Serious Shit

serious shit toilet

This is some Serious Shit (TM) right here…

There is hard, compacted stool from my methadone using days, the more liquid form of excretion during withdrawals, constant use of DF-118 (dihydrocodeine) and the small compacted shit that you see underlying the rest.

There is even a log in there the size of an 8″ dildo after a colon blockage from extensive and excessive use of opiates (three week’s worth of shit backed up) that hurt like HELL coming out. Now I know how it feels like to be ass fucked. 🙁

The yellow goo is new, fresh from last night and this morning’s offerings to the porcelain throne.

I think there should be a lot of puke in there too – projectile vomiting from excessive drinking and general throwing up…and deep, deep down, if you care to look (even the police wouldn’t) there should be about 5 points (500 mg) of methamphetamine in 5 straws and a meth pipe (plus several syringes) down there (if it hasn’t turned into shit already) during a moment of paranoia when I tried to flush it, pulled too hard and broke the damn thing.

…and what did I do? I shat on it, that’s what I did. I figured no one would want to dig through all that shit (easily a year’s worth, no shit) so I’m good and safe eh? 😉

BTW, does anyone know a good plumber?


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21 thoughts on “Serious Shit”

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