The 7th of March 2011 marks the one month milestone in my relationship with Jeanie. I’ve actually known her for longer than that but we officially got together on the 7th of February 2011. That makes today our monthsary! :D


I still remember the day we decided to get into a relationship. It just so happened that we’re both in Sibu during Chinese New Year and decided to go out to catch a movie together. I don’t recall when we started falling for each other but we both knew there was something since we found excuses to hang out every single day.


I think the reason we were so hesitant at first was due to the distance – neither of us believe in the feasibility of a long distance relationship. However, we’ve decided to commit to each other and Jeanie has flown over twice to spend time with me. I’ll be going over to Miri soon to live there for two weeks.


It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice for a long distance relationship to work and it has been a long time since I’ve been in a serious relationship. Nevertheless, we’re determined to make this happen despite the challenges and we’re doing great so far. :)

I made a video as a monthsary surprise for Jeanie and showed it to her at the stroke of midnight. I’m glad she likes it.

I love you Jeanie! <3

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39 Responses to “Jeanie and Huai Bin’s 1st Monthsary”

  1. i saw u and jeanie at tanahmas but was too shy to say hello… :)

    • Oh ya, we were there quite often. I like the food at Pepper’s Cafe in Tanahmas. :)

      Come by and say hello next time, it’ll be nice to get to know you in real life. :)

  2. awwww.. so romantic one;) here’s to you kid!

  3. wah like wedding montage! hahah congrats man!

  4. bin!!!! yay! :D i am honestly, genuinely happy for u! nice video. looks like ur putting effort in this one :)
    my blessings to u both!! XD

    • Thanks Jess! :D

      Yup, putting a lot of work into making this…well, work. :)

      Cheers for the kind thoughts! :)

  5. belly good, you kids have so much fun.

    so when are you moving to Miri? I hear plenty of jobs in Mili, especially Ah Long work pays belly well.

    Damn, how I wish i am you. by ythe way, who isthis janet character? does she support Man U or Arsenal?

    • I’m not moving to Miri, I’m going to be staying in KL for the near forseable future. :)

      Haha! I don’t know bro, not sure she watches football. You’re thinking about Chelsea. ;)

    • What so good about KL? May people go work in KL, but so much traffic jam. What I missing here?

      I prefer Singapore, low crime rate is a definate plus. I wonder if Chelsea likes Sg, ha ha

      • Hmm…well, I guess it’s the appeal of being in a city, having all the opportunities and all that. Everything that’s important (kinda, sorta) happens in KL. Okay, maybe important isn’t the right word. It’s more like the central hub.

        Yeah, Singapore is nice too but they have so many rules and laws that I’ll probably break 5-6 in the first hour I go there. ;)

  6. What! only one month and you are telling the whole world how committed u guys are Hahaha…..
    Hrm, it felt like not long ago u were with the girls from sibu whom u stayed/shagged with and also declared your love for blah blah… LOL
    Just saying….Hopefully she’s not someone who’s gonna end up only in ur history blog page =P

    • Yup, am making this one work. Commitment is a concious decision and requires a lot of sacrifice. :)

      Cheers bro!

  7. Happy Monthsary to you both & many more to come :3

  8. good on you mate! so when you comming to Miri? can go for some booze hehe

    • Hello Darren! :)

      Cheers bro, I’ll be coming over in a couple of weeks, will give you a buzz when I get there. :)

  9. Thanks bi, I like the video so much! I love you too!

  10. wah like a video for your wedding! Hey you’re looking good after some weight loss. Happy monthsary u two!

    • Heh! Oh ya hor, can recycle the photos for a wedding. ;)


      I didn’t know I loss that much weight. Thanks Eiling!

  11. Dude, get a room! :P

  12. eh i like the first photo! you look really happy! :D

    • Thanks Mel! :)

      Yup, I love that photo too – it was taken in Tangkak, Johor at a friend’s wedding the previous weekend.

      Had some pretty good times over there though it was tiring. :)

  13. wow someone’s hooked yo! happy for ya mate! =D

    • Hello Doria! :D

      Thanks! Yeah, it feels good to be in a serious relationship…to be honest, I haven’t been in one for a loooong time. :)

  14. HB, nice selection song for that clip. Bruno Mars my homeboy from Hawaii. He is climbing up fast in states.Since the tv show Hawaii 5-0 many people from Hawaii are doing in show business.

    Any news from all your EXS?

    • Thanks Erica!

      I like this song too. :)

      Nope, I keep in touch with some of my ex gfs but not all of them.

      The ones that I do are happy for me. :)

  15. That was so freakin’ sweet I can hardly stand it! I hope your love lasts a lifetime!

  16. So when do you plan to dump her? … like all the other pussy losers in the past.

  17. hello this is lovely, it’s only a monthsary but don’t screw up ya
    all the best to both of you :)

    • Hello! :D

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s been a very good month, and here’s to more to come!

      Cheers for the kind wishes. :)

  18. Happy 1st Monthsary to both of you.. Much more <3 to come I'm sure..

    <3 wishes from Shanghai :D

  19. I still remember the day we decided to get into a relationship. It just so happened that we’re both in Sibu during Chinese New Year and decided to go out to catch a movie together.

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