The Picture of Dorian Gray / Pendidikan Seni


I’m rather proud of this artwork I did. It involved paint, duct tape, brushes, sponges and a lot of prayers to hold it together. It’s an abstract art based on the title of the post so I’ll call this The Picture of Huai Bin.

paint mouth

I’m not known for my artistic skills (understatement of the year). Whenever we had to do Pendidikan Seni (Art) in high school, I would inevitably draw this:


I’m not kidding. I blogged about it back in 2003 in under the absurdly grandiose title Behold, I draw again. ;)


One fine Saturday, Nippon Paint invited a bunch of us to the Nippon Paint Workshop at HomeDec ’09, KLCC. I was the first one to arrive so after checking in, I did some recon around the place and found a lot of interesting things such as regal looking porcelain thrones that is more for art’s sake than for actual crapping.


When I wandered back to the Nippon Paint workshop, I saw easels being set up around the area. It seems like we’ll be painting today!


The tables were filled with all sorts of painting paraphernalia – some of which I don’t have names for. Art just isn’t my forte. >.<


I thought someone was just going to shove a paintbrush into my hands and tell me to paint. It’ll be like Pendidikan Seni all over again. It took 15 years of therapy and thousands of dollars in medication to get over that stressful period of my life and I still have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)!


Repressed memories began to resurface and I felt my heart pound and blood rush to my head. Panic attack! Before I tore the hair out of my head and ran screaming out the door, Gladys came in and made us feel welcome with some food and a presentation.


The workshop by Nippon Paint was held to teach us about colors. I don’t just mean red, green and blue but also about how colors affect moods and how to create the ambiance you want. There are warm and cold colors and color combinations that can be manipulated for the purpose you want.


We also learned about how to make our own designs with a variety of materials. I was amazed by how a little self-painted art can really accentuate a wall, room, or space. I saw this pattern that was done to highlight a wall and cover a beam. It was inspiring! It really got me interested in being creative and adding a motif to my future living room wall.

I gleaned a lot of information from the presentation but my particular interest is in this color:



Passion, fire, energy, courage
Defiance, aggression

You should never paint a meeting room red or office disputes might just explode to a whole new level, with disastrous consequences. It is a contentious color for the bedroom – it ignites passion, but also arguments.


However, I’m partial to red (notice my banner and my phoenix tattoo) due to the symbology associated with it. Studies have actually shown that it has a physical effect – increasing the respiration rate, raising blood pressure and making your heart beat faster.
I’ll tell you why I want red later.

nippon paint teach

Okay, with the presentation over and the basics ingrained (well, at least not totally lost) we were led by the friendly Nippon Paint staff to our easels and started working on our canvas!


I cut sponges into eye shapes with scissors

duct tape

I used duct tape artistically to define zones

paint face

I used multiple sizes of paint brushes to color my canvas


I mixed colors and washed paint brushes with water


Hell, I even squeezed paint straight from the tube onto the easel

duct tape out

I almost felt like Van Gogh (except my left ear lobe is still intact and I haven’t succumbed to mental illness…yet) doing all that.


I loved the session so much I lugged my piece of art back home to Kelana Jaya on the LRT at the expense of my back. I seriously felt the need to paint and make beautiful things (which is very subjective, ya know :p) for the first time in my life! I already have a project in mind…I’m going to paint my work table! =D

my painting

That’s why I wanted the color red, I’m going to blog from that table and all the positive attributes are the things I want happening when I’m typing out a post. I’ll face my Pendidikan Seni fears and do a little design on the table while I’m at it too!


Hmm…now what creepy sketch should I do? ;)

Surf and turf vegeroni spiral pasta with homemade sauce

Surf and turf vegeroni spiral pasta with homemade cream

I just moved into my new studio apartment with cooking facilities and decided to break in the kitchen by whipping something up. This inspiration made us go to the nearest hypermarket to pick up some stuff for pasta. I wanted a hybrid seafood and red meat dish – squid and beef, so here’s the surf and turf pasta!

You will need:

Surf and turf vegeroni spiral pasta with homemade cream ingredients

  • Fresh whole squid
  • Aussie beef steaks
  • Enochi mushrooms
  • Fresh white button mushroom
  • Broccoli
  • Whipping cream
  • Perfect Italiano Mozzarella cheese slab
  • Tatura butter
  • McCormick Garlic Pepper Seasoning Grinder
  • McCormick Italian Herbs
  • McCormick Season All salt seasoning
  • Heinz Garlic BBQ sauce
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • San Remo Vegeroni Spirals pasta


My friend started squashing the garlic…


…and chopping up the onions.

marinate beef

While I went to work marinating the Aussie beef with a mixture of Heinz Garlic BBQ sauce…

marinated beef

…before adding in some raw garlic and grinding some McCormick Garlic Pepper Seasoning into it.

massage beef

I also gave it a good massage, Kobe style. This is The Turf (TM).


Prepare the broccoli by tearing it into manageable pieces and slice half the button mushrooms while keeping the other half whole.


