Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge in SS2, Petaling Jaya

kung pow frog leg

Yes, this is a branch of the renowned Singaporean frog leg porridge located in the more dubious part of the island. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at the original Geylang Lorong 9 frog leg porridge in Singapore and have been known to drop by their branch in Petaling Jaya a couple of times and I’ve always found that they cook up a consistently good frog leg dish.

geylang lor 9 frog leg

I went there for a late lunch yesterday and ordered the medium kung pow frog leg claypot (RM 24). You don’t have to eat porridge if you don’t want to – there’s an option for rice as well, which we both went for. However, it should be noted that the awesome kung pow sauce goes better with porridge.

malaysia frog leg porridge

Anyway, I was telling Bonnie about how producers sell food at a higher price to supermarkets compared to restaurants coz the former needs to display their goods while the latter don’t. I remember watching a documentary where a restaurant owner was interviewed saying how supermarkets require better looking food items coz for display while restaurants can get away with the odd ones, since most of the cooking is done without the customer seeing it, but for the life of me I can’t remember exactly where I saw that show.

She sat there listening patiently until it dawned on me…it was actually her reporting assignment that I was watching a couple of days ago and that’s where I heard that fact. -_-

frog leg claypot

The Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge name is a bit of a misnomer since they don’t just serve the frog legs but the entire frog. It tastes really good though – frog meat is exquisitely tender and juicy – it’s like a cross between a fish and a chicken thigh.

geylang lor 9 frog leg us

I still prefer the original Singapore one though. I know they import their frog meat from Malaysia but it still tastes better to me. I suspect it’s the way they cook it – the flagship Singaporean Geylang Lorong 9 porridge place just has better claypot kung fu.

frog leg rice

Order the fresh barley if you can’t take spicy food – their kung pow frog leg can be pretty intense.

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27 thoughts on “Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge in SS2, Petaling Jaya”

    • Exactly! 😀

      I mean I dunno what good it does for your skin but it sure is delicious!

      I’m a huge fan of frog meat too. 🙂

    • Yeah! I don’t know what magic they’re doing at the Singapore outlet but it’s the original and it’s the best 🙂

      …and yeah, it’s cheaper too even after currency convertion.

      Probably coz of the rent in the SS2 area.

      I love that place too. 🙂

    • Interesting combination! 🙂

      Do you pour Brand’s chicken essence on top of the frog and then cook it or cook it and just pour it on top.

      Oh you should head to Singapore, it’s a lot of fun. Like Malaysia, but alternate universe. 😉

    • Yeah caters to the late supper club too.

      SS2 has a lot of good places for eating, it was nearer when I hadn’t moved, now I have to go through the SPRINT/LDP jam to get at it during peak hours. 😡

    • Nice! I’ve gotta try that one. 🙂

      Yeah, the SS2 one is pretty good if you don’t want to fly to Singapore to eat the original.

      They have all the stuff the flagship place in Singapore has. 🙂

        • Actually the Singaporean one is cheaper even after converting the currency. 🙂

          It’s the same one nevertheless – it’s a franchise operation in Malaysia.

          I’m not sure why since it’s Singapore and their frog meat comes from Malaysia but it is slightly cheaper.

          I hardly got to the mamak at SS2 but I love the SS2 durian too. 😀

  1. what is kung pow? is that a big Panda in a certain cartoon?

    I wanted to try this in Sg but the bloody kopi tiam had a TV and was showing the frogs in the farm, grossed me out totally. I have frog phobia. strange.

    As for going to med school, hell no, you will just out to be bitter, anal and pompous a-hole and only root nurses. Having more money doesn’t make you a better person. Dude, there are more to live than just nurses.

    • Heh! I would have thought that appetizing. 😉

      Knowing where your food comes from and all that.

      Frog phobia? I have a fear or spiders (the only thing I’m afraid of come to think of it) but I can still eat spiders.

      …when they’re dead, that is, not trying to jump at my face.

      Nope, it’s a great career. You know how many doctors are scripting themselves? It’s not a big secret, one of the jobs with the highest addiction rates.

      …and it’s all legal. 😉

  2. damn right it was my assignment i slaved night and day for. and that was probably low grade frog meat. the actual ones they sell in dodgy wet markets in cage displays are even more expensive even at cost price. just FYI.

    anyway, for me, spicy can die. and aiya, what a bad angle of me.

    • It was pretty awesome. I watched both of your videos and was rather impressed. Gotta get you to help me with videos next time. 😉

      Yeah, you told me about the frog meat. That bit was interesting, learn something new everyday.

      Yor…your tolerance for spicy food is very low la…and you said you could eat it. 😉

    • Heh! You should! 🙂

      There are two good hawker food places in Geylang, not too far from each other – one is the frog leg porridge and the other would be the beef kueh tiaw.

      Both are excellant!

      …and since it’s Singapore, even though the prostitution joints are just behind, it’s still a pretty nice and safe place, not dodgy at all. 🙂

  3. Had the worst Mother’s day dinner ever!

    As for my mum condition, she only can take porridge so I decided to bring her here for Mother’s day dinner.

    Reached and sat down and waited for 15 mins for the waitress to clean the table and leave us with menu. Saw a woman who had dinner there walked to the kitchen- glass counter and shout at them – rice and vege dishes on table more than 20 mins and other food not out yet.

    Ordered 1 plate of tofu, 1 plate of mix chicken chop, 1 plate of kailan and 1 pot of frog porridge for 1 pax from an unfriendly waitress, waited for 15 mins the frog porridge arrived following by other dishes after every 5 – 10 mins. All the dishes are on table and waited 20 mins for 2 plate of rice! Even they served us the wrong chiecken chop which is to be mix chicken chop- 2 flavor lemon and thai chilly instead of lemon flavour only! DOnt bother much on this issue.

    Informed waitress and they served 2 plate of rice with their sour face. Mum dont eat much(hardly eat) thus, we asked the balance (more than half pot with plenty of pieces of frog) of the frog porridge to be pack to take away.

    Asked for bill after 10 mins and ask where is the pack food..being informed by the kitchen boy already thrown away and only a word of “sorry” by the waitress without any optional choice given to us. We are not being calculative of the remaining of the food but at least give an optional choice like pack half of the frog porridge to customer as customer no need to pay extra buying another food for someone to have it at home later.

    Due to its a Mother’s day we dont want to argue much and just walked off but I will surely wont come here again.

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