I lost my digicam at Sunway Lagoon :(

lost digicam

I have got to be the unluckiest person around. I was at Sunway Lagoon with my ex-boss from Sibu and his friends yesterday and dropped my digicam at the very last roller coaster ride. I think they have signs against loose items for a reason. I miss all the wonderful photos and videos (especially the AJ Hackett G-Force X one – it looks better taken from the outside, though I have the DVD which I will upload soon) that’s lost – two days worth.

I miss The Apartment set of photos and the G-Force X video the most. Oh well, at least I have a temperamental Sony T-70 as a backup while I go hunting for a dSLR later. You can’t very well lose a dSLR, it being the size that it is.

I lost/dropped four (4) digicams in less than a year. That’s not good. Okay, I’m officially pokkai this month.

lost city

Ironically, I lost the digicam at the Lost City roller coaster ride. Hmm…

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