Menglembu Honey Chicken and Mini Wantan Mee

wonderful honey chicken menglembu

Menglembu is a town in Perak that’s famous for their peanuts. You know those peanuts with a huge ass thumbs up sign imprinted on the front that’s everywhere during Chinese New Year? Yep, those came from none other than Menglembu, Ipoh.

menglembu wonderful honey chicken

It’s also famous for their honey chicken so we stopped by Wonderful Honey Chicken on our way back from Penang. It looks like a simple roadside stall but the pure industry that goes on in the small shop lot behind the kitchen is nothing short of amazing.

menglembu honey chicken

Unfortunately, their honey roasted chicken was sold out (!!!) so we had to settle for fried chicken, char siew and “paper wrapped chicken” instead.

menglembu char siew

The char siew is made with the same sauce (e.g. honey) so if you close your eyes while eating the fried chicken dipped into the sauce and concentrate really, really hard, you can sort of imagine what the famous roasted honey chicken tastes like. >.<

paper wrapped chicken

*sour grapes*

Ching Bau Liang

The coffee shop by the roadside near Wonderful Honey Chicken serves a refreshing bowl of tong sui called Ching Bau Liang, complete with a quail egg! Do check it out if you’re ever in Wai Sek Gai (which is apparently what this entire food street is called).

menglembu wantan mee stall

Menglembu is also famous for their miniature wantan mee and the stall does a very brisk business late at night. We had to wait for about 30 minutes or so to get our chance at the ridiculously small portion of wantan mee.

menglembu wantan mee

I wouldn’t say there’s anything special about their wantan mee, it’s probably the Lilliputian serving size that provides most of the appeal. The side order of wantans we had that night was a bit off too.

menglembu wantan aunty

However, I do like the aunty manning the store, who did an impromptu kung fu pose for me. πŸ˜‰

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