The Hong Kong Jockey Club

hong kong jockey club

Betting is legal in Hong Kong for certain sports like horse racing (not sure if this qualifies as a “sport” per se) and football. I passed by The Hong Kong Jockey Club with barely a look at it. I wasn’t really interested but my ex wanted to check out horse racing…

…which is apparently a religion here.

I got some tickets and saw there was a Manchester City football match going on. It was halfway though and I decided to put some moolah on it.

You can actually place your bets mid-game in Hong Kong. The odds change accordingly but you can still wager on a variety of situations. I couldn’t read a single word of Chinese and my ex didn’t know football so the people at The Hong Kong Jockey Club helped me to place my bets. The pioneer of the professional sports casino websites technique may be money, nonetheless users typically neglect this specific part, that’s not very beneficial. You have got to risk the scene which the money you, yourself are increasing believe functions raised possiblity to possibly be damaged. Be sure you please don’t take chance around you can. Located in safety 토토사이트 people make sure you break-up what kind of money to get bets starting from real cash, and you also utilize to help you conduct the house you and your family, In turn for those who reduce these gamble, extra moolah and that is damaged shouldn’t impinge on somebody utilizing your routine workouts anyway.

betting in hong kong

I went for score forecast and wanted HKD 200 (RM 83) on 1-0 to Manchester City (which is the current score) and another HKD 200 on 2-0.

The payout for 1-0 was 1.90 and it’s a staggering 3.05 for 2-0. Pretty fucking good odds considering they’re the home team and they’re already up 1 goal.

We went for dinner and headed back to check the final score. It was 2-0 to Manchester City.

That means you’ll get HKD 610 (about RM 254) for a HKD 200 bet.

Now, if the betting slips are correct and I managed to convey my wishes without the significant language barrier, I would have won HKD 200 (about RM 87), after deducting the loss of the bet placed on 1-0.


Unfortunately, the stub for 2-0 was HKD 20 instead of HKD 200. It was missing that all important additional 0.

I wasn’t familiar with the currency so I didn’t check the change I got back when I handed over a HKD 1,000 bill (which is apparently very out of vogue due to counterfeiting concerns). I also neglected to check the betting slips.

FML, I ended up winning HKD 61 instead, from the HKD 20 bet. That means I had a NETT LOSS of HKD 159 (RM 66) when you take into account the HKD 200 I slapped down for 1-0.

Oh well, it was all in good fun. I’m not going back again. I just wanted the experience of betting in Hong Kong.

football betting hong kong

I still wish the communication mistake didn’t occur though. I’ll have won HKD 200 (RM 87) instead of losing HKD 159 (RM 66), which would nearly be enough…

…to take a cab to the airport. smirk

Seriously, cabs here are expensive. I just got back from Lan Kwai Fong early this morning for about HKD 120 in a taxi.

Posted: 8:20 PM Hong Kong time.

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25 thoughts on “The Hong Kong Jockey Club”

  1. HB, When I was in Hong Kong didn’t have a chance to played any games. Stayed at a hotel near Queenway a hotel connected to a big mall. I dine in their restaurant that look out to see harbor with sampans passing by. It also connect to subway which was to head anywhere I like go to.

    The hotel service was great for they helped me extend my stay visa back to Beijing. When I do go back to Hong Kong it Macau for me. Did you visit Disneyland?

    • Haha! We actually just arrived and checked in and headed out for dinner…for some reason my ex accidentally booked a night flight. 🙂

    • It was early morning when we were done at Lan Kwai Fong so we couldn’t take the MTR. Otherwise, we took ALL forms of public transport – small buses, ferries, MTRs, trams. Heh. 🙂

  2. Aiya ~

    Next time don’t bet on correct score bro ~ Really sucker bet .

    Just play with Asia Handicap is good enough , you’re a fan of Man City ?

    • It’s actually a pretty good bet with good returns if you think you can forecast the score. 🙂

      It was already 1:0 then, I figured it would stay or another goal, Man City was the home team.

      I usually bet on Asian Handicap but the game has already started and was halfway through. 🙂

  3. MTR doesn’t run in the early morning so we had to take a cab back.

    Lost about HKD 1,000 in the races yesterday but no worries heading to Macau today to win everything back.


    Reply all comments when I have proper Internet. Cheers everyone!

  4. When the Asian Handicap told you the odd is “half goal”, apparently the ball is split half after being kicked so hard into the goal even the goalie couldn’t catch it!!

    Anyway here, the reason why Singapore disallowed to join our national football league is because of the football betting craps but slowly allow it again soon. Hypocrites and gambling is a strange bedfellow indeed!

    • Heh! Half goal is a hedge for bookkeepers, I reckon.

      Singapore has football betting? I didn’t know that. I thought there were only casinos. 🙂

    • Yeah, I figured if it retained, I’ll even out – no win or loss, but if the home team gets another goal in, I’ll win based on the odds. 🙂

  5. let’s see how many here really know abt horse racing. For Hk wednesday night 28/09, try your luck on R4 no3, R8 no7 & value bet, go for R6 no5

    • Heh! Pretty good forecasts. They have two at the racetrack but I didn’t follow either, just bet according to gut feeling (and the name of the horse, or the number).

      Lost HKD 1,000 at the races that day. 🙂

      It was fun to see the locals there on a Sunday afternoon though.

  6. Looks interesting… But I wouldn’t want to go there – no luck at lottery and gambling…and don’t want to lose, never mind how much fun it may be. I’m so boring hor… LOL!!!

    • The strange thing about me is that I don’t enjoy gambling per se, I just bet to win pocket money. 🙂

      ,,,and this bet-to-win mentality always gets me in trouble. I think of casinos as ATMs.


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