Oregano restaurant review

oregano travillion

Oregano is an interesting eating experience in Travillion Mall, Kuching.
It’s located near one end of the open concept mall and the relatively
small restaurant interior is boosted by a large al fresco seating area
with lots of green shrubbery surrounding the seating arrangements.

oregano interior

The interior of Oregano has a unique contrasting ambience with the
warm incandescent lights near the counter with its elevated faux floor
décor contrasting with the cold florescent lights from the open kitchen
concept near the back. I went there for dinner last night with Val and

oregano open kitchen

Oregano is one of the few places to offer the open kitchen concept
in a restaurant in Kuching. The cooking area is open for patrons to
look into and there are chefs carefully tending to sauces, garnishing
food and preparing dishes readily visible. This is a very nice
arrangement as opposed to the closed kitchen that most eating
establishments subscribe to.

oregano al fresco

The limited floor space afforded to Travillion Mall tenants is
utilized well by Oregano by extending the seating area outside, which
exponentially increases the seating capacity while still retaining a
coherent theme with the main building with the well placed see-through
glass walls bordering the restaurant.

oregano video

Download: Oregano video tour [sixthseal.com]

oregano banana dates

Banana Dates Crush (RM 7.60)
This is a very thick blended drink that combines bananas with dates. It
tastes great! The density of the drink is so great that it takes much
effort to suck the thick blend through the straw. This is the only
drink we ordered…the other refreshments came in the form of a bucket
of beer (Heineken).

oregano onion rings

Oregano Onion Ring (RM 7.80)
Deep-fried crispy onion ring with spiced flour. It’s a little too oily but the spiced flour batter is a nice touch.

oregano confit salmon

Confit of Salmon (RM 29.80)
Pan-fried salmon with green asparagus, candied cherry tomato, and yellow capsicum caulis.

oregano salmon

I had the confit of salmon and it tastes great (though Val finds it
too salty) but my only beef (no pun intended) with it is that it’s not
a confit of salmon. The use of asparagus and other unusual ingredients
gets two thumbs up from me though.

oregano lamb shank

Lamb Shank Navarin Style (RM 28.80)
Braised lamb shank served with young vegetables and potato.

oregano lamb flash

The lamb shank from Oregano is HUGE! Val and Monica both ordered
this and it tastes great! Val kept on slicing bits of lamb shank pieces
off for me (thanks!) and we still couldn’t finish the dish. Highly
recommended! The sauce it came with is perfect…Oregano does sauces

oregano photo

This is a photo of us at Oregano – me and Val is going at it in the
foreground while that’s Monica in the background. I know, the Tim Tams
are making me put on a lot of excess weight…and I still had dessert!

oregano dome

White Chocolate Dome (RM 13.80)
Portion of crispy rice mixed with white chocolate mousse and passion fruit jelly.

oregano roulade

Cheese Roulade (RM 12.80)
Roulade with cheese filling and chocolate ganache, served with wild berry sauce.

oregano end

Oregano does food presentation very well and their desserts are delectable!

Dining at Zen, Travillion

zen travillion

Zen is a sister establishment to MC3 (the club) and
has always been a chill out place to its counterpart (albeit with a
liquor license). I didn’t even know they served food there until it was
suggested that we go to Zen so we can eat AND drink since The Junk and
bla bla bla wasn’t open yet.

zen travillion menu

Zen has a menu that lists a limited but well rounded repertoire of
local and western specialties. The cocktails, beer, and wine list
overwhelm the food list (which spans but two pages) but I heard the
chef was sourced from a well known international hotel chain.

zen travillion spaghetti

Spaghetti Bolognese
RM 13.80
It tastes like home made spaghetti with the essentials – minced meat, a
tomato based sauce and grated parmesan cheese. It’s good.

zen travillion red death

Red Death
RM 38.80
Vodka, Southern Comfort, Gin, Grand Marnier, Lime Cordial, Grenadine, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice.
This is Fiona’s drink.

zen travillion screaming multiple orgasm

Screaming Multiple Orgasm
RM 25.80
Vodka, Kahlua, Amaretto, Bailey’s, Milk.
This is Cherie’s drink. It has milk so it’s healthy.

