How I won SGD 1 in Singapore

singapore pools

Heh! I did this during my first trip to Singapore to see my mom, there’s a supermarket near my sister’s place that has an outlet for legalized state betting *right inside*, of particular interest being football and motorsports.

This is different from the common lotteries that most countries have, with much lower odds compared to online betting sites as a form of taxation. I found the top online slots developers here, and have loved playing the online casino games. It was the start of BPL and I bought SGD 10 for West Ham to win at 2.10 odds. I won this one, getting me SGD 11 nett (after deducting the original SGD 10 – the total winnings was SGD 21). It’s basically winning a pack of smokes, just did it for fun.

singapore football betting

sports betting singapore

I went for a random K-League match after collecting my winnings the next day while grocery shopping, also with a SGD 10 bet for a return of SGD 28.50.

There are various permutations possible – total goals, HT/FT, etc with corresponding odds (highest I’ve seen is 300 – which will net you SGD 3,000 with SGD 10). The minimum bet is SGD 5.

I lost this one, and stopped playing – the queue was wayyyyy too long and I just wanted to see how Singapore Pools works.

singapore dollars

…and that is how I won SGD 1 in Singapore. 🙂

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

hong kong jockey club

Betting is legal in Hong Kong for certain sports like horse racing (not sure if this qualifies as a “sport” per se) and football. I passed by The Hong Kong Jockey Club with barely a look at it. I wasn’t really interested but my ex wanted to check out horse racing…

…which is apparently a religion here.

I got some tickets and saw there was a Manchester City football match going on. It was halfway though and I decided to put some moolah on it.

You can actually place your bets mid-game in Hong Kong. The odds change accordingly but you can still wager on a variety of situations. I couldn’t read a single word of Chinese and my ex didn’t know football so the people at The Hong Kong Jockey Club helped me to place my bets. The pioneer of the professional sports casino websites technique may be money, nonetheless users typically neglect this specific part, that’s not very beneficial. You have got to risk the scene which the money you, yourself are increasing believe functions raised possiblity to possibly be damaged. Be sure you please don’t take chance around you can. Located in safety 토토사이트 people make sure you break-up what kind of money to get bets starting from real cash, and you also utilize to help you conduct the house you and your family, In turn for those who reduce these gamble, extra moolah and that is damaged shouldn’t impinge on somebody utilizing your routine workouts anyway.

betting in hong kong

I went for score forecast and wanted HKD 200 (RM 83) on 1-0 to Manchester City (which is the current score) and another HKD 200 on 2-0.

The payout for 1-0 was 1.90 and it’s a staggering 3.05 for 2-0. Pretty fucking good odds considering they’re the home team and they’re already up 1 goal.

We went for dinner and headed back to check the final score. It was 2-0 to Manchester City.

That means you’ll get HKD 610 (about RM 254) for a HKD 200 bet.

Now, if the betting slips are correct and I managed to convey my wishes without the significant language barrier, I would have won HKD 200 (about RM 87), after deducting the loss of the bet placed on 1-0.


Unfortunately, the stub for 2-0 was HKD 20 instead of HKD 200. It was missing that all important additional 0.

I wasn’t familiar with the currency so I didn’t check the change I got back when I handed over a HKD 1,000 bill (which is apparently very out of vogue due to counterfeiting concerns). I also neglected to check the betting slips.

FML, I ended up winning HKD 61 instead, from the HKD 20 bet. That means I had a NETT LOSS of HKD 159 (RM 66) when you take into account the HKD 200 I slapped down for 1-0.

Oh well, it was all in good fun. I’m not going back again. I just wanted the experience of betting in Hong Kong.

football betting hong kong

I still wish the communication mistake didn’t occur though. I’ll have won HKD 200 (RM 87) instead of losing HKD 159 (RM 66), which would nearly be enough…

…to take a cab to the airport. smirk

Seriously, cabs here are expensive. I just got back from Lan Kwai Fong early this morning for about HKD 120 in a taxi.

Posted: 8:20 PM Hong Kong time.

Prozac Nation

prozac nation

I’m back to taking Prozac for depression again…20 mg of fluoxetine once a day. I’m not sure if it really helps to be honest, but it doesn’t not-help either. *shrugs*

World Cup 2006 winnings to date: RM 2,350

Switzerland vs. Togo
Asian Handicap Odds: Switzerland conceding 1 (one) goal
Bet: Switzerland (RM 300)
Result: 2-0

I took Switzerland on this match – and they trashed Togo. I wasn’t actually sure about this match and I took some time pondering whether to take Togo (actually started typing it in the SMS) before deciding on Switzerland…just coz they are a liberal country with regards to drugs. Switzerland pioneered the heroin injection clinics for harm reduction and MDMA research is being conducted there for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Germany vs. Ecuador
Asian Handicap Odds: Germany conceding 1 1/2 goal
Bet: Germany (RM 300)
Result: 3-0

I went for Germany despite the odds coz Germany happens to be the host team and I think that counts for a lot…and it turns out to be the right choice, a sound trashing along the lines of 3 goals without conceding a single one.

Sweden vs. England
Asian Handicap Odds: England conceding 0X goal
Bet: England (RM 300)
Result: 2-2 (draw)

I didn’t want to bet on England – it was my girlfriend who suggested it. England, she said. David Beckham, she said. Thus, I humored her and bet RM 300 on it. It’s a 0X odds (basically if it’s a draw you lose half if you took England) so I lost RM 150 on this match. I still won overall last night though due to a full win from the Germany match. Therefore, I only won RM 150 last night after deducting this loss from the Germany win.

It seems that my winning streak is over based on the England loss last night – I suspect it could be due to the fact that I announced it just before the playoffs which somehow caused the undersea Internet cables to radiate at that particular time space continuum and following the chaos theory of physics somehow caused the 90th minute score by Sweden to clear the goal post. Butterfly effect and all that…. :p

Anyway, I’ll reply the comments later – I’m working on-site right now…


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