My little breakup story

I’m going to tell you my little breakup story. I arrived home to find the letterbox key slipped under the door. Hmm…I thought, surveying my surroundings. It seems a little on the empty side, but nothing out of the ordinary. I walked into the bedroom to find out that…

empty bed

…she had left (and taken my bed sheets with her). OMG! What am I going to sleep in tonight?

I went to take a bath with my newly purchased soap and threw the wrapper into the non-existent rubbish bin. It landed on the floor. I’m just so used to it being there that I didn’t look before I disposed of the wrapper. She had taken the rubbish bin AND the laundry bin as well. Ish.

no rubbish bin

Oh well, no biggie. I’ll deal with it tomorrow, not thinking that if so many things are missing, others have to be as well. I took a shower and went to sleep on my (sheet less) bed.

I woke up the next day, smoked my first cigarette of the day while looking at the traffic outside. I went back in to brush my teeth and found…

no toothpaste


I remember we had at least three (3) tubes stocked up and all of them were missing.

Man, this is just petty. Toothpaste? Crass…

search toothpate

I didn’t want to be late for work so I rummaged around and found some toiletries I liberated from random hotel rooms for use during budget travel. I usually take shaver kits and toothpaste kits.

found toothpaste


I texted her to tell her that taking all the toothpaste is just ridiculous.

She replied:


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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93 thoughts on “My little breakup story”

  1. Dude, be thankful that yr significant other half was not taken alongside the rest of the stuff… snip.. snip.. U get my drift??? ;-)

  2. fuyoh..that is really one calculative and stingy woman… but i’m not here to judge though..maybe she is like really upset with the breakup so she’s trying to get her revenge… my ex bf is exactly the same leh…he didn’t want back the things that he gave me, instead, he wanted me to pay him back money that he spent on me T_T

  3. Kesiannyer… I hate people who wants to take back things that they have given away after ending a relationship. Well, I think the good thing that came out of this “she-took-all-your-things” is she gave you back your keys!!

  4. Hey Vincent, what u think??? He kept man mah… She’s the Ibu Gula (Sugar Mummy) LOL… I too need a Ibu Gula but my country does not allow a Queen to rule (officially at least…)

  5. should laugh or not im asking myself..
    i salute to her style : i bought it, not yours!
    and i really curious, did u do something betray her until she forced to ‘walk’ this way. she probably love u deeply and hate u deeply. *)

  6. Dude, I don’t want to judge based on one side (your side) of the story, but you’re right when you said Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Did you do something to hurt her badly?

  7. oh come on guys… you are just listening to one side of the story!
    this is HB’s blog and no doubt it was “fabricated” towards his advantage,

  8. Ahhh dude.. too bad, but it takes a real heck-care woman to allow all that putting your arm around the shoulder, waist and butt rather pervertively in all the photos you have of girls. There’s a friendly hug and there’s a pervertive hug, and unfortunately yours look like a desperate man’s.
    And get a bed frame bro, that’s a shitty mattress to make out or fuck on.
    all the best!

  9. Dude, Doris rocks,I like her…you go girl ( if she’s reading of course). Diva dumping HB in style. And of course,living the rock n roll life style, this totally fits you….I mean it in a good way.

  10. Heh! This is supposed to be a funny post.
    Even now we look back at it and laugh at the chain of events.
    I guess you just had to be there.
    Chill everyone, this happened a couple of months back. :)
    Okay, I gotta get some rest to recover from the fever bug I caught. Reply when I feel better. Cheers!

  11. Interesting! Never know that my little action will give you an idea to write and blog about. The most interesting entry ever! :) Anyway, take care.

  12. I remember few breakups with my exes in the past but I couldn’t recall did or did not I take all their belongings.
    but.. I do remember I VANDALIZED their lovable stuff!

  13. i never comments on people blog, but i will do it now because i think this is unfair to ur ex.
    well bro, u are far too over as well. go read back ur blog,u were like hugging different girls in different functions ALL THE TIME while u were still having a relationship with her, especially the christmas one. ghosh, how can she endured u man!! how if she treated u the same way? if i were her, i wil not only take away all the things, i will even pee on ur bed, put wasabi on ur toothbrush!i think if she treated u like this, u will do something even worse to her! also, if she paid, it is so reasonable for her to take them away!
    by the way, u shouldnt post this on ur blog.u should keep this to urself. nobody teach u that after break up, dont go out and spread bad thing about ur ex meh? because it will only shows how ungentlement and childish u r! u somemore put out her name! u r rediculous!
    doris u rock!!! love u to the bits..
    anyway, this is my “little” comments for ur little break up story..

  14. Ah well, I see Doris is A-OK with it. Sucker for punishment. Or, that’s a fake cordiality, hahaha.
    Anyway, move along. At least you’re drug-free. (I think).