Put everything onto a plate – it’s for the homemade sauce. This is supposed to be for the sauce base. Next – seafood!


The squid should be boiled – shake some salt into the water and just chuck the damn sotong into the pot.


Squid has this cartilage thing inside it so remember to pull it out after you’ve boiled it. This is The Surf (TM).


The next step is to cook the vegeroni spiral pasta in salted water.

stir fry me

While you’re waiting it to become al dente start stir frying the garlic, onion, enochi mushroom, broccoli, and button mushroom in LOTS OF BUTTER.

stir fry

I used ½ a block of butter and if you want your pasta to taste as good as mine you’ll do the same. ;)

italian herbs

Shake in some Italian herbs to add some delicious hints to your sauce.


Add cream to the entire mixture…

eat cheese

…and chop off half the block of cheese into the pasta sauce.

add cheese

I know, this is not going to win any Heart Healthy (TM) awards but it tastes fucking good okay?

add butter

Your pasta should be done by now so drain and put in a healthy amount of butter. Be generous! Go kung fu on the butter block and melt it in the pasta!

fry beef

Got beef? Don’t look at me. Fry the goddamn thing. Put the heat on low and sear it so you won’t overcook it.

Surf and turf vegeroni spiral pasta with homemade cream serve

Now it’s time to chow down! Pour the pasta sauce into the butter saturated pasta, add in the beef and squid and serve!

Surf and turf vegeroni spiral pasta with homemade cream dish

Serving suggestion: Grind some pepper on top of the butter and eat while hot! :)

The farewell cake incident


I wanted to get a cake for Carol for her farewell but when I logged into Secret Recipe I found out that my credit card order wouldn’t go through. T_T

I haven’t paid my credit card bill this month coz of moving and all that (moving requires $) so my credit card was rejected. I tried making random calls to various Secret Recipe outlets in KL but it seems that only one (after much pleading) would do delivery.


He is the store manager of the franchise at Wisma MCA and agreed to text me his bank account so I can transfer the money to him. I was a bit dubious about this arrangement at first, but I had the blogathon to do last Friday (the day it’s supposed to be delivered) so I didn’t have a choice.


Anyway, I banked in the money and emailed him and on Friday (the 13th) he called me RIGHT BEFORE the blogathon and said he couldn’t access his email. >.<


I haven’t even changed, much less gotten into the window display to get at the computers. I panicked for about 1 second before telling him I’ll text him the email contents before lunch (coz I can’t remember everything).



Thus, on the very first day of the blogathon, while everyone was blogging, I was busy sorting out this damn cake order so Carol would get it on her very last day.

It’s a good thing that the Xpax XXL double bonus is happening coz it’s so much easier to write long SMS (took 6 x 160 characters IIRC) on my BB.

cake carol

All’s well that ends well though. Goodbye Carol! You will be missed. T_T

These things only happen in movies

I thought stuff like this only happens in movies, like slipping on banana peels. However last night I had the great misfortune of DROPPING my keys INTO A GRATE. You know that kind of drain – you can call it a sewer even. It’s a good meter down and inaccessible so you can’t reach into the bacteria infested water and fish out your keys.


It’s a good thing it happened beside my condo so I got security to use a hook apparatus to fish it out. Apparently, it’s not as rare as I thought…else, why would they have that thing lying around the guard house? Granted, it can be used to pull down rolling shutters as well, but there are none in my place.


It’s a good thing they had that nifty pole lying around or I’ll have had to call one of my friends to come with a piece of steel wire (my first thought). It wouldn’t be very difficult since the Xpax XXL double bonus allows me to make more calls but it still wouldn’t be fun waiting for them to come while peering apprehensively at down the drain and hoping the water won’t wash my keys away. >.<

What defines style?

promoter girls me

Style is something you can just pull off. I think everybody has their own sense of style. You can be wearing anything and if you can pull it off…that’s style!
You don’t have to be wearing designer labels or have a slim/buff figure to be “stylish”.

su ann

Style is all about SELF CONFIDENCE.
I’m wearing this purple outfit today which I would never have bought myself. Heck, I wouldn’t even glance at it twice if I were shopping for myself.

outside window

The stylist chose it for me and I was a bit dubious about wearing it at first but I’ve started to be comfortable with it.
A Very Wise Person (TM) told me this morning (technically last night) that confidence is all that it takes.

melody me

So whether you’re wearing ah pek slippers and a white singlet with holes all over it or the latest from Versace, you have style if you have self confidence.
That’s all it takes really. I think everyone in the photos in the post is the definition of style.

fav promoter

Including me. ;)

Task 2: Easy for


Okay, task two is having to interview a shopper in TANGS about their ideas of Fashion & Technology Entwined.
It was rather easy for me since er…I’m a bit used to approaching random strangers. Okay, okay, I mean random strangers OF THE OPPOSITE SEX. :p
It was in and out two minutes for me.

sandra me

This is Sandra. She was with her mom which is not a generally a Good Idea (TM) but I only had 15 minutes to complete the task and I had FAITH (TM) in my capabilities. ;)
I just did a quick intro and got her to do a video interview about her thoughts on Fashion & Technology Entwined:

Thanks for being a good sport Sandra!