zen travillion drink get fucked

Drink & Get Fucked
RM 35.80
Malibu, Southern Comfort, Sambuca, Cointreau, Triple Sec, Bacardi 151, Vodka, Amaretto, Lime Juice, Lime Cordial, Salt.
This is my drink. Damn power, I tell you. ;)

zen travillion dusk

This is a view of Travillion at dusk. It’s a strange sight for me,
it gives me a totally different perspective as I’ve only gone to
Travillion at night…

Sean's birthday @ Mambo King, Travillion

sean birthday mambo king

Sean was celebrating his birthday last night at Mambo King
– it’s a cafe with a liquor license in Travillion. I went there with
Cherie, Irene, Owen, Ee Fen (which despite my poor memory, I could
remember coz she’s doing Pharmacy at IMU and her name is a
concatenation of Ecstasy and the Chinese word for heroin ;)).

sean birthday interior

Mambo King was packed with people when we arrived there after having
a couple of drinks at Luconia. I recall hearing a passerby mentioning
that there’s a “St. Theresa gathering in there of some kind” which was
funny in hindsight. St. Theresa is one of the biggest all girls high
school in Kuching.

sean birthday food

There were finger food served on a table in the middle – there were
plates of calamari with dip, garlic bread, chicken wings, crinkle
fries. Liquor was on the house as well – beer and Johnnie Walker Black
Label was available. I think we started drinking at Luconia, then at Mambo King and ended up at Mojo, but it’s all good – we’re all having fun here, right? ;)

sean birthday joyce dru

I saw a couple of familiar faces in there too – Joyce and Dru were
there and there was a social faux pax when I mistook one for the other.
Jesus Christ, I think the binge drinking is taking a toll on my
cerebral faculties coz I keep on forgetting all sorts of other stuff as
well…but fuck it, we’re all having fun here right? That’s my mantra
anyway to hide my self-destructive behavior. :)

sean birthday us

L-R: Irene, Huai Bin (me), Cherie, Sean

sean birthday sean

Happy birthday, Sean! Cheers!

MC3 club @ Travillion, Kuching

mc3 zen

MC3 is the latest club that opened up in Kuching in the new Travillion mall at Padungan. It’s located above Zen
and it seems to be the most popular place to go clubbing in Kuching. I
went to MC3 three nights in a row (it’s named MC 3, after all). ;)

mc3 club

The place has a nice decor and a great sound system (love the bass)
with more lasers and other light displays than you can shake a stick
at. The place had a great turnout on Friday night and it was absolutely
packed on Saturday night.

mc3 sunday

The Halloween Party last night (Sunday night) was mostly comprised
of regulars coz it’s a Sunday night after all. I can’t believe I went
there three nights in a row, I was actually pretty fucked by the second
night (due to the comedown) but I went again the next night and last
night. Jesus…

mc3 dance floor

MC3 club plays a variety of dance music but I love the hard trance
they were putting on for the Halloween Party last night. The bass was
so strong; I could feel the air inside balloons reverberating to the
beat, which I found to be highly entertaining and novel for some reason.

I just did a cerebral systems diagnostics and it told me that I will
not be able to continue writing in a lucid manner, so here’s the long
weekend at MC3 club, Kuching in photos:

mc3 ericka me

Ericka and me (she brought me to MC3 three nights in a row, that’s how hardcore she is).

mc3 depth charges

This is me and Lucas doing several depth charges with beer and a
shot of Chivas in a row on a Friday night (I work Saturdays) while May
Kee looks on. I know you threw up first Lucas. ;)

mc3 sebastian ericka

This is Sebastian and Ericka on Saturday night. Sebastian is a model – bit of trivia here.

mc3 john me

Here’s a photo of me molesting John [blogspot.com], my favorite Scorpio guy, on Saturday night.

mc3 valerie me

This is Valerie, which I’m sure you’re all acquainted with in one of
the previous posts on sixthseal.com – I bumped into her there on Friday
night and again on Sunday night (that’s last night).

mc3 halloween

Happy Halloween!

Download: MC3 club dance floor video [sixthseal.com]

MC3 is a great place for clubbing in Kuching – it’s not as
pretentious as some other clubs and there’s a chill out place
downstairs – Zen, which is operated by the same management.

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