Hash run – Babysitting

ksp hhh

I went for the Hash Run organized by the Sibu chapter yesterday afternoon, this time in the capacity of a babysitter. In an effort to boost attendance rates, I rallied two of my friends to the event. This is the first hash run for the both of them, so I played the role of the trip sitter.

ksp me cf

Due to the unavailability of alcohol in the Sibu HHH chapter, I decided to preload myself with some of the amber fluid before going for the run. I’m actually not a very patient person and can be prone to irritability at acts of perceived tardiness and I figured the combined GABA agonists (old readers would catch this reference ;)) would make me more amiable.

ksp route

This route was more difficult than the previous hash run, and that makes things a little more challenging since I had to carry a backpack (not mine) and the hilly terrain and longer distance makes things a little more exerting.

ksp main road

The interesting bit about this weekend’s run is that it went through the main road a couple of times…

ksp rest hut

…and features a rest hut!

ksp moses

This is our resident Moses reincarnate to guide the trekkers through a particularly grueling bog. I declined the assistance of the biblical figure and ended up in the bog, completely soaking my trainers and socks.

ksp sprain

Halfway through the trek, one of my friends took the liberty of spraining her ankle. Kudos to her for slogging it through anyway despite the pain.

ksp exit

There were several exit points at the path and we chose not to take it and slugged on, despite the sprained ankle of Jolin and my friend being thoroughly exhausted despite her yoga training.

ksp pitcher

I’m glad we didn’t take the exit coz I found this pristine pitcher plant along the route. I thought these things only exists in Mt. Kinabalu!

ksp trailblazer

Nevertheless, Jolin’s sprained ankle was bothering her towards the end of the run and it was decided that we’re going to beat a new path through virgin rain forest since we had missed the final exit.

ksp kampung

The trailblazer managed to find a path through a kampung (Malay dwelling community) and we took a longer, but less challenging (without the gradient factor) route.

ksp end

I have leaned something during this trek – to be more tolerant, patient and caring towards others. I have a tendency to be over competitive and want to be the leader of the pack but this time I brought up the rear to accommodate for the two friends that I had brought along…

…and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “Hash run – Babysitting”

  1. HB, I have yet to experience the hash run. Was not the season when I was in Kuching that time.
    Hey, it seems like there is going to be an Interhash Borneo in 2010 in early July. FH2o talked about it too.
    It seems like it is going to cost more than 600 ringgit per person (read the info somewhere else, though dont know how true it is).
    My friend’s father is one of the active hash runner in Kuching. He told me, the main reason why the runners strive so hard to finish is because of the booze waiting at the end for them. LOL These pioneer starters like to drink, and got bored with only drinking, so decided to sweat through running before the happy hour. (Words not by me, what I have heard from him. Any wrong information, sorry~~~)

  2. Hash run? Is it that kind of race where those who lose will be purnished? For instance force stripped, run naked or sit with bare butt on ice blocks etc etc?
    No problem for you I guess. afterall, no matter win or lose, you will never have problem showing your sexy butt huh?

  3. Isn’t “hash” β€” also β€” a bit sequence generated by a dispersion algorithm β€” something ’round transforming a lot of stuff into a bit of stuff?
    Nothing I would like to see ’round here at 8 in the morning. Yet, there’s another kind of “hash” that I would be oh so glad to be rolling right now β€” like a pig in the mud, puck.
    Do they (evil dead) also make u (their employees) piss into the cup there where u live?

  4. Huai Bin,please help me.Where can i download a full Beijing Opening Ceremony?I had missing to watching it at 08.08.08 nigth….

  5. Meimei,
    OMG!!! How can you miss such a wonderful ceremony? How? Why? Once in a life time my friend…….. 080808. Why so hard to remember the date and time.
    No cure for you. Can’t download at all. What you can do now is regret till death.

  6. MI!: It’s based on the HHH concept:
    fish fish: The Sibu Chapter runs every weekend. πŸ™‚
    Yeah, and that’s one of the basic tenets of the HHH – to rid themselves of the excesses of the weekend (and drink some more). Heh! I like the concept, but they don’t really apply it around here. They have the t-shirt with the slogan “The drinking club with a running problem” but their activities are more tame compared to other chapters.
    Your information is correct, that IS the original HHH concept – run and drink but some chapters are more…family oriented so they only run. *shrugs*
    wilson: Yep, that’s the very same one. πŸ™‚
    It must be another chapter though coz the one over here is very tame. Nothing of that sort going on here, but I know other chapters do that.
    (=’.’=): Hey, that pink towel is mine okay. I like pink. πŸ˜‰
    Kidding la, the towel is not actually very heavy and is good for long runs through jungle since you get a lot of dirt, mud and sludge all over you.
    Thanks for the support! πŸ™‚ I shall need it for the 42k marathon (plus a lot of painkillers).
    j..: Yeah, I’ll love the other kind of hash you’re talking about too. Hash browns, that is. πŸ˜‰
    No, they don’t make the employees do that over here – most organizations here do not do that kind of stuff. I did volunteer to go for one during the interview though, since I wanted to stress my negative result. Heh!
    I know some US companies who are very big on dipping test strips into their employees urine though. πŸ˜‰
    meimei: Hmm…did you try YouTube? I know one Chinese website is (legally) broadcasting the Olympics though the net, maybe they have an archive or something? Or you can always try bittorrent, someone must have recorded it. Hope that helps!
    BeiJing PUK HuanYingNi: Heh! I bet it’s going to be available as a torrent if it’s not already. πŸ™‚

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