@ Internet, Bukit Bintang


Greetings from @ Internet Services at Bukit Bintang. I had wanted to
get a PC upon arrival and hook it up with the hotel’s telephone system
for net access but I was too tired the first day (didn’t get any sleep
the night before coz I was packing) to shop for components. Anyway,
today is the second day and I was at a job interview from 3 (went
early, was scheduled at 3:30 pm) till 5:45 and now I’m at a net cafe in
BB to update. Well, not only to update, one of my cell phones require a
USB port to charge because I broke the original charger and got a USB
port phone charger coz my box was almost always on back in Melbourne. I
will miss that 10 Mbps connection.

Well yeah, so one of my phones have been running low on battery ever
since I arrived, so here I am today to borrow the net cafe’s USB port
for charging my cell phone. Oh yeah, I just got a KL Digi number too,
it’s 016 303 1371, so if you can’t reach me via 016 869 0110, call this
other one instead. I have no problems giving out my cell number since
they’re both prepaid ones. πŸ™‚ Anyway, the KL number is easier to
remember if you think “13 to 1” (literally) as in “The odds are 13 to
1” in Chinese (Mandarin).

Anyway, regarding the interview, I guess it went okay, though I had
a bit of trouble with the ASP coding part coz I was more familiar with
ASP.NET and I misread the question and did in-code validation before
the database update. It seems like a great place to work at though,
it’s XM Expanded Media. They’re located at Kenaga International,
somewhere between Hotel Mutiara and Fitness First (a gym I saw on the
other side). It’s on the same road as Nouvo, if that helps. Not very
far from Bukit Bintang, I took a cab though.

Well, I’ll hear from them by Friday, so we’ll see how this interview
goes. I did mention that I run a weblog, which most career advice sites
do not advice, but I was asked about other interests in the interview
and I couldn’t think of anything besides digital photography. I did not
mention the site, but it doesn’t taka a genius to surf over,
considering I gave resume@sixthseal.com as my email address. It doesn’t
really matter anyway, because every email variation at the
sixthseal.com domain (except veritas) goes into the catch-all address,

Speaking of veritas, I need to make it clear to everyone (again)
that there’s two people writing on this weblog – myself and veritas
(guest author) whos writing may not interest everyone but it is of
interest to a significant amount of people, including myself. Just a
disclaimer that not all posts in here are written under the ‘hbpoh’
nick, though veritas’s posts have photos that all have a
“sixthseal.com” text overlay and veritas’s writing and photos all fall
under the sixthseal.com intellectual property banner (as per his

Well, I’ll be off to Petaling Jaya tomorrow, going to fix my digicam
at Nikon if the repair rates are reasonable or get a new one if they’re
not. I’m currently eyeing the Nikon 5700 and 5400, but they retail for
RM3999 here, while I was expecting somewhere along the lines of RM2800
from the US prices. I like Nikon because of their great macro
capabilities. I could take macro photos at 4 mm from the lens, a
feature I couldn’t find in most 3 – 4 MP digicams. I’m looking for a 4
– 5 MP one now though. Where’s the cheapest place to get a digicam in
KL? If there’re no retailers offering it at that price, I’m going to
get it online. Anyway, my cell phone is charged so off I go.

Oh, and since my old hard disk isn’t up yet, I don’t know if I got replied all the comments, coz I can’t check. My apologies.

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