Are you cool?

tech fashion

Technology and fashion…if you used the two words in the same sentence a decade ago you’ll be hear derisive snorting at best. However, times have changed and technology isn’t the realm of pimply, overweight and socially inept nerds anymore. In fact, the dichotomy has swung like a pendulum to the other extreme.
Technology is cool.
Technology is fashion.
Just look at the masses of corporate workers, college students and entertainment industry people out there who would feel out of place without their high tech cell phones, notebooks and Wi-Fi, tapping, typing and surfing away, during work, study and play.
It has become essential to be seen with the latest and greatest gadgets while out and about. You wouldn’t be caught dead with a 10 year old notebook while surfing at Starbucks right?
You’ll want to be seen with the latest and sleekest machine.
Technology has become an accessory. A fashion statement.


…and I couldn’t be happier, being a total geek back when I was hitting puberty. :p

10 things you should know about the blogathon

1. Eat your meals


12 hours can be quite exhausting, especially if you have to lobby for votes and run around doing tasks. Scarf the food down, we have three meals a day and I eat every single meal coz you’ll need the energy.
2. Interact with the people outside


You need their votes so wave, smile and pose for photos with them. 1 vote is one point so take your time with the people voting for you.
3. Do social profiling
You know who likes you. You know who doesn’t. It’s mostly guesswork but I can figure out which types vote for me and I’ll lobby for their votes by making eye contact and waving the appropriate sign. Then again I’ve been surprised by votes from people who I never even lobbied for so take this with a grain (or shaker) of salt. ;)

4. Make use of placecards

generic signs

You can’t be heard inside the window display and you’ll need to communicate with the people outside. Write generic replies and scribble ad hoc ones with a marker when you have to.

5. Use Twitter
Each tweet is worth 1 point, the same amounat as a vote so it’ll be wise to start tweeting about anything and everything. All of us were spamming Twitter with the hashtag. :) 
6. Don’t drink too much water


This goes without saying. We get one (1) toilet break every 3 hours and all other toilet breaks will be deducted at a rate of one point per minute. Hold the water, or your bladder, or even better, both. Just learn to pee real fast. ;)
7. Put up signs on your window display

tape signs

This is what they see when they first go to the window display. Tape those signs up! =D
8. Type faster
This is not a PhD dissertation or a presentation to an important client. Speed is the keyword here. It’s a blogathon – go, go, go!
9. Don’t put up too many photos
It takes ages. T_T
10. Be nice to the promoters

promoter vote

They get one vote per day too so you can get them to vote for you!


Thanks girls! Much appreciated. :)

Project Overload

Okay, every politician will tell you that lobbying matters.


I noticed that the people who vote for me tend to be predominantly female though.

voter list

That’s why I have place cards.


This environmentally friendly one goes down very well with Caucasians and certain other demographics. I flash it when I think it fits the profile. ;)


I have this one that says “I’ve been smiling the ENTIRE DAY! My face hurts. T_T VOTE SIXTHSEAL” stuck to my window display.
(of course you can always spam Twitter since each tweet is 1 point, as is every blog post, comment, and vote, but that’s exploiting the loophole)

gathering votes

Every successful politician will also tell you that image matters. It’s very important to have a good image. My fashion fix experience will require me to cover up all my tattoos as you don’t exactly inspire votes when you look a bit dodgy. :p


You need to really look the part.

vote me

I can’t exactly go around in t-shirt and baggy jeans while smiling out at the aquarium, I mean, window display while appealing for votes. I don’t think that would work very well for me.


That’s why I’m dressed in long sleeves – I’m wearing a jacket today and I’ll be donning a different outfit tomorrow. =D


I’ll be here again on Saturday so come and vote for me!

staff room

Now I know how people of a certain industry who has to smile out of glass aquariums at potential customers feel like.

Task 1: Live Mannequin blogathon 2009

The task for today is to capture photos of the following six keywords (mmm…six) in 30 minutes:

  • Ultra slim
  • Inside
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Long lasting
  • Eye Candy
  • Idea 

Here’s my…er, creative entries. ;)
Ultra slim

ultra slim

Nothing is more picture perfect and idealistic than a mannequin. The “ideal proportions” which all XX Chromosomes seek to attain…but isn’t really what guys want. It’s those little imperfections that makes you human and all that more adorable to us. You’re not a mannequin, you’re human.


Nothing says inside like pair of briefs. You show me yours, I’ll show you mine. ;)
Fashion & Lifestyle


Nippies! I hear they’re all the rage. I couldn’t figure out whether it’s to give you nipples or conceal your aureoles though. >.<
Long Lasting

long lasting

This one is easy. I headed straight to fragrances and snapped CK Eternity. I have used this one before and sure lasts a long time! I love this eau de toilette.
Eye Candy

eye candy

Upskirt. Need I say more? ;) It’s a mannequin, don’t look at me like that. T_T


Everyone said it couldn’t be done until the Wright brothers went and did it. :)

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