  15. HB, It good to start over cleaned. My ex bf was so tacky by ending it by cell ph. instead in person. He said needed to help his parents with bills payment and house payment.
    A week later my friends saw on myspace picture of his new girlfriend and him at mall with her.
    I kept some of his stuffs and some I trash it good and dumped it . His stuffs now with mom which used at home.

  16. It was actually a very funny reply to my question “Where’s the toothpaste???”. Haha!
    It’s all good.
    You take care too, yeah. :)
    P/S – You have a fan up there now. The children shoe brand, who doesn’t have a funny bone. ;)

  17. HB,
    I just enjoy the fact that she took you’re toothpaste. That to me seems to indicate that she might be a bit crazy, but then again I don’t know her so I shouldn’t comment. I’m glad I have time to read your blog again, I’ve really missed in the past few months I’ve been really busy, with college, and other personal issues (that are over now thank god). Anyways I’m glad to be back for now at least.

  18. Did she take pots and pans too? microwave? table and chairs? sapu semua lar Doris! Next time dun forget to put itchy powder in your ex- undies hor.

  19. wow… i wonder what have you done to her for her to take even to the last tooth paste in your toilet… owh well, women are real pain at time tot ime, no offense to the gender yet, but i do not exactly have a GREAT experience with girls, especially when I’m still single till today… but some girls are truely amazing, hope you find one sooner

  20. omg what a fucking bitch!
    too get even you should post some nude pictures of her, or send them to me!
    but you don’t seem to worried about it, you are quite the ladies man.

  21. Sharlene: Yup, it was funny alright. :)
    DYMM Tuanku: Haha! She’s a good person at heart, she’ll never do that.
    cindy khor: I think it’s coz I made her angry, there’s always two sides to a story. I don’t know why she should be angry when we had already broken up though. Guess she has some issues of her own she needs to resolve.
    YilingL: Yeah! I hate people like that too. I have left a lot of things at my ex gf’s place e.g. my PS/2, digicam etc and I never once asked or went to get it back even though I never “gave” it to them. I figured clean breaks are best.
    hitomi: Not Ikea la…I need to go Tesco! :)
    vincent: She didn’t take everything. Just the things I mentioned. I still have my fridge and stuff but then again I paid for everything so I would have been plenty pissed if she took the fridge or washing machine. She took the iron though, but meh, I can always get another one.
    michael yip: Yeah, I should be thankful for that, but then again that is mine.
    DYMM Tuanku: Wrong, I paid for everything in this relationship, as I do in all of mine. You don’t even know me dude.
    shuwei: Yeah, a bit, especially the TP and toothpaste. :)

  22. Joe Ng: I can’t deny it’s not funny. :)
    Jean: Greetings!
    bec: Nope, I didn’t. She just didn’t want to accept the fact that we had already broken up despite the fact that she verbally agreed.
    Rambling Mind: Not from my side of the story. She was the one who wanted to break up and I said alright. Done deal cannot be undone.
    debra fong: Oh well, shit happens, guess I’ll just have to make things right again.
    Yatz: Haha! Yeah, it’s supposed to be a funny post. :)
    YM: Not the craziest, believe it or not, I’ve met MUCH WORSE. There was this girl I dated in high school who made me a cross stitch painting which my parents framed up. She was at my house when I broke up with her and she promptly dismantled the large painting and took it with her, in front of my parents, much to their amusement. :)
    blackberrybloke: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
    Laura: I don’t know, it’s pretty clear cut to me. :)
    aw: Oh really? That’s just in your green eyed monster opinion. ;)

  23. TOM: Nothing bro, guess she didn’t accept that we had broken up despite the fact that she was the one who wanted to do so.
    ShaolinTiger: It’s all in the past mate. We broke up in early January, I just promised to tell the story and here we are. I went for the humorous angle, that’s all. ;)
    tzia: Haha! Yeah, I thought it was a very funny reply too. :)
    Chris Thoo: Nothing, maybe she thought we still had a chance coz she has “broken up” with me more than a few times prior. I told her it was the real deal this time. I don’t know why she’s so sour about it.
    Agnes: Thanks Agnes! :)
    I found it funny too. Heh!
    e: Yup, I guess she does have some balls. :)
    Yeah, I’m a bit of a lone ranger.
    Doris: You take care too! :)
    Coki: Haha! Well, at least she didn’t vandalize my stuff. That would have just plain mean. ;)
    Kiki Lala: Oooh, someone has got his panties all in a twist. Don’t tell me what I can’t and can’t do. And dude, think about it dumbass, I’ve gotta have something in order for her to endure so much. It’s not even about that anymore. Outsider, don’t comment on things you don’t know about. It makes you look presumptuous and dumb.

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