong for certain sports like horse racing (not sure if this qualifies as a “sport” per se) and football. I passed by The Hong Kong Jockey Club with barely a look at it. I wasn’t really interested but my ex wanted to check out horse racing…

…which is apparently a religion here.

I got some tickets and saw there was a Manchester City football match going on. It was halfway though and I decided to put some moolah on it.

You can actually place your bets mid-game in Hong Kong. The odds change accordingly but you can still wager on a variety of situations. I couldn’t read a single word of Chinese and my ex didn’t know football so the people at The Hong Kong Jockey Club helped me to place my bets.

betting in hong kong

I went for score forecast and wanted HKD 200 (RM 83) on 1-0 to Manchester City (which is the current score) and another HKD 200 on 2-0.

The payout for 1-0 was 1.90 and it’s a staggering 3.05 for 2-0. Pretty fucking good odds considering they’re the home team and they’re already up 1 goal.

We went for dinner and headed back to check the final score. It was 2-0 to Manchester City.

That means you’ll get HKD 610 (about RM 254) for a HKD 200 bet.

Now, if the betting slips are correct and I managed to convey my wishes without the significant language barrier, I would have won HKD 200 (about RM 87), after deducting the loss of the bet placed on 1-0.


Unfortunately, the stub for 2-0 was HKD 20 instead of HKD 200. It was missing that all important additional 0.

I wasn’t familiar with the currency so I didn’t check the change I got back when I handed over a HKD 1,000 bill (which is apparently very out of vogue due to counterfeiting concerns). I also neglected to check the betting slips.

FML, I ended up winning HKD 61 instead, from the HKD 20 bet. That means I had a NETT LOSS of HKD 159 (RM 66) when you take into account the HKD 200 I slapped down for 1-0.

Oh well, it was all in good fun. I’m not going back again. I just wanted the experience of betting in Hong Kong.

football betting hong kong

I still wish the communication mistake didn’t occur though. I’ll have won HKD 200 (RM 87) instead of losing HKD 159 (RM 66), which would nearly be enough…

…to take a cab to the airport. smirk

Seriously, cabs here are expensive. I just got back from Lan Kwai Fong early this morning for about HKD 120 in a taxi.

Posted: 8:20 PM Hong Kong time.

Genting Greed: A Tragic Tale of Losing RM 5,300

genting drinking

Ethanol inspired ideas are double edged swords. I was at Sanctuary drinking with some coworkers on Saturday when I came up with yet another alcohol fueled idea – go to Genting the second week in a row…and win!

Thus, at approximately 4 am in the morning, two of us took a cab to Genting.

Our aim: RM 3,000 nett

genting greed

I walked into the casino still half intoxicated. I had RM 3,000 with me as my bankroll and headed straight to the Baccarat tables. This is my battle report.

I put RM 500 on Player. Banker wins.

I put another RM 500 on Player. Banker wins again.

I’m rather obstinate and I like breaking the cycle so I put yet another RM 500 on Player.

Banker wins, WTF!

I’m down to half my bankroll – RM 1,500.

I put RM 1,000 on Player (if you believe in something you gotta roll with it) and RM 200 on Player Double (11 to 1 payout).

I either win this round or I lose RM 3,000 coz you can’t stage a comeback with just RM 300 left. The stakes were high and I felt the adrenaline rush.

I was looking very intently…it was like a moment of sobriety – I just had a gut feeling that Player is going to deal a twin card.

The dealer draws the first card and chucks it into the used card cartridge. She draws the next card and puts it on the table. I was looking intently at the Player side.

The first Player card was a two of diamonds. I waited for the next card.

It was the two of hearts!

Show me the money, motherfuckers! =D

I didn’t know why, I just knew I was gonna win this one. I felt like I was anointed by God. ;)

Player won as well so from this single bet, I netted:
Player Double (11 to 1) @ RM 200 = RM 2,200
Player @ RM 1,000 = RM 1,000

I have won RM 3,200 from this bet alone and I still had RM 1,200 (on the tables) and RM 300 (the remnant of this do-or-die bet).

Total: RM 4,700

I decided to take a breather while I counted my chips. I had RM 4,700. I’ve won RM 1,700 after deducting my RM 3,000 bankroll.

