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I had gotten another foil of heroin about a month ago and it’s been
sitting in my stash drawer ever since. I’ve been worried about this,
being raided and found in possession of heroin is a different scenario
than being raided and found in possession of cannabis. In the interest
of limiting my legal liability, I’ve consumed it last night. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this heroin is chunkier and more voluminous than the previous one I got
[sixthseal.com]. It’s sourced from the same place (Springvale – no harm
in mentioning the name, everyone knows it’s a hotbed of street level
heroin dealing anyway), although from a different dealer. This dealer
was squatting with a friend when I approached him and asked if he had
any smack.

Well, to tell you the truth, I was terrified at the nonchalance of
this dealer. It was in broad daylight (afternoon) when this happened,
and it was at a high traffic area. He said it’s A$50 for a foil and he
nudged his friend, who looked to the left and then to the right to spot
for police activity and then PULLED OUT A HUGE BAG CONTAINING AT LEAST
200 FOILS.


To say I was appalled is an understatement. At this point, I was
about to bolt at the utter indiscretion of the dealers. I was literally
shaking in my boots (although I wasn’t wearing boots) while this deal
was happening. This was in broad daylight, at a high pedestrian traffic
area, and in a place where undercover cops is known to be operating and
yet this dealer just looked left and right and then grinned and handed
me a foil.

Well, that’s the last time I’m going to score on the street.
Theoretically, the police would be going after them and not me, but
still the risk is there. Anyway, I just held on to the foil in my hand
so I could just drop it at the slightest provocation should I be
apprehended. Luckily, nothing of that nature happened and I got back
safely and it’s been sitting in my drawer since then. I’m not a big fan
of heroin, but I just wanted a second experiment.


Well, I crushed it up and insufflated (snorted) it last night. It’s
a common misconception that heroin can only be injected. Although
that’s the most efficient way to use it, I’m not interested in
injecting anything due to the various issues surrounding that route of
administration. [Edit: *cough* Er…yes, I have since decided I
wanted experience with that, so I IV’ed methamphetamine after setting
up a safety framework :p] The second most efficient route (smoking) is
logistically challenging as well, since I don’t own a glass pipe.

Thus, I just crushed everything up to a fine powder, racked it into
a line and up it went. I snorted half into my left nostril and the
other half into my right. I don’t know if there’s any difference in
doing that, but I do know from experience that substances should be
finely powdered and snorting should be hard enough to get it into your
sinuses and yet not so hard that it goes into your lungs or down your
throat (thus wasting it).

This is what I wrote:

burnt really bad going up
the drip was AWFUL
felt like bitterness x 10
chilly weather tonite
wearing little
windows open
yet…warmth πŸ™‚
fuzzy warmth…
slowing down…
clothes is the fabric that shields your nudity from the world
heroin is the blanket that shields you from the world
that is all
god…everything is perfect

ClichΓ©, but that’s what I felt. πŸ™‚ Effects were wearing off after 4
hours and I felt an unbearable and unstoppable wave of sleepiness, upon
which I slept for a solid 14 hours. However, that could just be paying
back my sleep debt from previous dexamphetamine runs. I felt it much
better this time, it’s very nice indeed, I’ll even use the word
‘wonderful’ to describe the effects I felt this time. I won’t be doing
it again anytime soon though. It’s a little too boring (no offense to
people who enjoy opiates) and expensive for me. Also, I’m aware of the
addiction potential, so thus ends my experiments with this substance,
unless there is reason for me to continue.

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