Do you feed your cat yogurt for breakfast?


Apparently, there is a specially formulated yogurt meant for pets. I
took this photo at the local Coles pet food department. It’s yogurt.
For cats and dogs.


I went to the Asian grocery with Adrian today to get some instant
noodles, fishballs, beef balls, prawns, and crab sticks (love that
stuff). It’s an easy meal if you chuck a bit of everything into a rice
cooker and cook it. That way, you only have one thing to wash (the rice
cooker bowl) although it won’t taste as good.


Proton Satria sighted in Melbourne.



What I like about these chicken packs are the vegies inside them.
They look like leaves and taste like them too. πŸ™‚ There’s quite a bit
of variety inside too, there are broad green leaves, reddish branches
and stuff like that. Anyway, I’m feeling uninspired and amotivated
today. Still have to work on my stuff for tomorrow’s supervisor meeting
though. I’ll go pop some bubble wrap…

Link of the Day: Perpetual Bubble Wrap []

I could do this all day. There’s just something very appealing about
popping bubble wrap. I can’t stop myself from pressing the round
thingys on drinks from McDonalds too. It’s those round raised things
with labels like ‘Diet’, ‘Other’ etc. Those things are so compulsive…