200 chicken wings

200 chicken wings

There is an old man that sets up his humble grill in the afternoons at a coffee shop called Chatterbox Dessert and Cafe. It doesn’t even have a name. I first thought he was a customer, since he was just sitting at a table chilling there with a cold beer. Joanna ordered some chicken wings and the person told us it’s going to take 30 minutes.

joanna me

I finally met up with Joanna just now for a very late lunch. It turns out that she lives just one street across from where I’m staying in Miri. We’re practically neighbours and never realized it. Heh! She brought me to this legendary place which is supposed to have excellent chicken wings.

bbq chicken wings

I hear he only prepares 200 chicken wings every day. He doesn’t do more even though the demand is there. I’ve only seen ONE (1) customer in addition to us who managed to order his acclaimed chicken wings. The next one that came along was turned away coz he told them that he’s out of chicken wings.

Now, this is quite puzzling since we’ve only been there an hour and to the best of my knowledge, only two people ordered the chicken wings. It turns out that the rest were β€œreserved” – it has been pre-booked by another customer so he’s not even selling a single chicken wing to anyone else.

chicken wings

This is one of the rare instances where a stall successfully manipulates the supply and demand of his wares well. I think manipulate might be the wrong word to use here since the man doesn’t seem to be interested in mass producing inferior quality BBQ chicken wings. He displays passion – watching over the BBQ grill with a determined and almost ferocious intensity.

joanna ask

He’s a man that won’t be rushed too. He refuses to serve the chicken wings until it’s properly done according to his standards. Joanna went over after a while and said it’s okay, we’ll just take it as it is. However, the man politely declined with a smile and said it’s not done yet. It looks done and it smells done but he won’t serve it until HE DECREES THAT IT’S DONE.

You just gotta admire that. Heh!

The chicken wings costs RM 2 each. Joanna paid so I can’t be sure but 5 chicken wings at RM 10 comes up to RM 2 each, unless my math is way off the mark.

We also had chicken rice while waiting for the BBQ chicken wings to be done. I remember the last time I met up with Joanna in Sibu during Chinese New Year, we had chicken rice too. Or at least, I had chicken rice…she didn’t eat.

famous chicken wings

Back to the BBQ chicken wings, it’s every bit as good as I expected. It goes very well with the chilli sauce that came with it but I suggest you eat it au natural. It’s juicy and tender and the marinade he uses is sweet, producing a set of chicken wings that transcends into sublime culinary bliss. πŸ™‚

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14 thoughts on “200 chicken wings”

    • Yup, it’s amazing how he limits the supply and increases the demand and people still go back. Then again, a lot of other people do that.

      …and it’s really good chicken wings. πŸ™‚

    • Heh! Yeah probably, artificially increasing demand…or maybe he just wants to micromanage and 200 is all he can produce in a day. πŸ™‚

  1. HB, here is not or season yet for Bar B Q but we do have lot Bar B Q restaurants around in San Francisco for ribs, and chickens ect. Hotdogs is one things people like and that is burned it so for that awesome taste you can’t get on regular grill.

    • Yup, I love a good ol backyard bbq too. It’s fun too cook your own stuff. Oh, and I like to bbq eggs – it can be done. πŸ™‚

  2. haha 200 only? this reminds me of the total opposite situation in KL’s Jalan alor where they sell them by 100’s and the smallest portion’s of 20 wings at a time.

  3. Goodness! Reading all these posts about the food in Miri really is making me miss the place. The chicken wings there are awesome, tried it a few years back. Great to know that the business is still going well there. A must to eat when I go back. =P

    • Yeah, those are really good chicken wings. πŸ˜€

      I had a lot of good food in Miri – plenty of interesting places like the roadside stall famous for roasted chicken and Hokkien mee.

      I enjoyed my stay there. Miri is a very chill place. πŸ™‚


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