Not too shabby for just less than 10 minutes inside the casino. I decided to leave since I’ll still have about RM 1,200 after the night’s expenses. It’s enough for one month’s rent. I told my friend to wait for me while I headed into the toilet to take a photo of the chips:

genting chips


This was my mistake. I should not have gone to the toilet to take a photo of the RM 4,700 in chips. I should have just walked straight to the cashier and cashed out my fucking winnings. Genting is a trap for the greedy, and I was still intoxicated from drinking JW Black Label earlier in the night. I don’t need to tell you this, but your judgment is impaired on alcohol.

I walked out of the toilet after taking a photo of my chips and decided to take home an “even RM 1,500” and sat down on the French Boule table…

French Boule! Of all the games in the casino, I had to go for the 10 to 1 odds of winning table. I blame the strategic location just outside the restrooms.

I put RM 100 on 6. The man rolled the rubber ball and it settled on 8.

I put RM 100 on 6 again (I’m persistent – a very bad trait when betting). I don’t remember what it went to but it wasn’t 6.

I put RM 100 on (you guessed right) 6 again and this time, the number 6 lit up.

French Boule pays 8-1 so I snagged RM 800 on that bet.

Total: RM 5,300

I should be walking out right about now – I’ve won RM 2,300 on top of my original bankroll of RM 3,000.

…except I didn’t. I went to the Baccarat tables and did a very stupid thing.

I put RM 4,000 (!) on Player. I didn’t know what spirit possessed me to do that. Oh wait, I do. It’s called The Elder God of Ethanol.

My friend was sitting beside me so I put RM 2,000 (table max) on mine and RM 2,000 on hers.

I had RM 4,000 riding on a single bet.

Banker draws a natural 8. I’ll be fucked. In fact, I am already fucked. I need Player to draw a 9.

Player draws a 6.

I just lost RM 4,000. =_=”

It’s pure greed that prompted me to do that. I wanted to double my earnings and walk back with a cool RM 9,300. I got greedy and now I have to pay the price.

I down to RM 1,300 – less than half of my original bankroll. I needed to do something drastic.

I put RM 1,000 on Player again and RM 200 on Player Double.

I guess Lady Luck took pity on me coz Player drew two sevens AND won the game. I was amazed at being able to lucky enough to win on Player Doubles twice (like the previous trip).

Thus, just like that, I’m back up – RM 4,500. It’s a net win of RM 1,500 after deducting my bankroll.

This is my cue to leave right? I’ve just been given a fucking lifeline.

I didn’t go. I wanted more! I got greedy. I was up RM 2,300 earlier and I promised I would go after one last bet – RM 1,000 on Banker.

This was my mistake – not taking the second chance and leaving.

Banker lost. I’m down to RM 3,500.

I doubled my bet and put RM 2,000 on Player.

Player lost.

I’m down to 1,500.

I looked at my friend. It’s do or die. I’m going to put RM 1,500 on Player and if I win, I’m going to leave.

I will be leaving with just RM 3,000 (my bankroll) and thus would be incurring the trip costs but I thought I should cut my losses while I still can, and getting your bankroll back is pretty fucking alright by anyone’s books.

Thus decided, I said a little prayer and put my last RM 1,500 on Player.

Player drew an 8. I smiled at my friend. Banker got a 9. Un-fucking-believable!

I was shit out of chips (and money) and thus, we left. I arrived home at 8 am in the morning and slept till 4 pm.

I went to check my bank balance after waking up – RM 349.20. I’m fucking broke this month.

I could have walked away with RM 2,300 net winnings. That’s two months rent. I didn’t coz I was intoxicated and I got greedy.

This is a lesson for me. I’ll not be going to Genting anytime soon. I just lost RM 3,000 and I’ll have to save a lot to get that back.

RM 3,000 could have gotten me a trip somewhere nice, but I blew it coz I got greedy.

Genting does not take kindly to greed.

Oh well, the silver lining to all this is that I’m going to have to be extremely frugal this month. I’m talking about RM 0.60 Gardenia bread rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It would teach me financial discipline if anything. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise.

15 days. RM 350. I can do it. I’ll make it last till the end of the month. :)

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