How much are you getting?

speak no evil

Remuneration issues tend to be rather sensitive and most people employ the “Speak no evil” approach to surveys on wages. “The wages of sin is death” and all that aside, I’m very curious about the market rate around KL and Klang Valley (including other states in Malaysia). How much are you getting? Please state your chronological age, gender and profession if you feel comfortable divulging that information.

I’m happy with what I’m getting right now, but it’s just like the itch you can’t scratch. I’m just interested in the market trends for different professions.

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(Curiosity also killed the cat, and I’m using way too many idioms in this post)

Skol Super Beer 9% alcohol

skol super beer pack

Skol Super Beer is a new product line from Skol that lays claim to “The only 9% alcohol super strong beer”. The statement is not inaccurate – it is the King of Lagers (in a fiefdom of mostly 5% alcohol standard beers). Certain fortified beers like Carlsberg’s Special Brew attempt to challenge the sovereignty of Skol Super Beer, weighing in at a respectable 8.8% – close, but no cigar.

skol super beer

The extra 0.2% alcohol in Skol Super Beer crowns it as the current king of all beers (measured by ethanol content). It is by far the highest alcohol content lager among all the other brands over here. I picked up a 3-pack at Jusco for just RM 12.80 (the special introductory price), which works out to about RM 4.20 per can. Skol is of Brazilian origin and considered a less premium brand than Carlsberg Special Brew, but it’s cheaper by a few dollars and has the potential to capture the middle income, non-discerning ethanol consumer market.

The interesting trend with beer nowadays is the introduction of the 3-pack. The six-pack beer packaging is a very established tradition, and to go against that convention would be considered heretical by beer aficionados. However, I have noticed several advantages to the 3-pack retail mechanism – it’s at the right price point for the consumption habits of the majority of casual drinkers.

Skol Super Beer – A very strong lager of the highest quality.

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Rallying all readers!


Remember the post I made about mountain biking down a flight of concrete stairs? It’s now available at under the Extreme Sports category. You can vote for the video here.

My ranking is now a respectable 6.3 points but I suspect that’ll change very soon since it’s the only video in the Extreme Sports category. The other one is a sample video. Now, I’m sure you can do better than me, so start filming yourself doing the Me Against the World Challenge.

You can do Sports, Dance, Extreme Sports or Lifestyle videos. It’s no fun being the King of the Hill if I’m the only one on the hill so get off your respective posteriors and challenge me!


I like how my blurb goes – “Taking the challenge and through cuts and bruises, this tough guy shows us just why fear is not an option when in a challenge”. I’m sure you can do better than me so let’s bring it on – strut your stuff! The contest is open to everyone!


The Me Against the World Challenge energized by 100PLUS is going on a college roadshow tour with JJ & Rudy of Morning Crew fame making a special appearance at HELP University recently. Note down the dates of the college roadshows:

(All the below events run from 9 am till 6 pm)

20th of October at – Taylors College
21st of October at – KBU International College
22nd of October at – ICOM College
23rd of October at – TAR College
24th of October at – KDU Smart College
28th of October at – Cineleisure (scarlet)
29th of October at – Taylors ADP
30th of October at – HELP College
31st of October at – Dasien College
3rd of November at – Sunway College
4th of November at – Cineleisure (scarlet)
5th of November at – Segi College
6th of November at – The One Academy
7th of November at – TAR College

Challenge yourself at the college roadshows or upload a video of yourself doing something challenging in one of the four categories to win prizes from Nike, Sony and Topshop.

Not so keen on mountain biking down concrete stairs? Well, you can always register as a voter and vote for your favorite videos. You get a chance to win Nike vouchers worth RM 50 every month. There will be 5 vouchers given out per month so you stand a pretty good chance at snagging one of those by just voting.

Voting for me, of course. πŸ˜‰

Project Bleeding Heart: Heart shaped pudding with real human blood

Project Bleeding Heart started off innocently enough – my girlfriend found a heart shaped sugar piece on top of a cookie during Hari Raya and (forcibly) inserted it into my mouth, saying that she has metaphorically given her heart to me. Thus, I was coerced to reciprocate in kind and she insisted on me personally making an edible heart for her during our second monthsary.


I guess she didn’t know how far I would go. Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it. πŸ˜‰

You will need:

Field Song Egg Pudding Powder
Arnott’s Tim Tam Love Potions – Chocolate Mud
“It’s love at first bite”
Arnott’s Tim Tam Crush – Mocha Hazelnut
“It’s one Crush that’s sure to end in love…”
Nestle Reduced Fat Cream
Nestle Milo Grab N Go can
Win Vokda Ice Purple XS
Heart shaped molds

Razor blade
A few drops of blood from your veins

no heart

The first challenge was getting the heart shaped mold. It was much more difficult than I thought. Heart shaped molds should be everywhere, right? It’s just about the most common design! I thought it would be everywhere. Unfortunately, actually finding a heart shaped mold took us to three (3) different places, to no avail. We found molds in the shape of stars, triangles, circles, and even weird oblique designs…but no hearts.

big heart

The closest we got was this HUGE heart shaped non-stick baking pan…a bit of an overkill for this project. Plus, I don’t think I would be able to bleed enough to fill the pan. I would probably pass out from blood loss or something before the colossal pan filled up.


We finally managed to get two (admittedly) cheesy Barbie knockoffs molds from a Chinese specialty import outlet (the retail industry prefers the technical term “Cina Mari shop”). It’s made of melamine infused plastic and has a Barbie look-alike imprint, but it was heart shaped and for all intents and purposes, it was sufficient for the single-use, disposable nature of the project.

tim tams

The Arnott’s Tim Tams were procured in New Zealand. My sister just came back and brought back a box of the stuff. I went for the two romance-themed special edition Tim Tams for the project. Tim Tam Love Potions and Tim Tam Crush (as in infatuation, not demolish) are limited edition Tim Tams that I decided to use as a garnish for the pudding.


The directions for making the egg pudding were pretty straightforward – the contents of the packet is to be mixed into 500 ml of boiling water and stirred for an unspecified time. I just poured in a little more than a small 500 ml mineral water bottle (to compensate for evaporation) into a saucepan and added in the pudding mixture when it started boiling. The mixture was stirred for about a minute or so before I turned off the heat.

creamy blood

Next, comes the interesting part. I took a razor blade and made a small incision on my left hand at a particularly juicy vein and allowed the blood to drip into the Nestle Reduced Fat Cream – the topping for the pudding. This is of course, rather unorthodox (not to mention unsanitary for consumers who are not already exchanging bodily fluids with you ;)) so it’s a highly optional step.

blood harvest

I also took the liberty of scooping up more blood from the gash and managed to harvest about half a tablespoon of the red stuff in total.


The blood is mixed into the cream by folding it with a spoon before adding a bit of Milo Grab N Go (a RTD – Ready To Drink malt concoction) for flavoring. The cream will acquire a tinge of pink before turning a chocolate hue. The cream topping is set aside…

pour mold

…while the pudding mixture is poured into the heart shaped molds and left at room temperature for 15 minutes. Field Song Egg Pudding Powder sets extremely rapidly. It started solidifying after just a minute in the mold. It still requires refrigeration though, so we transferred it to the fridge and left it in there for 30 minutes.


The egg pudding turned out to be a perfect heart shape! =D It came out easily from the mold due to the high density of the pudding. It just plopped down when the mold was upended. I added several dollops of the patented Bleeding Heart Topping (TM) on top and garnished it with Arnott’s Tim Tams.

project bleeding heart

This is Project Bleeding Heart – made with blood, sweat and (manly) tears. πŸ˜‰

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