Yin Yang Steamboat @ Cameron Highlands

mountain house hotel

A trip to Cameron Highlands would not be complete without the obligatory yin yang steamboat dinner, since the ambient temperature and wind chill factor can be pretty cold at night. We went southbound to Brinchang instead of Tanah Rata but it turns out that both towns were equally packed with tourists.

organic steamboat

There are a lot of places offering steamboat dinners, most of them yin yang style – so called due to the two different broths and the similarity to the symbol of good and evil. We went to Restaurant Mountain House Hotel, which offers “organic” steamboat priced at RM 16 per head.

yin yang

The yin yang steamboat comes with seafood, tofu (urgh…), noodles, rice vermicelli, assorted super processed food, and homegrown vegetables. Cameron Highlands produces a huge amount of fresh, organically grown vegetables, so it’s really cheap there…which is probably why we got an ultra generous portion of veggies.

noodle trick

The yin yang steamboat consists of a chicken broth and a tom yam broth – it’s usually a mild broth with a spicy broth, keeping with the themes of absolute good and absolute evil. Exhibit A above shows the patented sixthseal.com method of ensuring your noodles are cooked.

1. Use your chopsticks to snag some noodles.
2. Apply pressure to the noodles with your fingernails.
3. It needs to be slightly soggier than al dente – you’ll get a feel for it (pun not intended) the more you do it.

It was originally invented a good 17 years ago by yours truly, intended to gauge whether instant noodles are ready to eat when I started cooking Maggi at 10. 🙂

me doris steamboat

This photo is making the post look dated – I went to Cameron Highlands with my ex last month, but never got around to posting it until today due to a massive backlog of posts. Quickly switching subjects, the vegetables in Cameron Highlands comes in the most vibrant shade of green I have ever seen!

no veggies

Nooooo….no more veggies!

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34 thoughts on “Yin Yang Steamboat @ Cameron Highlands”

  1. YingYang: It’s what they call the double broth steamboats – yin yang steamboat. 🙂
    Ewin: I think most steamboat places in KL and PJ also has yin yang style steamboat. They even have it in Kuching, been around a while, this concept.
    jolene: Nope, I don’t like tofu, and we couldn’t finish the ridiculous portion of veggies. 🙂

  2. HB, Now weather is just right for hotpot and got one that also yakiniku too together. For one person is too much so great weekend get together with the gang. Thank for writing Aijisen went for ramen with sister and was great in San Francisco bay area branch.

  3. it should be interesting to have yin yang steamboat, but not in this super duper hot weather here in the west coast.
    i swear to god, this heatwave can make me gone mental!

  4. HB
    Here with The Correct way to cook noodles of any variety (spagetti, vermicelli, Lo mien, ramen, dumplings(steamed or boiled) or any pasta or for that matter rice:
    1.) when you are a young man- put a bunch of them in hot water, and when they look close to being O.K. pick one out and throw it on the wall. If it sticks, it ain’t done. Though it is possibly, possibly, just al dente Cook a little while longer. If it is crunchy, throw it back in the pot. Kick any rejects that slide off he wall to the dog or cat. They will love you
    2.) When you are an older man, walk out into the kitchen and say “I sure am hungry now”. The reply will be something along the lines of ” Get your ass back in the other room, have another beer, I will call you when it is ready!!! It took hours to clean the stuff of the walls and floor last time you “helped”. At this point, you retire to the other room, have one more beer, and wait for the good food you are about to recieve. A Win, Win situation. ( important codicil, If the noodles are scorthed or bad, DO NOT comment adversley, least you recieve a lap full of hot noodles, getting your own burned in the process. ( It’s just noodles, after all.) You can always make a sammich later on. Do you really want to sleep on the couch or floor tonight? I thought not.

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